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Technical Analysis Reports


Dollar bulls giving back some of yesterday’s gains ahead of Preliminary GDP

27/02/2015 08:13

Market Overview The dollar bulls are once again looking to have re-established their control on proceedings. US inflation may have dropped by 0.1% but with core prices still positive, along with stro »


Spain's IBEX 35 coming strong above 10,930!

8:17am yesterday

The IBEX 35 is the benchmark stock market index of the Bolsa De Madrid, Spain’s principal stock exchange. Spain’s IBEX 35 index jumped 0.68% during yesterday session, marking its fifth wee »


Can Janet Yellen finally give the forex markets some direction?

24/02/2015 08:26

Market Overview Greece may well have made an agreement of a 4 month bailout extension on Friday, but it still needs to submit detail of economic reform proposals. Apparently some reforms have been ou »


Much still to be agreed with the Eurogroup as forex markets remain uncertain

23/02/2015 08:33

Market Overview Finally the European politicians have averted a Greek default, but only for now, and only possibly. Friday’s evening’s agreement for a four month extension to the bailout »


All eyes once more on the Eurogroup with Greece running out of time

20/02/2015 08:20

Market Overview So we move to a third Eurogroup meeting of the Eurozone finance ministers in an attempt to finally come to an agreement with Greece over how to deal with the end of its bailout progra »


Slightly dovish FOMC minutes sustain the prospect of a dollar correction

19/02/2015 08:15

Market Overview The announcement of the Federal Reserve meeting minutes took the markets a little by surprise. Following on from a slightly hawkish lean in the FOMC statement, the minutes were still »


USD/JPY Ready for a Breakout after Failed Attempt

18/02/2015 14:17

The USD/JPY pair has been trading in a symmetrical triangle formation throughout the first few months of the year. However, the pair has broken out for a second time of this pattern and thus brings wi »


Equities looking to breakout on prospect of a deal for Greece although forex markets remain cautious

18/02/2015 08:23

Market Overview Market sentiment has picked up as it looks as though the Greek finance minister is ready to cede ground and move towards an agreement on an extension to the bailout. I suppose it is a »


Positivity is waning as a deterioration in Greece and Ukraine geopolitics weighs on sentiment

17/02/2015 08:24

Market Overview It would appear as though the two fundamental factors that helped to improve market sentiment towards the end of last week are unravelling quickly. The ceasefire in Ukraine seems to n »


Trading could be slow with the US public holiday and markets awaiting the Eurogroup

16/02/2015 08:20

Market Overview It is round two of the bout between Greece and its major creditor, the EU, today as the Eurogroup meeting again convenes to try to thrash out some sort of deal that would be agreeable »

Ceasefire in eastern Ukraine boosting sentiment but for how long?

13/02/2015 08:18

Market Overview Trading sentiment has improved significantly in the past 24 hours. The ceasefire that has been struck between Putin and Poroshenko has given investors cause for optimism. However, I r »


Markets remain in consolidation mode as the Greeks stand firm

12/02/2015 08:15

Market Overview So after six hours of talks with the Eurogroup of EU finance ministers, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis was unable to come to an agreement over the repayment of it debt. The s »


All eyes on the Eurogroup to bring an end to the consolidation

11/02/2015 08:28

Market Overview Today we have the meeting of the Eurogroup of EU finance ministers who will be discussing how to deal with the problem of the bailout loan made to Greece that is due for repayment on »


US dollar bulls are still unable to grasp the initiative as ranges continue

10/02/2015 08:16

Market Overview The trading outlook is mixed this morning, with uncertainty over a number of issues. The fact that President Obama has failed to rule out the US arming Ukrainian forces is a concern a »


Focus on Greece and weak Chinese trade on a day bereft of data

09/02/2015 08:14

Market Overview The strong Non-farm Payrolls report changed the sentiment considerably on Friday. It resulted in a sizeable move away from safe haven plays such as the yen and gold, to the benefit of »


A strong payrolls report could be needed to prevent a dollar correction

06/02/2015 08:07

Market Overview Although the charismatic German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has said that he will “agree to disagree” with Yanis Varoufakis over the matter of Greece’s reneg »


The ECB cranks up the pressure on Greece but harms market sentiment

05/02/2015 08:30

Market Overview Newsflow regarding the renegotiation of Greece’s debt obligations had been fairly favourable in recent days. That is until the ECB fired what looks to be a rather an interesting »


Improved market sentiment with forex majors and equities supported

04/02/2015 08:22

Market Overview Risk appetite has rebounded significantly in the past few days but what are the drivers. The rally (or should that be short squeeze) in the oil price continues, with WTI now up over 1 »


EUR/RUB unable to hold above 79.0000!

03/02/2015 10:02

The euro is struggling to hold above the psychological level of 78.9380 against the ruble after several failed attempts over the last week. However, the EUR/RUB pair remains in a clearly defined uptre »


RBA rate cut adds to pressure on major commodity currencies

03/02/2015 08:19

Market Overview Market sentiment continues to be guided to a certain extent by the price of oil. In the past couple of trading days the oil price has shot higher as it has looked as though there is f »


PMIs to drive sentiment after Chinese data slightly disappoints

02/02/2015 08:32

Market Overview The new week has begun with market sentiment starting slightly on the back foot today. The HSBC Chinese manufacturing PMI came in a touch below expectation at 49.7 (49.8 had been fore »


The euro remains steady in front of crucial inflation and US growth data

30/01/2015 08:18

Market Overview With currency pairs still unsure of how to digest the latest instalment of Federal Reserve monetary policy, the equity markets have made a useful rebound. After weekly jobless claims »


AUDUSD & USDCAD Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

29/01/2015 12:23

USD is mixed today, up against commodity currencies but sideways or even down against EUR and GBP. On AUDUSD we can see a nice strong decline from the past few sessions which should be an impulsive p »


Forex majors lack direction despite a hawkish lean from the FOMC

29/01/2015 08:23

Market Overview The announcement of statement from the Federal Reserve suggests that the US remains last man standing in terms of its path towards rate tightening. However the reaction of the market »


All eyes on the wording of the FOMC statement to drive the dollar

28/01/2015 08:11

Market Overview There has been a strong reversal of sentiment in the past 24 hours. Equities have sharply fallen whilst the dollar has come under some corrective pressure. It will be interesting to s »


Retracements on forex majors and precious threaten although Eurozone equities remain strong

27/01/2015 08:21

Market Overview The election of the anti-austerity Syriza party in Greece has failed to dampen the spirits of investors still rising on the ECB’s QE wave. Sentiment does not appear to have been »

Euro holding up well after Syriza’s victory in Greece puts the pressure back on major markets

26/01/2015 08:15

Market Overview After the “positivity” over the actions of the ECB last week, news from Greece over the weekend that the anti-austerity Syriza party has won the election has caused some M »


With Greek elections on Sunday volatility on European markets is set to remain

23/01/2015 08:20

Market Overview Mario Draghi has fired his bazooka and the markets have taken the news well. The euro is lower, sovereign bond yields are lower and equities are higher. A €60bn per month program »


Traders waiting for Mario to finally fire the big bazooka

22/01/2015 08:19

Market Overview So we come to what could be one of the most crucial days for the euro in years. This is expected the day that Mario Draghi announces a package of QE that will significantly increase t »


Trading remains volatile as markets begin to look ahead to the ECB

21/01/2015 08:16

Market Overview Although in some ways market will now be positioning themselves for what could be a historic announcement from the ECB on Thursday, there is still a level of volatility that continues »


XAG/USD: The target is 18.75!

20/01/2015 08:07

The white metal is looking a little bullish the last couple of weeks after rebounding strongly from the 14.40 – 14.50 zone. If we see a close above the psychological level of 18.00, previous lev »


Inflation data will give forex traders little chance for respite

16/01/2015 08:27

Market Overview If you work in the forex markets, yesterday was a truly stunning day. Volatility and moves almost unimaginable were seen on the Swiss franc after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) finally »


Investor sentiment improves as oil finds some support

15/01/2015 08:14

Market Overview Risk appetite has made a welcome return in the past 12 hours and as per usual it has come as the oil price has managed to form a near term low. Exactly how long this respite lasts for »


USD/JPY under correction phase; failure swing formation

14/01/2015 08:29

  The USD/JPY pair plunged the last couple of days confirming the weakness in momentum, following a good run over the last few months. The Relative Strength Index fell below 50 and is moving dow »


Volatility and weak oil continues to dampen sentiment as ECJ judgement looms

14/01/2015 08:20

Market Overview Volatility remains high on global financial markets and this means that traders and investors are getting thrown around on a daily basis. The commodity story is a major cause for conc »


Flight back into safe havens is showing through as oil continues to slide

13/01/2015 08:20

Market Overview The oil price has been a big driver of investor sentiment in recent weeks and as the price once more slides through support the impact has been to drive traders towards safer haven pl »


Microsoft: Bulls are losing control once more near $49.00

13/01/2015 07:14

Over the last couple of weeks Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Corporation’s share price rose significantly after rebounding from two key support levels, the $44.85 and most recently from the $45.45 leve »


Non-farm Payrolls hangover shows no signs of shifting yet for the dollar

12/01/2015 08:22

Market Overview Whilst the headline figure for the Non-farm Payrolls report remained strong the devil was in the detail of the 0.2% decline in average hourly earnings. This shows that the Fed still h »


Forex majors consolidate ahead of crucial Non-farm Payrolls release

09/01/2015 08:22

Market Overview After an incredible rally across global equity markets yesterday there is an element of calm that has formed. However do not expect this to last as it is Non-farm Payrolls Friday, tra »


GBP/USD remains weak; bears eye 1.5000, 1.4825, 1.4750 and then 1.4500!

08/01/2015 09:09

The British pound has fallen for a sixth consecutive month against the dollar retreating from a 5 year-high. Turning on the weekly timeframe, the bulls failed to hold the price above the psychological »


Risk sentiment improves as oil looks to build near term support

08/01/2015 08:21

Market Overview Investor sentiment has shown signs of improvement in the past 24 hours. The flows into safe haven assets are beginning to reverse with the gold price and the yen weakening and Treasur »


Although the Eurozone could move into deflation, sentiment is showing signs of improvement

07/01/2015 08:28

Market Overview Despite an element of support yesterday in European equities, investors continued to prefer safer haven plays with sovereign bonds, gold and the Japanese yen more favoured. With Wall »


Focus is again on the falling oil price which is driving safe haven flows

06/01/2015 08:17

Market Overview Over the past couple of months, a falling oil price has driven a flight into safe haven assets. This comes as volatility spikes and traders prefer the protection given by Treasuries, »


XAU/USD could extend gains soon!

05/01/2015 11:06

The precious metal has been trading within a broadening formation over the last couple of months or so, following a strong start to 2015. It is very significant that the bulls managed to maintain the »


Euro breaks below crucial $1.2000 floor as Grexit fears take hold

05/01/2015 08:30

Market Overview A new year but the markets are still beset by the same old issues. Will Greece leave the Eurozone? Will the ECB pull the trigger on full blown quantitative easing? When will the US ti »


EUR/USD Bears Eye 1.2100 and then 1.2050!

30/12/2014 06:56

The EUR/USD pair looks set to continue its push lower, following some consolidation over the last few trading sessions, roughly around the 1.2150 area. The fact that the price failed to break above th »


GBP/CHF Bulls under pressure!

23/12/2014 13:46

The British pound moved aggressively lower versus the Swiss Franc the last couple of days after finding a strong resistance at the 1.5400 level, which includes the upper boundary of channel. From ther »


Support for oil keeping sentiment positive in the run up to Christmas

22/12/2014 08:36

Market Overview Market volatility has just begun to calm down a little after last week’s hectic trading. The markets on Wall Street closed a positive week with slight gains on Friday and with t »


Sentiment remains upbeat as dollar pairs are back on the brink

19/12/2014 08:26

Market Overview With signs of some stabilisation in the price of oil and the continued reassurance of the Federal Reserve, sentiment on the markets has changed significantly in the past few days. Jan »


Yellen and the Fed settle the nerves to improve sentiment once more

18/12/2014 08:23

Market Overview Three factors have combined to improve the outlook on financial markets in the past 24 hours. First of all the oil price has finally found some support. Whether it turns out to be the »


USD/CHF above 0.9800 after SNB introduces negative rates

18/12/2014 08:04

The Swiss Franc plunged -1.17% versus the dollar after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) unexpectedly dropped interest rates into negative territory at -0.25%. The USD/CHF pair surged above the 0.968 »


Volatility remains high as the market looks towards the Fed

17/12/2014 08:22

Market Overview Market volatility remains elevated as Wall Street sold off into the close having been initially strongly higher, the S&P 500 closed sharply lower again for a 6th down day out of the p »


Oil prices continue to fall and traders prepare for a raft of data

16/12/2014 08:20

Market Overview Market sentiment continues to be thrown around with the movement in the oil price. Yesterday’s eventual sell-off on equity markets again can as oil reversed earlier gains to clo »


Abe’s re-election does little to support the markets

15/12/2014 08:22

Market Overview Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe put his neck on the line and has survived with a renewed mandate to implement Abenomics. However the market reaction has not been especially favoura »


EUR/USD struggles at the 1.2500 level

15/12/2014 07:57

The EUR/USD pair pushed above the descending trend line, which started back in October 2014, bringing further ratification of the bearish outlook seen in the recent months. However, it seems that the »


Sentiment back under pressure as Chinese data again disappoints

12/12/2014 08:19

Market Overview In the past few days, markets have given a few signals of concern and change. The weakness in equities has been clear, but yesterday’s failure for Wall Street to hold on to earl »


Markets looking to stabilise after high volatility yesterday

10/12/2014 08:21

Market Overview Sentiment in Asia continues to be hit by data coming out of China. Inflation in the world’s second largest economy continues to fall and suggests that the economy is slowing dow »


The dollar correction could provide a few opportunities on a light day of announcements

09/12/2014 08:24

Market Overview The weakness in the oil price has been a concern for a while but perhaps only now is it beginning to bite on equities. As oil price fall to multi-year lows, the S&P 500 has had its bi »


Markets consolidate after the strong Payrolls report as the Japanese economy deteriorates further

08/12/2014 08:17

Market Overview The Non-farm Payrolls report on Friday has resulted in another wave of dollar strength across the asset classes, as forex majors and commodities have suffered in the wake of the stren »


With markets still reeling from the ECB attention turns to Non-farm Payrolls

05/12/2014 08:20

Market Overview Often you will find with Non-farm Payrolls Friday that markets will be very cautious with traders unwilling to take much of a view ahead of the crucial data. This does not really seem »


All eyes on Draghi as forex majors consolidate in front of the ECB

04/12/2014 08:17

Market Overview As we begin trading on ECB day, all eyes are on Mario Draghi and whether he will announce the purchase of Eurozone sovereign debt in his press conference at 13:30GMT. General consensu »


GOLD & Crude OIL Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

04/12/2014 07:24

GOLD did not move much recently, so our view remains the same; we are looking at incomplete corrective a)-b)-c) decline that can retest 1185 or maybe even 1170 supports before uptrend resumes. GOLD »


The dollar is straining to breakout as a raft of key US data approaches

03/12/2014 08:13

Market Overview Wall Street bounced back yesterday after strong auto sales and stocks related to the energy sector rebounded to give the markets a boost into yet another record close. The S&P 500 inc »


CAC40 is testing the falling trend line around 4422!

02/12/2014 14:51

The CAC40 index has potentially moved into a more positive ground over the medium-term after breaking and maintaining its position above 4231 and more recently above the 4330 barrier.   Furtherm »


US dollar looking to regain some lost ground as equities find support

02/12/2014 08:18

Market Overview The weakness on the dollar yesterday facilitated a significant turnaround in oil and gold, both of which had been under significant pressure until an amazing rebound for both. The bul »


XAG/USD finds support at 14.26! What is next?

01/12/2014 08:35

The white metal (XAG/USD) is trading lower the last few days, following an impressive 5 negative months after reaching the 21.58 area. The metal remains under selling pressure since its trading below »


Dollar showing signs of strength as disappointing Chinese manufacturing data puts the pressure on global growth again

01/12/2014 08:21

Market Overview With the US back from Thanksgiving holiday this week, volumes should begin to return to normal. However news out over the weekend has not been especially favourable and investors have »


EUR/CAD regains 1.4000!

28/11/2014 10:46

The euro has been looking a little strong against the Canadian dollar over the last few days, even though there is a clear battle going on between the 1.4300 and 1.3890 levels. At the time we thought »


US dollar looks to rebound as the Euro is under pressure ahead of key Eurozone inflation data

28/11/2014 08:22

Market Overview Outside of the oil markets, most of the other financial markets were fairly steady yesterday, with the US off for Thanksgiving. Forex markets took on a slightly dollar positive outloo »


Gold struggles to find buyers near $1,200

27/11/2014 08:34

Over the last couple of weeks the precious metal has established and traded within a tight range roughly around the key level of $1,200. Over the last couple of days the metal has moved very strongly »


Despite reduced volumes for Thanksgiving, there is still OPEC and Draghi to keep traders interested

27/11/2014 08:16

Market Overview As we hit Thanksgiving in the US the outlook for equity markets remains positive, whilst forex majors are fighting back against the dollar in the wake of a sequence of disappointing U »


Forex pairs continue to consolidate as traders look towards a raft of US data

26/11/2014 08:19

Market Overview Markets are becoming ever more calm and volatility is draining away again. Across the major forex pairs that I largely concentrate on there is an increasing tendency for consolidation »


Markets settle in front of the second reading of US Q3 growth

25/11/2014 08:15

Market Overview Looking across the charts, in the past day or so the outlook on many forex pairs, gold and even some of the indices has become fairly settled. The US dollar is still unable to muster »


AUD/USD stalls with strong bearish trend

25/11/2014 08:09

AUD/USD has been moving in a medium-term downtrend as is confirmed by the descending trend line and by the fact that the 50-period SMA lies below the 200-period SMA on the weekly chart. Since the pai »


Even Central Bankers Lose Faith

25/11/2014 07:09

European equities are set to edge higher on the open reports Capital Spreads. Mixed closes for Europe and the US yesterday and Asia also currently unable to get a consensus of what’s going on sh »


Traders in a cautious mood as consolidation sets in

24/11/2014 08:23

Market Overview Markets are taking a pause for breath on Monday morning after the monetary policy fuelled strong moves that closed last week. There is a light economic calendar today and uncertainty »


USD/CAD pauses declines at 1.1200

24/11/2014 06:39

The USD/CAD pair has been moving in a short-term downtrend as is confirmed by the descending trend line and by the fact that the price is moving below both of the moving averages, on the 4-hour chart. »


GOLD & Crude OIL Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

21/11/2014 10:02

GOLD remains trapped in range so our view remains unchanged; we are still looking at a triangle that can be taking place in wave (iv). If we are correct then current wave e), final leg of the pattern »


Forex majors approach key crossroads against the dollar

21/11/2014 08:14

Market Overview Weak European economic data drove European markets lower, whilst positive US economic data was able to push Wall Street to a 44th record closing high of the year. However the moves co »


Dollar strengthening once more ahead of the key US inflation data

20/11/2014 08:19

Market Overview The FOMC meeting minutes last night failed to give any further clues over the timing of the first rate hike by the Fed. There is an expectation for inflation to rise towards the 2% ta »


GOLD and OIL Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

19/11/2014 13:06

As long the market is making higher highs and higher lows the trend is up. As such, gold remains in uptrend with possible extensions above 1205 today, while 1181 support is in place. A sharp break thr »


Dollar finding support again in front of key FOMC meeting minutes

19/11/2014 08:17

Market Overview General market sentiment has turned more positive in the past day or so. The encouraging German ZEW economic sentiment helped to drive European markets higher yesterday, whilst the de »


Sentiment remains uncertain ahead of the key German ZEW data

18/11/2014 08:13

Market Overview Yet another day of sideways trading on Wall Street has seen the S&P 500 complete a 42 record all-time closing high, albeit with the S&P 500 posting a gain of just +0.1% on the day. It »


GBPUSD and GOLD Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

17/11/2014 12:36

GBPUSD found a support on Friday and bounce exactly from our highlighted Fibonacci region. But keep in mind that larger trend is still down and that current rise on hourly chart is only in three legs, »


EUR/GBP Weekly Outlook!

17/11/2014 10:13

The pound fell for a fourth consecutive day against the euro and gave all of its gains made the last month. Technically and according to the daily chart the EUR/GBP pair is moving in a sideways channe »


Japan moves into recession to put pressure back on markets

17/11/2014 08:21

Market Overview Japan has once more fallen back into recession. With an annualised decline of 1.6% (which was forecast to gain by 2.1%) in Q3 this is a second successive quarter of negative growth an »


EUR/JPY Long-Term Outlook!

14/11/2014 09:21

  From a technical perspective, the EUR/JPY pair rebounded pretty aggressively from the 134.00 level and regained in a month and half period the temporary retracement from 146.00 to 134.00. A mo »


French growth should support Eurozone GDP but the dollar remains strong

14/11/2014 08:25

Market Overview The Eurozone GDP data for the individual countries announced early this morning have been positive. Data for the currency bloc’s two largest economies have come in slightly ahea »


Inflation data to drive sentiment on the euro today whilst equities look for support

13/11/2014 08:24

Market Overview With a lack of tier 1 economic announcements from the US, investor sentiment has been rather neutral for the first half of this week. This is reflected in the price action of Wall Str »


FTSE MIB still on retracing mode

13/11/2014 08:07

FTSE MIB index fell sharply after several unsuccessful attempts to break the strong resistance level at 19,788. As a result the index plunged below some significant obstacles including the psychologic »


A Dovish Carney Is Likely To Drive Sentiment In Forex Markets Today

12/11/2014 08:17

Market Overview With a lack of economic data and the US on Veterans Day public holiday which saw bond markets closed, Wall Street crept quietly to further all-time highs on an especially unspectacula »


GBP/USD Ready for Further Correction Ahead of UK’s Inflation Report

12/11/2014 06:57

The British pound is trading higher the last couple of days against the US dollar, as it looks to make its way back towards the 1.6020 level, following its unsuccessful attempt to break below the 1.58 »


Nikkei 225 index bullish trend to continue!

11/11/2014 08:41

Nikkei 225 index is continuing to push higher, after finding a strong support once more on the 16640 hurdle, which coincides with the 50-period simple moving average. Going forward, we are continuing »


With little on the economic calendar volatility could be quite low

11/11/2014 08:15

Market Overview The bulls will be hoping that the market is not once more slipping back into the (slightly concerning) trend of gradual gains. This is a concern because often it is a build-up of smal »


Markets looking for direction still as the hangover from a tepid payrolls report continues

10/11/2014 08:19

Market Overview A rather tepid Non-farm Payrolls report on Friday failed to inspire any further bullish move, with Wall Street all but unchanged into the close. This rather flat mood has continued in »


EUR/USD after the US NFP Report

10/11/2014 07:19

The EUR/USD edged lower to 1.2358 during Friday’s session, its lowest point against the dollar in more than two years, despite a weaker-than-expected U.S. Nonfarm payrolls report. U.S. employers »


Daily Report: Draghi pushes EURUSD to new two-year low

07/11/2014 10:22

ECB President Mario Draghi wasted little time in sending the Eurodollar to a new two-year low (1.2364) on Thursday afternoon. Draghi slammed the 1.24 door shut and left the entrance to 1.23 wide open »


EUR/AUD holds a neutral bias ahead of ECB

06/11/2014 08:58

The euro is continuing to push higher against the Australian dollar, although it’s continuing to struggle near the psychological level of 1.4700. The channel that the pair has been trading since »


Market sentiment turns more cautious with all eyes on Mario Draghi once again

06/11/2014 08:21

Market Overview Statistics suggest that the next 12 months following mid-term elections in the US are very positive for equities, and so it began yesterday with Wall Street posting record highs for t »


Dollar begins to strengthen as US mid-terms uncertainty begins to clear

05/11/2014 08:12

Market Overview The mid-term elections in the US have delivered both houses of Congress to the Republicans which will now mean that President Obama (Democrat) has a rather tricky final two years in t »


GOLD and Crude OIL Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

04/11/2014 10:32

GOLD and Crude OIL Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis Gold is also looking bearish, now forming a triangle in a fourth wave which is bullish for the USD as lower price of metals equals to higher buck. »


Signs Of Caution Continues As Minor Profit-Taking Hits The Dollar

04/11/2014 08:36

Market Overview Investor sentiment is once more looking rather cautious as the announcement of the crucial ECB and US Non-farm Payrolls data begins to loom on the horizon. Despite a big jump in the I »


Sentiment Cautious Ahead of PMIs As The Dollar Remains Strong

03/11/2014 09:50

Market Overview The sentiment remained strong going into the weekend, but there is an element of caution that has taken hold as the first week of the month beckons. This can be understandable with su »


GBP/USD Levels to Watch Ahead of BoE Meeting

03/11/2014 07:18

In addition to the ECB meeting there is also a Bank of England meeting on Thursday. GBP/USD is moving in a tight range over the last couple of months as the pair is still struggling in a battle betwee »


USD/CNH Bearish Trend to Continue

31/10/2014 07:08

USD/CNH is looking quite bearish over the short term, as it managed to hold positions below the key resistance level of 6.1275, today’s first resistance level. Also providing resistance near thi »


EUR/JPY fails the 138.00; what is next?

30/10/2014 07:34

The euro is looking bullish against the yen over the last couple of weeks, following the brief retracement over the last couple of days below the psychological level of 138.00. Today’s and Frida »


AUD/USD Levels to Watch Ahead of Fed Policy Meeting

29/10/2014 05:29

AUD/USD is moving in a tight range over the last couple of weeks, as the pair is struggling in a battle between both market forces (bulls and bears) near the psychological level of 0.8900 (R1) and the »


EUR/USD Bulls Could Take the Lead

27/10/2014 11:17

EUR/USD collapsed during Friday’s trading session, drilling through some strong support levels as well as below the 50-period SMA and the 200-period SMA on the 4-hour chart. In addition the sell »


Expect a downside break of consoldation above key supports on Euro and Sterling

24/10/2014 08:23

Market Overview The instance of another Ebola case, this time in New York could give nervous markets an excuse for a flight into safe haven plays today. This has already taken Wall Street markets bac »


Forex Pairs Continue To Test Key Levels As Flash PMIs Are Due

23/10/2014 08:12

Market Overview After four straight days of considerable gains on Wall Street that has already retraced to the 61.8% Fibonacci level of the sell-off, the S&P 500 has undergone a near term correction »


FXSnip:GBP/USD Interest Rate Hike Not Imminent

23/10/2014 08:04

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the GBP fell 0.40% against the USD and closed at 1.6046, after the minutes of the BoE’s latest policy meeting revealed that majority of the policymakers voted to k »


CAC40 index under pressure near 4120

23/10/2014 07:36

CAC40 index has been moving in a short-term uptrend since mid-October after rebounding from the key support level of 3786. The index is still struggling to break above the key resistance level of 4120 »


Elliott Wave Analysis For AUDUSD and NZDUSD

22/10/2014 12:34

We are still bearish on AUDUSD, but still waiting on that strong break to the downside before market may final start moving on the bearish side. Pair moved recently beneath the channel line that is no »


Forex Trading Becomes Increasingly Uncertain As The Equities Rebound Continues To Surge

22/10/2014 08:30

Market Overview As the recovery in equities has taken off, the outlook for forex has become somewhat more muddied in the past day. I have spoken at length about the tendency for key market bottoms to »


AUD/CAD Daily Outlook Ahead of BoC

22/10/2014 06:46

The AUD is looking a little bearish against the CAD on the 1-hour chart, following an aggressive sell-off the last couple of days. The AUD/CAD pair struggled to push on after hitting highs around the »


Cable and Gold Breaking Higher As The Dollar Comes Under Pressure

21/10/2014 08:27

Market Overview In the past 24 hours there has been a real sense of a shift in sentiment away from the US dollar. This has resulted in key moves being seen on forex pairs such as Cable and Dollar/Yen »


EUR/GBP finds support from 200-SMA ahead of significant data

21/10/2014 07:10

The euro is looking quite bearish against the sterling following the retracement from the 0.8040 level few days ago. It should be noted that this the fourth week in a row that the euro is trading high »


Yahoo Daily Outlook

20/10/2014 10:51

The Yahoo stock (SYM:YHOO) is looking quite bearish on the 4-hour chart following the aggressive sell-off below the 40.00, resistance level. Technically speaking, this enabled the stock to form a lowe »


Markets Starting Off The Week With Mixed Sentiment As The Dollar Starts To Gain

20/10/2014 08:23

Market Overview The significant improvement in market sentiment on Friday that saw the DAX close 3% higher and Wall Street up around 1.5% seems to have been held over the weekend. Positive corporate »


Dollar Beginning To Strengthen Again Although Volatility Remains High

17/10/2014 08:24

Market Overview Calling the bottom is a risky game. The slightest signs of support and people jump in to suggest the lows have been seen and all is clear to buy once more. That is how it seemed with »


Elliott Wave Analysis For DAX and GOLD Intraday

16/10/2014 11:31

The USD sold-off sharply yesterday following weak US data that also caused a new leg down on stocks. However, we still see USD in larger corrective set-back, so traders need to realize that this is no »


After Yesterday’s Rout, The Dollar Begins To Fight Back

16/10/2014 08:19

Market Overview What an amazing day for the financial markets yesterday. Huge volatility across asset classes with bonds, forex and equities alike all feeling the pressure. There was a confluence of »


Signs Of A Turnaround In Sentiment As Gold And Yen Threaten A Correction

15/10/2014 08:20

Market Overview Has there been a subtle shift in the market sentiment in the past 24 hours? Previously there has been significant selling pressure on equities, coupled with a preference for safe have »


USD/RUB Higher Despite Central Bank Intervention

14/10/2014 12:03

The US dollar moved higher for seventh consecutive day against the Ruble despite the Russian Central Bank intervention. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is spending at least 40 billion dolla »


Seemingly No Let-Up In Equities Selling With The Dollar Volatility Continuing

14/10/2014 08:17

Market Overview Investor sentiment remains under pressure as the preference for safe haven assets continues. However there is also a sense that the dollar rally that had been such a feature of tradin »


Investor Sentiment Continues To Be Battered As Safe Havens Benefit From Rout In Equities

13/10/2014 08:27

Market Overview The sell-off on the global markets went deep into the close on Friday and there seems to be little sign of downside pressure abating on Monday. The S&P 500 closed the session off 1.2% »


German DAX 30 Collapsed!

13/10/2014 06:31

DAX 30 index collapsed during the European day on Friday, breaking below the psychological level of 8900. This is the third consecutive week of losses for the index and the second negative month follo »


Volatility Spikes As The Bears Roar Again

10/10/2014 08:17

Market Overview Volatility has been increased incredibly in the past few days as traders and investors have struggled to come to terms with an unexpectedly dovish Federal Reserve and the ongoing econ »


Euro Breaking Higher To Complete A Near Term Bullish Reversal

09/10/2014 08:25

Market Overview The expectation of the minutes from the latest FOMC meeting has been one of the factors this week that has been driving the concern of investors. A fear of a hawkish leaning has helpe »


USD/CHF Correction Under Way

09/10/2014 07:15

The US dollar pair fell sharply after posting a 15-month high against the Swiss Franc, as the bulls were unable to hold onto the gains above the key level of 0.9600. However, the pair is still in a cl »


USD/JPY and AUD/USD still threatening a turnaround despite early dollar strength today

08/10/2014 08:22

Market Overview The sentiment amongst global investors is increasingly concerning. Rallies are being sold into and the safe haven plays such as US Treasuries, the Japanese yen and gold are seeing pos »


AUD/JPY Bulls Vs Bears near 95.00

08/10/2014 06:56

The AUD has been looking a little weak against the JPY over the past couple of days, even though there is a clear battle going on around the 95.00 area, as highlighted on the 4-hour chart but it&rsquo »


Still Seeing The Rally On EUR/USD and GBP/USD As A Chance To Sell... For Now.

07/10/2014 08:19

Market Overview As we move towards the minutes from the latest FOMC meeting, traders are becoming more cautious. Add into the mix, uncertainty over how to be positioned for the upcoming earnings seas »


USD/TRY struggling near 2.3000

07/10/2014 07:24

The dollar moved aggressively higher versus the Turkish Lira after rebounding from the key support zone of 2.0600 – 2.0850 and more recently from another key support of 2.1550, which includes th »


Equity Markets Stronger As The Dollar Bulls Take A Quick Breather

06/10/2014 08:11

Market Overview The legacy of Friday’s strong Non-farm Payrolls data is still playing out on Monday morning. Friday afternoon saw strong equity market gains and an ever stronger dollar. Wall St »


Swiss Market Index Recovers and Rises Above 8700

06/10/2014 07:39

The Swiss Market index (SMI) is looking quite bullish on the 4-hour chart following the aggressive upward move from the key support level at 8611, which includes the 200-period SMA. Technically speaki »

Are Major Forex Pairs Such As The Euro, Yen and Aussie Set To Reverse Recent Weakness?

03/10/2014 08:14

Market Overview Is this dollar run showing signs of creaking? For weeks the dollar has pushed higher almost without stopping, but now there are the first signs of a potential reversal. Still in the v »


USD/CAD Rises as Market Awaits NFP Report

03/10/2014 07:18

USD/CAD moved slightly higher after rebounding from the key support level of 1.0985, but the advance was halted by the strong resistance level of 1.1225. However, we could see further consolidation in »


EUR/JPY Levels to Watch Ahead of ECB

02/10/2014 07:54

EUR/JPY plunged lower, after the short-term retracement which took place slightly above the key level at 138.00 (R1), which includes the 200-period SMA, as well as the 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement leve »


Dollar strength and equities under pressure ahead of key manufacturing data

01/10/2014 08:20

Market Overview Whether it was a bit of end of month/end of quarter window dressing, the early gains on Wall Street were lost into the close, leaving the S&P 500 down 0.3% on little newsflow. With th »


US dollar finally under a little pressure as crucial economic data approaches

30/09/2014 08:19

30/09/2014: US dollar finally under a little pressure as crucial economic data approaches

  Market Overview Equity markets rebounded fairly positively yesterday to leave the glass half full as we approach a crucial few days of economic data. Wall Street having traded over a percent »


Markets slightly dollar positive with gains for equities in front of a crucial week of data

29/09/2014 08:16

Markets slightly dollar positive with gains for equities in front of a crucial week of data


  • Investors appear to be circumspect as the new week begins
  • LIttle real movement in early European session
  • WATCH FOR: German CPI and US Pending Home Sales

  Market Overview Markets are starting off an incredibly important week in a reflective mood, coming on the back of a strong end to the week on Wall Street. Asian markets were mixed overnight w »


FTSE100 Retreats Further

29/09/2014 06:31

FTSE100 is continuing to look bearish on the 4-hour chart, following the break below both, the key support zone of 6744 – 6760 and the 200-period SMA, few days ago. The index is still pushing lo »


Dollar continues to strengthen as equities come under pressure

26/09/2014 08:14

26/09/2014: Dollar continues to strengthen as equities come under pressure


  • Wall Street woes flow into Asian trading, with European markets also lower again
  • US dollar strength continues to impact on forex majors
  • WATCH FOR : Final readings for US Q2 GDP and Michigan sentiment

  Market Overview Selling pressure is taking hold on global equity markets, as Wall Street had its worst session since 31st July. The S&P 500 fell 1.6% leaving it at a 5 week low and at risk of »


Ford Motor Stock Sell on Failure Swing

26/09/2014 07:44

Ford Motor Co. stock (F) has been moving in a short-term downtrend since beginning of August when the stock posted a record high at 18.10. Despite numerous attempts over the last month, the stock has »


The Dollar Bulls Return With Force To Reverse Earlier Losses In The Week

25/09/2014 09:00

25/09/2014: The dollar bulls return with force to reverse earlier losses in the week


  • European equities open mixed despite teh strong Wall Street rebound
  • Dollar strengthening significantly as the European session gets going to put big pressure on the euro, sterling and gold
  • WATCH FOR: US Durable GOods, Weekly Jobless Claims

Market Overview With dovish comments from Mario Draghi, sentiment on the equity markets has turned around again. The S&P 500 and the Dow both closed just under a percent higher as there was also a po »


Brent Crude Oil still Looking Bearish

25/09/2014 07:30

Brent Crude oil surged on heavy buying during yesterday’s trading session, as the price managed to break above the key level of 96.38, as well as above the 50-period moving average on the 30-min »

Euro consolidating as Sterling and Yen look to strengthen again

24/09/2014 14:43

Euro consolidating as Sterling and Yen look to strengthen again


  • European equities slightly weaker today after Wall Street declines
  • Dollar again under pressure, driving a gold price recovery
  • WATCH FOR: German Ifo, US New Home Sales

  Market Overview A series of concerns have hit investors on financial markets in recent days to result in a flow into safe haven trades such as US Treasuries, gold and the yen. Whether this mo »


WTI to Remain Under Pressure this Week

24/09/2014 06:29

WTI Crude oil has been moving in a strong downtrend as is confirmed by the descending trend line and by the fact that the 50-period moving average lies below the 200-period moving average. In addition »

Signs of a dollar correction against both the yen and sterling

23/09/2014 08:11

Signs of the yen potentially joining sterling in a rally against the dollar


  • Equity markets under pressure again
  • US dollar rally beginning to creak with yen consolidating and sterling also finding support
  • WATCH FOR: Eurozone flash PMIs, US flash PMIs

  Market Overview A difficult start to the week has curbed the bulls on Wall Street, after indications from China are that monetary policy stimulus would not be knee jerk to disappointing data. »


FTSE100 Retreats from 6900!

23/09/2014 06:48

FTSE100 rebounded from strong support zone of 6744 – 6760 and made a sharp move upwards successfully penetrating our suggested target at 6860 and nearing the 6897 level, ending the day with good »


DAX Index is Rapidly Losing Ground below Recent Highs

22/09/2014 07:28

German Index (DAX) ran out of momentum the last couple of days after several unsuccessful attempts to break the strong resistance level at 9888 (R1), easing back towards the 9750 areas. The index is b »


Relief Rally On UK Assets As Scotland votes “No” to independence

19/09/2014 08:18

19/09/2014: Relief rally on UK assets as Scotland votes “No” to independence

  • Scotland rejects independence by 55% to 45%
  • Cable rallies, FTSE 100 rallies, volatility remains high
  • Dollar remains strong and is weighing on the euro and gold
  • Watch for: Canadian CPI and US Lead Indicators

Market Overview Scotland has voted and the UK remains intact. Investors in UK can assets can breathe a big sigh of relief, with further rebound gains on Cable and a strong open on the FTSE 100. This »

Post-FOMC dollar strength unwinding slightly as the Scottish polls open

18/09/2014 08:26

18/09/2014: Post-FOMC dollar strength unwinding slightly as the Scottish polls open


  • UK focused traders looking nervously towards Scotland
  • Dollar remains extremely strong, although Sterling is holding up well ahead of the Scottish independence result
  • Equitiy markets consolidating
  • Watch for: SNB, UK Retail Sales, TLTRO, US housing data

Market Overview It was clearly an FOMC meeting for everyone. Equities, Treasuries and the dollar all rallied with record highs on Wall Street and major forex pairs such as Euro/Dollar and Dollar/Yen »


AUD/CAD Bears Eyeing 0.9820

17/09/2014 07:18

AUD/CAD collapsed drilling through some strong support levels as well as below the 50-day SMA and the 200-day SMA on the daily chart. Despite the several attempts to break above the psychological leve »


Gold Traders Cautious Ahead of Fed Meeting

16/09/2014 06:37

Over the last couple of months the yellow metal has established and traded within a symmetrical triangle formation roughly around the key level of 1280, whilst moving down to the psychological support »


British Pound Heads into Critical Week

15/09/2014 07:36

It’s a busy week ahead with a raft of releases and interest rate decisions in the U.S. and Switzerland. Aside from the Fed Policy Meeting on Wednesday, there is plenty of other event risk this w »


USD/PLN in a Bullish Flag Pattern

12/09/2014 06:26

We are seeing a bit of recovery in the USD/NOK pair the last couple of days, following six consecutive winning months! The price has been moving in a short-term downtrend since the beginning of this w »


Sterling Resists the Negative Pressure near 1.6060 Ahead of BoE Inflation Report Hearings

10/09/2014 06:49

Sterling is continuing to push lower (-2.91%) against the dollar since the opening of this month, although it’s continuing to struggle around the 1.6064 barrier. All eyes will now shift to the I »


Pound hurts by Polls, BoE Carney is next

09/09/2014 06:35

GBP/CHF has been moving in a short-term downtrend as is confirmed by the descending trend line and by the fact that the 50-hour SMA lies below the 200-hour SMA on the 4-hour chart. However, during the »


EUR/GBP picking itself off the floor

08/09/2014 07:55

The euro gapped higher during the Asian morning versus the sterling, amid worries about political uncertainty after an opinion poll showed supporters of Scottish independence from Britain taking the l »


GBP/USD Keeps the Downtrend Intact Ahead of BoE Meeting

04/09/2014 06:37

The Sterling is looking quite bearish against the US dollar following the aggressive sell-off after a mixed UK and US data, including a drop in manufacturing growth and Mortgage Approvals. In addition »


EUR/CAD Levels to Watch Ahead of the BoC Meeting

03/09/2014 06:20

Yesterday, the Euro was finally able to recover against the Canadian dollar and is currently pursuing its course this morning with a high at 1.4360. The longer term bias in the market certainly appear »


Week Ahead: Commodities Analysis - GLD, SLV, USO

02/09/2014 08:49

Precious metals markets have been showing weakness in recent trading sessions and both the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSE: GLD) and iShares Silver Trust ETF (NYSE: SLV) have fallen to new quarterly lows in »


AUD/USD under Bearish Pressure after RBA

02/09/2014 06:44

The Australian dollar fell against the US dollar after the Reserve Bank of Australia held its key interest rate unchanged at 2.5%. The AUD/USD pair came under pressure during the Asian session and fel »


EUR/USD Levels to Watch Ahead of ECB and NFP

01/09/2014 09:43

The single currency is trading slightly higher the last couple of days against the US dollar, as it looks to make its way back towards the 13170 area. Nonetheless, there is important economic data fro »


Monday 1st Sept Two In Two

01/09/2014 07:20

Here is Monday's review of the two most popular currencies in 2 minutes. Bought to you by Kym Watson, EzeeTrader 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD  »


NZD/USD adds more pressure to the upside

28/08/2014 07:13

The NZD is still struggling to break above the psychological level of 0.8400 against the US dollar, where the 50-period SMA, previous support level and the descending trend line combine to provide sig »


USD/JPY Bulls Take a Brief Pause above 103.75

27/08/2014 07:06

The dollar remains stuck in a range versus the yen between the strong resistance level of 104.30 and the 103.50 barrier. Last week we saw a break attempt on both sides, but both failed highlighting th »


CAC40 Keeps a Clear Bullish Trend

26/08/2014 07:55

CAC40 rebounded from the 50-period moving average on the 4-hour chart, slightly below the descending trend line, and made a sharp move upwards successfully penetrating our target at 4300, ending the w »


EUR/AUD Still Looking Bearish

25/08/2014 09:43

The Euro is looking bearish trading lower against the Australian dollar on the daily chart, after finding strong resistance from the descending trend line near the key resistance level of 1.4565. &nbs »


USDJPY and GOLD Intraday: Elliott Wave Analysis

22/08/2014 10:02

USD/JPY is in nice uptrend in this week, trading higher stocks, so it may be a time to join the uptrend after any corrective retracement. A new set-back is already here it seems; we are looking at wav »


USD/CHF Rebounds within a Bullish Formation

19/08/2014 09:22

USD/CHF moved higher the last couple of days, while remaining in the downward sloping channel as you can see on the 4-hour chart. This channel, can be translated as a technical correction of the trend »


DAX index picking itself off the floor

18/08/2014 07:38

DAX index is continuing to push higher after rebounding from the psychological support level of 8900. Following the strong sell-off on the index few days ago from the 9630, it managed to pick itself o »


EUR/USD remains under pressure ahead of CPI

14/08/2014 08:00

The euro remains under strong pressure against the dollar, and if Eurozone GDP and CPI readings miss expectations, we could see further pressure towards the psychological level of 1.3000. Eurozone GDP »


EUR/USD & USD/CHF Intraday Analysis

13/08/2014 11:49

The markets are slow again, so nothing has changed. We see USD in uptrend that can extend more against the EUR and CHF in the sessions ahead. Commodity currencies are in some bigger corrections, but a »


WTI to Resume or Reverse?

11/08/2014 08:47

West Texas Intermediate crude has been trading within a clear negative trend, establishing clear lower lows and lower highs since it reached the 108.00 level, dated back on June 25. However, last week »


Weekly Dollar Update – August 04-08, 2014

08/08/2014 05:41

Markets will be seeing some important macro data during the middle part of the week.  In the US, we will see more evidence on the state of the manufacturing sector.  In other areas, the ofte »


EUR/USD Key Levels to Watch Ahead of ECB Meeting

07/08/2014 07:01

Yesterday, the Euro was finally able to recover against the US dollar and is currently pursuing its course this morning with a high at 1.3391. The longer term bias in the market certainly appears to b »


Facebook in a Bull-Flag Pattern Correction

06/08/2014 07:25

The Facebook stock moved lower the last couple of days, closing the gap that opened on June 24. However, the stock is still in a clearly defined uptrend in the long term. Furthermore on the 1-hour cha »


CAC40 fails to hold above 4260; weakness may extend

05/08/2014 07:56

The CAC40 is looking weak at the moment as the index is moving in a downward sloping channel since the middle of June 2014. The rally after testing the upper boundary of the channel was very aggressiv »


NZD/CHF positioned for a rally!

04/08/2014 17:06

For our today’s article we have chosen to present you the NZD/CHF currency cross. What we could see on a daily basis is very well formed bullish channel structure and currently the quotes are re »


The Week Ahead: NZD/USD A Pause In Selling

04/08/2014 10:41

Bearish movement in the NZDUSD cooled down last week. The week prior, RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler expressed that the value of the New Zealand Dollar was unjustifiable and unsustainable. This encourag »


The Week Ahead: USD/JPY Unsuccessful Attempt To Surpass 103

04/08/2014 09:38

The USDJPY was the surprise mover last week. The USD recorded ten days of successive gains against the JPY, surpassing the nine days of consecutive gains last seen in March 2005.  The major econ »


The Week Ahead: GBP/USD Declining Further

04/08/2014 09:35

Last week, the GBPUSD continued its recent decline. Both the announcement that UK Mortgage Approvals increased more than forecast, and UK house prices rising by around an annualised 10% encouraged fur »


The Week Ahead: EUR/USD

04/08/2014 09:30

As last week commenced, the EURUSD continued to move towards the downside and recorded another yearly low (1.3366) in the process. This occurred shortly after the United States Q2 GDP estimate surpass »


AUD/NZD facing solid resistance!

31/07/2014 20:12

AUD/NZD currency cross is presenting very good bearish opportunity on the daily chart. The quotes are confirming a serious horizontal resistance represented by the level 1.1033. Furthermore on a daily »


Crude OIL and USDCAD Elliott Waves: Lower OIL Supports For Higher USDCAD.

31/07/2014 11:36

The USD is up across the board, but not so much against the EUR and CHF, while commodity currencies are the weakest as expected. We can also see a sharp wave down on crude oil that goes against the CA »


NZD/JPY rebounds from major support!

30/07/2014 17:27

Today we have chosen to present to you the NZD/JPY currency cross daily chart. From our point of view the pair presents very strong opportunity for bullish rally. Fundamentally the RBNZ hiked its main »


Daily Stock Analysis: S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX

29/07/2014 18:33

DAX (Chart Source:  CornerTrader) After forming a high of 10048 a couple of weeks, the index has consistently been drifting lower forming a series of lower lows and lower highs in the process »


EUR/RUB close to major resistance!

29/07/2014 15:08

For our today analysis we have decided to present the exotic EUR/RUB currency cross. This is very conflict pair and traders tend to stay away from it due to the political situation in Ukraine and the »


AUD/USD climbing up!

28/07/2014 15:04

AUD/USD currency pair is rebounding once again from the major diagonal support on a daily basis and the price action suggest for further continuation of the bullish push. We can clearly see quotes str »


Nikkei 225 to break 15500; made three attempts to break higher

24/07/2014 09:22

Nikkei 225 index remained trapped in a tight range, roughly around 15300, whilst moving down to the key support of 15020 and up to 15500. Over the last couple of months, the index has moved aggressive »


NZD/USD levels to watch ahead of RBNZ Policy Meeting

23/07/2014 06:39

The New Zealand dollar is looking pretty strong against the US dollar ahead of the RBNZ Policy meeting. The market expects the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to increase the Official Cash Rate (OCR) by 0 »


Gold & German DAX IntraDay

22/07/2014 10:02

We see US stocks indices in bullish mode so looking down on gold makes sense based on the latest negative correlation. Metal has turned nicely down from 1324 at the end of last week and then continued »


Are USD/TRY Bulls Back?

22/07/2014 08:12

The US dollar is continuing to grind higher against the Turkish lira the last couple of months, although it is still struggling to break back above the strong resistance zone of 2.1565 – 2.1715. »


AUD/JPY Going to Rally!

21/07/2014 15:22

AUD/JPY currency pair is rebounding from major diagonal support on a daily basis. We can clearly see the quotes rebounding from 94.40 and this combined with the strong bullish candle is a signal for f »


GBP/AUD forming a 'Flag'!

18/07/2014 16:56

It seems like the GBP/AUD currency cross is finishing a flag formation and today’s daily price action suggests fr continuation of the bearish trend. We can clearly see the range/bullish channel »


Elliott Wave Intraday Swings For EURUSD & German DAX

17/07/2014 11:04

Below we have the EURUSD which is also in a fourth wave that may found resistance around 1.3550/1.3560 area. Be aware of a new leg down from there into wave v of iii). Invalidation level is around 1.3 »

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