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Daily Forex Indicators: Dissention In The German Ranks

23/09/2013 06:51

  • Rise In Support For Alternative Party
  • HSBC Manufacturing PMI
  • US Debt Ceiling Threat
  • Focus On Congress & The Fed

Most European indices are expected to open lower on Monday, except Germany’s DAX, which is expected to open slightly higher following Angela Merkel’s election victory over the weekend repo »


Asia In Focus

20/09/2013 14:21

Asian markets are heading into their weekend still coming to terms with the Fed’s surprise “no” taper announcement this week reports Dean Popplewell, Oanda. Emerging market currencie »


Too Quiet To Trade Today

20/09/2013 12:50

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader decides not to trade today due to the markets being extremely quiet and so decides instead to share his thoughts on how he is going to trade the Euro next week.  »


Sterling Declines As Dollar Bounces

20/09/2013 11:30

  • All News Is Good News
  • Sterling Suffers Big Decline

Many investors are still digesting the implications of the FED's decision to keep the current level of asset purchases as US economic data released yesterday seems to support Ben Bernanke's idea that »


FXSnip: Gold; Price Supported By Optimism On Feds Decision

20/09/2013 10:25

Gold prices traded higher by 0.47% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1368.25 per ounce, as lingering optimism on Fed’s decision to maintain its $85 billion asset-purchase »


FX Market Daily

20/09/2013 07:30

With the German elections on Sunday, recent strength in the Euro may be reversed as there may be nervousness ahead of the outcome. Sell the Euro against the US dollar above 1.3540    »


Daily Forex Indicators: Initial Market Boost Now Brings Hesitancy

20/09/2013 07:06

  • Fed Non Decision Cause Boost In The Markets
  • Strong US Data
  • Austerity Measures Lowered

Fed Non Decision Cause Boost In The Markets Yesterday saw a raft of positive data releases out of the US, just a day after the FOMC perceived the economy as insufficiently mature in its recovery to »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Saw Some Profit Before Slipping To 1.6020

20/09/2013 07:01

GBP/USD saw some profit taking from 1.6163 to 1.6055/45 which held initially before we slipped to 1.6020. We could continue lower today for a buying opportunity at the next support at 1.5990/5980. »


Markets Adrift In Sea Of Uncertainty

20/09/2013 06:49

  • Who Knows What To Do?
  • Strong US Data Has No Effect
  • Commodities Have Little Movement

European equities are set to drift lower on the open as markets take time to ponder just what is going on reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Who Knows What To Do? Following the Feds double »


Time to be Greedy?

19/09/2013 11:40

  • Market Reaction
  • Be Greedy?

The FOMC meeting, perhaps the most anticipated event of the year, ended with a bang – a very big one. Investors were already geared up for the Fed an announcement of QE taper, only to be shaken »


Weak UK Retail Sales Could Push Sterling Lower

19/09/2013 10:24

After yesterday’s surge in Sterling after the decision by the Fed chairman not to taper, today’s release of weaker than expected retail sales figures has pushed Sterling lower albeit it is »


FXSnip: USD/CAD Negative Sentiment Fuelled Dollar Decline

19/09/2013 09:32

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the USD declined 0.72% against the CAD to close at 1.0223, as Fed’s decision to refrain from tapering its asset-purchase programme, fuelled negative sentiment for »


FX Market Daily

19/09/2013 07:24

News of no tapering yesterday evening put the markets in a tailspin with the US dollar falling sharply with emerging market currencies such as the Indian rupee a major beneficiary of the non tapering »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Shot To 1.6163 On The FOMC

19/09/2013 07:11

GBP/USD held trend line support at 1.5895/85 & shot higher on the FOMC to reach 1.6163. A break above 1.6178 today signals further gains towards a target of 1.6225/30 & may be as far as 1.6260/70 »


Fed Keeps The Party Going

19/09/2013 07:02

  • The Party Goes On!
  • Equities & Commodities Rallied
  • BoE Announce No Policy Shift

The Party Goes On! The Fed decided to play on the side of caution by not acquiescing to market expectations writes Mitul Kotecha, Econometer. The FOMC maintained its current USD 85 billion of asset p »


FOMC To Delay Tapering Despite Market Pressure

19/09/2013 06:53

  • No Return To Normal
  • Price Stability & Unemployment Major Factors
  • New Zealand Q2 GDP Figure Down
  • UK Retail Sales In Focus

No "Return To Normal" The FOMC last night decided to delay tapering asset purchases despite a notable degree of market pressure to finally do so reports Joshua Mahony,  Alpari UK. The expec »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Euro Trading Lower Against Greenback

18/09/2013 10:51

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, EUR rose 0.16% against the USD and closed at 1.3357, as a better-than-expected ZEW economic sentiment data in the Euro-zone and Germany boosted investors’ sentimen »


Lets Do This Thing! Or Maybe Not

18/09/2013 09:21

  • Tapering Already Priced In
  • Euro Optimism
  • US Inflation Remains In Check

European equity markets are set to edge up on the open as optimism that the Fed will only chip away at their asset purchases, as opposed to taking an axe to them, keeps bulls content reports Jonathan »


FX Market Daily

18/09/2013 07:36

Today we will hear the long awaited Fed announcement with regards to whether there is tapering or not. The markets will be on tenterhooks and volatility will be high soon after the announcement. In th »


Daily Forex Indicators: Markets Brace For FOMC Announcement

18/09/2013 07:05

  • Introduction To Tapering
  • BoE Minutes Release

  The countdown is almost over, with months of speculation and analysis widely expected to result in a historical move by the Federal Reserve in reducing the rate of monthly asset purchases unde »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Trading In Range 100.50/60 Down To 98.55

18/09/2013 06:57

USD/JPY is trading in a range from 100.50/60 down to 98.55/45. We can look to trade this range which we wait for a break out. Our first support is at 98.76/70 before the 98.55/45 level. Just be awa »


Today Is A Crucial Day For The Indian Rupee

18/09/2013 06:42

  • Rupee On The Edge
  • Road To Recovery
  • Tapering Annoucement Will Change Outlook

The Indian rupee has recovered strongly in the last few weeks which has coincided with the arrival of the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Dr. Raghuram Rajan (who started his new job on 4th »


Dollar's Risk & Reward Soon To Be Delivered

17/09/2013 13:47

  • Expectation Of First Reductions In Asset Purchases
  • UK Inflation Bought No Surprises
  • Germany Looking Attractive To Investors

With tomorrow’s FOMC projections and announcements being such a big deal, it’s only natural that the markets priority at this stage is caution – dealers do not want to be taken out o »


FXSnip: USD/CAD Rise In Canadian Home Sales

17/09/2013 09:08

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the USD rose 0.08% against the CAD to close at 1.0321, as investors’ appetite for risk taking reduced ahead of Fed’s policy decision, due on Wednesday report »


FX Market Daily

17/09/2013 07:44

Important UK data due out at 9.30am - CPI and PPI will be crucial as to whether Sterling will go above the psychological level of 1.60 USD or not. If there is a rally above 1.60 USD continue to short »


European Equities Drift Lower

17/09/2013 06:54

  • European Equities Drift Lower
  • Euro Started Off Well
  • Gold Investors Less Inspired

European Equities Drift Lower European equities are set to drift lower as attention refocuses on this weeks Fed meeting. After the initial bluster of the Larry Summers news wore off, the more pressin »


Daily Forex Indicators: US Economy Is On Fragile Ground

17/09/2013 06:47

  • US Economy On Fragile Ground
  • RBA Minutes Paint Realistic Picture
  • UK CPI Main Event of European Session

European markets are expected to open lower today off the back of a significant coup yesterday with the announcement that commonly perceived hawk Larry Summers retracted his candidacy for the Fed chai »


Video: FX Highlights Week 16th Sept

16/09/2013 12:49

This week, Kym Watson, Ezeetrader gives us the lowdown on what to watch out for in the FX world: 1)  Tuesday is CPI Day 2)  FOMC Minutes out on Wednesday 3)  UK Retail Sales On Thurs »


Video: The Power Of Running Your Own Trades

16/09/2013 09:52

Charlie Burton, demonstrates the power of running your trades. He also looks at the currencies plus has a warning for the S&P... »


FX Daily Comment

16/09/2013 07:26

News that Larry Summers is no longer in the running to become the next chairperson of the Federal Reserve has pushed the US dollar sharply weaker and pushed global indices sharply higher. With Sterli »


FXSnip: Cable Beat 1.5850 To Hit Targets

16/09/2013 07:06

GBP/USD beat 1.5850 to hit all our targets & over night has continued higher to 1.5958. The next big resistance is now at 1.5990/6010. If this target is reached today it should hold the topsid »


Syrian Deal Sealed

16/09/2013 06:59

Tense negotiations between the US and Russia led to a deal to disarm Syrian chemical weapons reports Adam Button, Ashraf The deal is likely to boost risk trades and calm nerves at the Fed a »


The End of Summer- Literally!

16/09/2013 06:50

  • Summer Withdraws His Candidacy
  • Directionless Markets

Another weaker than forecast US economic release reports Mitul Kotecha. Namely August retail sales has obscured the picture ahead of the mid week Fed FOMC meeting. Summer Withdraws His Candidacy Mor »


Falling Unemployment Rate Boosts Pound

13/09/2013 12:33

The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy announcement is a week away and today’s retail sales will be the last report that could impact the central bank’s decision writes Davide Ug »


US Retail Sales Indicate Where Economy Is Headed

13/09/2013 09:35

  • Consumer Spending
  • Importance
  • Interpretation

The Economic Calendar is looking light today for the UK, but across the pond the US Retail Sales are due for release at 1.30pm (BST). Why are they important to the investor? Consumer spending account »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Pair Susceptable To Profit Taking

13/09/2013 07:41

GBPUSD severely overbought in all time frames which as warned yesterday made us susceptible to profit taking.   The failure to beat 1.5844 has indeed seen profit taking & a test of support »


FX Daily Comment

13/09/2013 07:08

A sharp fall in the price of gold overnight should continue to put pressure on the Australian Dollar. The fall continued yesterday after a strong run after the Australian election. Sell AUD above 92. »


Aussie Takes A Knock As Economy Weakens

12/09/2013 15:47

Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst at DailyFX, comments on the disappointing Australian Jobs Data; “After the Aussie had rallied consistently throughout the week following Tony Abbott’ »


Greenback Slides

12/09/2013 14:08

  • Treasury Yields Have Lost Momentum
  • Aussie Employment Disappointing

Risk appetite has continued on an improving trend since the end of August reports Phil Ryan, Currencies Direct. Treasury Yields Have Lost Momentum A mixture of easing tensions surrounding Syria and »


Currency Overview: AUD/USD & USD/JPY

12/09/2013 09:57


AUD/USD Australian dollar is one of the weakest today after worse than expected Employment numbers (-10.8K vs. 10.2K exp.). The weaker pair however is not AUD/USD, but its AUD/JPY because of falling »


FX Daily Comment

12/09/2013 07:32

GBP/USD sell above 1.5820 Contrarian trade but Sterling seems over-valued on fundamentals. Currency has been boosted by better than expected economic data but looking toppy at the current level. »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Severely OverBought In All Time Frames

12/09/2013 07:20

GBP/USD has beaten longer term Fibonacci resistance at 1.5780/85 with the next resistance at 1.5844. We are severely overbought in all time frames which does make us susceptible to profit&nbsp »


Daily Forex Indicators: Bad Apple ( Handsets) Buck Positive Indices Trends

12/09/2013 07:09

  • Apple Handsets Not Well Received
  •  Draghi Talks Today
  • Australian Markets Heading Down Under

Overnight we saw most US and Asian indices trading in positive territory and we’re expecting a similar story when the European session gets underway this morning writes Craig Erlam, Market Analy »


Risk Appetite Has Sustained An Improved Trend

12/09/2013 07:02

Risk appetite has sustained an improving trend since the end of August. A combination of an easing in tensions surrounding Syria and firmer data globally have helped to shore up sentiment writes Mitul »


Video Update: Gold,GBP, USDJPY & EURUSD

11/09/2013 12:52

Watch this all new video from Jason Sen at Day Trade Ideas for an overview of the current market with particular reference to the Pound, Yen & Euro. Jason Sen traded on the floor of LIFFE from 1987 »


UK Labour Market Makes Solid Progress

11/09/2013 10:52

The labour market continued to make solid progress in July/August, in keeping with an economy that looks increasingly well poised to outperform expectations this quarter. According to the LFS sta »


USD Retreats As Conflict Seems Unlikely

11/09/2013 10:50

American military action in Syria looks increasingly unlikely after President Obama, in a televised address, seemed to back the political solution suggested by the Russians of the Assad regime giving »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Euros Double Topped, Correction Expected Today

11/09/2013 07:14

Euros have double topped in the short term and this should mean we see some further correction early in the session reports Carol Harmer, CharmerCharts. Currently we have support at 1.3250 and a »


Daily Forex Indicators: Markets Open Flat In Expectation Of Diplomatic Syrian Solution

11/09/2013 07:03

  • Expectations Of A Diplomatic Solution In Syria
  • Commodity Price Fall
  • UK Unemployment Figures

European indices are expected to open relatively flat on Wednesday, as a diplomatic solution to the suspected use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime begins to look more and more likely write »


USD On The Back Foot

10/09/2013 13:55

Yesterday the USD came under pressure as speculation increased that the Federal Reserve will hold off on tapering in September reports Phil McHugh, Currencies Direct. This speculation increased signi »


Commodities: Oil Prices Declined As Supply Concern Tapers

10/09/2013 11:26

Crude Oil prices declined 1.42% against the USD for the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, closing at 108.48, as supply concern of the commodity from the Middle East eased following reports that highligh »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Pound Urged On By Recovery Comments

10/09/2013 09:39

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP gained 0.40% against the USD and closed at 1.5697, as investors cheered UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne’s comments on the recovery of the Britai »


Commodities: Gold Remains Steady

10/09/2013 07:09

No change, Gold again held by resistance from the 50% Fib level at 1398 and the 55 day M/A, anddown we came with overnight lows of 1375. There is scope once more to come to that support area of 136 »


Daily Forex Indicators: Boost In Equity Markets As Military Strikes Look Less Likely

10/09/2013 06:57

  •  Military Strikes Less Likely
  • Oil Prices Retreat
  • Fed Comments To Impact The Market

Military Strikes Less Likely Reports that a US military strike in Syria could be avoided provided a significant boost to equity markets over night, with major indices in both the US and Asia trading »


EXCLUSIVE: Top FX Highlights For Week 9th Sept

09/09/2013 14:59

Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK gives us his highlights for the week.  1) Congressional Vote leading to risk aversion 2) FOMC Meeting next week but  clues this week into how the FOM »


Video: Monday- Whats Next For The Aussie?

09/09/2013 14:07

 Whats next for the Aussie and the S&P? Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader gives his view.... »


Midday Markets; Lame Trading Around Uncertainty

09/09/2013 12:56

The first real trading session after a contentious non-farm payroll print usually ends up being the quietest trading session for the entire month and this Monday seems bent on holding on to that tradi »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Dollar Weakens As Soft Employment Data Spooks Investors

09/09/2013 11:18

On Friday, the USD weakened 0.88% against the JPY and closed at 99.24, as a soft employment data from the US spooked investors’ confidence. In Japan, data showed that the nation’s coinc »


All Eyes On Fed & Obama

09/09/2013 07:09

  • NFP Left Confusion In Markets
  • Interest In Euro Heightened
  • Gold Gains

European equities are set to open marginally higher as investors look towards the Fed and Syria for further cues reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. NFP Left Confusion In Markets Trading afte »


Daily Forex Indicators: Politics Dominate The Markets

09/09/2013 06:54

  • Politics Dominate Market
  • Tapering Unlikely
  • Positive Moves In Asia

Speculation over whether the US will lead a military response against Syria and the Fed will taper in September is likely to drive markets this week, with the economic calendar looking extremely thin& »


NFP at 169k- Market Reaction

06/09/2013 14:07

With the Non Farm Payrolls coming in at 169,000 the markets were initially provoked into action and optimism but this soon dampened when realisation hit that this figure was probably not enough to spu »


In Case You Hadn't Heard, Its NFP Day

06/09/2013 10:03

  • All Eyes on Bernanke
  • Same Old, Same Old
  • Commodity Caution

All Eyes on Bernanke Since markets got bored of reacting to mention of ‘tapering’, they have generally tracked sideways with some small pockets of excitement driven by a Dictator in the M »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Hit Strong Fibonacci Resistance at 99.94

06/09/2013 07:17

USD/JPY hit strong Fibonacci resistance at 99.94/99 to exit longs & try shorts with stops above100.25. This trade worked perfectly was we topped at 100.22 & turned lower to 99.66. We could continue »


Daily Forex Indicators: Traders Cautious Ahead Of US Jobs Report

06/09/2013 07:06

  • Scale Back Sentiment 
  • All Eyes On NFP
  • In Other News..

European indices are expected to open slightly higher on Friday, although the overall tone in the markets appears to be one of caution ahead of a hugely important US jobs report this afternoon writes »


The Case For Shorting Gold

05/09/2013 12:41

  • Eight Weeks of Gold Ecstasy
  • Back To Reality and Back To Selling Gold 

The deadline for the Fed decision on whether or not to tamper approaching and as one of the Fed’s most critical decisions is set to take place, investors begin to ponder which strategy to deploy »


Syria & Fed Tapering To Dominate G20

05/09/2013 11:17

  • G20 Meeting Underway In Russia
  • The Charmed Life Of Carney

G20 Meeting Underway In Russia As the latest G20 meeting gets underway in Russia today the focus is rightly on Syria reports Alistair Cotton, Currencies Direct. We will also get an international pe »


FXSNIP: USD/JPY Dollar Strengthened Against The Yen As US Economy Improves

05/09/2013 09:15

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the USD strengthened 0.18% against the JPY and closed at 99.73, as improving conditions in the US economy, as outlined by the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book, lead to »


FXSNIP: USD/JPY Overbought So Could Struggle Today

05/09/2013 07:39

USD/JPY has broken the 3 month trend line to test strong Fibonacci resistance at 99.94/99. We are overbought so we should struggle here today. We could exit longs & try shorts but we need&nbsp »


A Strange Day Of Trading

05/09/2013 07:08

  • Obama Access Approved
  • Confidence In Europe Economic Recovery
  • Crude Oil Prices Pulled Back

The markets acted rather strangely yesterday. Recently two things have seen investors running cover, an attack on Syria, and a sooner tapering of asset purchases fuelled by strong economic data report »


Daily Forex Indicators: Meetings Of The Central Banks

05/09/2013 06:51

  • Beige Book Points To Moderate Improvement 
  • That All Important NFP
  • Central Bank Meetings

European indices are expected to open higher on Thursday, following largely positive sessions over night in both the US and Asia reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK Beige Book Points To Mo »


The Cry Wolf Dollar Trade To Disrupt Markets

04/09/2013 14:25

  • PMI Data Brings Euro Zone In Expansion
  • Fed Focuses On US Labor Market
  • AUD Managed To Rally

It keeps coming and coming, the wave of better-than-expected PMI’s globally has pushed most equity markets up in Asia and into the black writes Dean Popplewell, PMI Data Brings Euro »


Just What Is This Beige Book?

04/09/2013 11:32

Later on today we have the release of the Beige Book over in the US, but what does that even mean? For those of you too afraid to ask, read on..... The Beige Book is a report on economic conditions i »


Commodities: GOLD Demand Bolstered By Upbeat Chinese Data

04/09/2013 09:45

Gold prices traded higher by 1.43% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT reports GCI Financial. At 1411.79 per ounce, as upbeat Chinese manufacturing data released earlier in the week, »


Three Month BAX Futures

04/09/2013 08:22

Mar14 support at 98.65/64 & 98.61/60. Resistance is at 98.69, 98.71 & 98.73/74 above. June 14 support at the 200 day moving average at 98.58/59 then 98.54, 98.49/48, 98.46/45. Resistance at th »


Market Summary: Show Us Your Muscles

04/09/2013 07:04

  • Squaring Up In The Markets
  • Euro Dropped Against The Dollar
  • Strong US Manufacturing Numbers

European equities are set to open flat with little news overnight to cause otherwise reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Squaring Up In The Markets It’s a bit of a stalemate at the mome »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Euros Couldn't Break Above Trendline Resistance

04/09/2013 06:57

Euros held the 200 day M/A yesterday at 1.3139 but could not break back above the recent trendline resistance at 1.3183 and this will prove a problem today writes Carol Harmer, »


Daily Forex Indicators: All Eyes On Europe For PMI's & Retail Sales

04/09/2013 06:42

  • Cautiousness Remains
  • Wednesday's Data 
  • US Beige Book Release

European indices are expected to open slightly higher on Wednesday, although investors remain very cautious as we approach the end of the week writes Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK Cautiousne »


Forex Regulation Now Focused On Reporting

03/09/2013 16:30

  • What Was The Initial Impact On The Forex Industry?
  • What Is The Current Focus In The Forex Regulatory Trenches?

The 3-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Act was back in July, but the full impact of the law remains in doubt as battle lines continue to be drawn regarding the all-important issuance of final regula »


Swiss Franc, The Weakest Link?

03/09/2013 10:18

  • Why The Swiss Franc?
  • Let’s Get Technical
  • Beware of Pitfalls

After a rather slow opening, this week is undoubtedly expected to be choppy and volatile amid one of the most important Nonfarm payrolls releases which is due Friday. Last Friday we anchored what inve »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Eurozone PMI Strikes 2 Year High

03/09/2013 08:54

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, EUR declined 0.14% against the USD and closed at 1.3190 as the latest batch of mixed manufacturing PMI data from the member countries of Euro-zone weighed on investors&r »


S&P/TSX Fell To Low For The Day

03/09/2013 07:34

S&P/TSX 60 fell back from 733 to support at 725/724 & a low for the day predicted, & we bottomedexactly here. We could follow markets higher today for resistance at 728/729 but if we continue »


Merkel's Lack Of Vision Is The Achilles' Heel Of Europe

03/09/2013 07:24

I have met a number of politicians over the years, but lately it has dawned on me that very few of them are seriously prepared to stand up for their beliefs, if indeed they have any,  writes Lars »


Currency Update: AUD Up, JPY Down, GBP Supported

03/09/2013 07:16

  • All Eyes On China's Service Sector PMI 
  • Relief For AUD Bulls
  • USD/JPY Risk Appetite Improves

Firm August purchasing managers’ confidence indices from China to Europe have helped to maintain a positive bias to risk assets overnight although the Labor Day holiday limited trading activity »


Daily Forex Indicators: Soaring Oil Prices And Cautious Markets

03/09/2013 06:59

  • Soaring Oil Prices As Conflict Continues
  • Investors On Edge & Cautious Markets
  • RBA Keep Interest Rates On Hold

European indices are lacking any real direction ahead of the open on Tuesday reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK. Soaring Oil Prices As Conflict Continues The US jobs report on Friday is »


Manufacturing PMI Data Eyed, As Syrian Crisis Continues

02/09/2013 14:19

  • Yen Prices Rising
  • Disappointing German Retail Sales
  • GBP Loses Ground

We start the week on pretty much the same tone with the on-going crisis in Syria still continuing from last week with investors flocking towards the greenback into safe haven territory providing the U »


Video Update: Winners Versus Losers

02/09/2013 10:30

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader takes a look at winners versus losers and compares the losing day he had on Friday to the gains he has made on the account so far today. All this plus analysis of the »


Upbeat Canadian Data Fuels Loonie

02/09/2013 08:26

On Friday, the USD marginally declined against the CAD to close at 1.0531. The Canadian Dollar rose after the data released by the Statistics Canada showed that nation’s economy rose more than e »


Feeling Hungry? Plenty of Data This Week To Digest

02/09/2013 07:59

  • Risk Appetite May Improve In the Near Time
  • Busy Data Week
  • Major 4 Bank Decisions

US Labor Day holidays should keep trading relatively subdued over the course of today reports Mitul Kotecha, Econometer. Even the prospects of a military strike in Syria have paused following the deci »


Daily Forex Indicators: Investors React Positively to Lack of Decision On Syria

02/09/2013 07:34

  • Military Strikes In Syria Delayed
  • Gold Slides As Concerns Over Strikes Ease
  • Chinese Manufacturing PMI Aid Rally In European Future
  • European Manufacturing PMIs 

European indices are expected to open higher on Monday, as investors react positively to news that any decision over a military response in Syria won’t take place until next week. writes Craig E »


Video Update: Live Trading on the GBP/USD & AUD/USD

30/08/2013 13:40

Watch Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader do some live trading on GBP/USD & AUD/USD. Watch and learn :) »


RBI Move Eases Pressure On Rupee

30/08/2013 12:44

The Indian rupee regained some ground on the US Dollar after the Indian government announced swap lines with major oil companies, the largest buyers of Dollars reports Alistair Cotton, Currencies Dire »


FXSnip: AUD/USD Aussie Weakened Against The Dollar

30/08/2013 08:41

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, AUD weakened 0.22% against the USD to close at 0.8925 as strong US GDP data revived speculation that the Fed might taper its stimulus measures sooner-than-expected repor »


Commodities: End Of The Silver Rally As Predicted

30/08/2013 07:40

Silver failed to close above Fibonacci resistance at 24.80 this week as we warned & this should mark the end of the rally as predicted. Yesterday we hit as expected 23.80/70 which held the&nbs »


Morning Forex Review: UK House Price Index Rise In Line With Expectations

30/08/2013 07:26

  • Eurozone Unemploment To Remain Unchanged
  • Expected Rise In  German Retail Sales 
  • US Personal Income and Expenditure Slowed

Today’s indicators started off with UK housing data and mortgage approvals. The Nationwide Building Society’s UK house price index rose 0.6% mom in August, in line with market expectations »


Has The USD Turned?

29/08/2013 14:22

  • USD Turned The Corner?
  • Geo Political Risk In The Middle East
  • Euro Strengthened Despite Weak Fundamentals

USD Turned The Corner? The US dollar seems to have turned the corner after its recent weakness as the FX market has finally realised that US economic fundamentals and purchasing power have not been i »


Carney Reaffirms Forward Guidance

29/08/2013 11:22

  • Sterling Reacted To Every Word
  • UK High Street Beat Expectations

Mark Carney’s first speech as Bank of England governor may have departed in tone from his predecessor, with references to modern popular culture (Jake Bugg was eluded to) but the ability of the »


Oil Bulls Beware

29/08/2013 09:23

  • The Flip Flop
  • Oil bulls should Be Cautious

Oil has been on a bullish pattern for a while, yet the latest dismay in the Middle East first Egypt, now Syria, has pushed Oil into breaking the $110 resistance, paving the way for Oil to conquer the »


USD Edges Higher

29/08/2013 08:04

  • US Treasury Yields Rise
  • INR & IDR Remain Under Pressure
  • AUD Risk Aversion

There appears to be some prevarication over possible military strikes on Syria resulting in less angst in markets over an imminent strike reports Mitul Kotecha. US Treasury Yields Rise Consequently »


FXSnip: AUD/USD Aussie Weakened Again Yesterday

29/08/2013 07:35

Aussie weakened again yesterday reaching 8893,we are back above 8930 again and could test trendline resistance at 9004 writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. This comes in with the 9007 resistanc »


Morning Forex Review: Economic Calendar Looking Busy Today

29/08/2013 07:22

  • German Unemployment Rate
  • US 2Q GDP Revisions & Jobless Claims
  • End of Month Data Dump From Japan

German Unemployment Rate In Europe, the German unemployment rate in August is forecast to remain unchanged at 6.8% while the unemployment change is forecast at -5K vs -7K previously. The EU harmonize »


Video Update: Do Brokers Take The Other Side Of Your Trade?

28/08/2013 14:41

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader talks us through how the broker/trader relationship works.  »


Video:Consumption Tax In Japan- Is the Japanese Economy Strong Enough?

28/08/2013 11:44

Dean Popplewell, Head of Currency Analysis & Research at starts the debate on whether the Japanese government is strong enough to deal with the pending decision on Consumpion Tax. »


Emerging Markets Hit As Syria Dominates Markets

28/08/2013 10:29

  • Political Tensions Affect Confidence
  • Euro Remains Strong
  • Rupee Slumps Further

Stocks in the US and Eurozone are continually under pressure and sliding over fears on growing tensions possibly leading to military action in Syria reports Amir Khan, Currencies Direct. Political Te »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Dollar Gains Kept In Check Over Possible Syria Strike

28/08/2013 08:32

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP fell 0.24% against the USD and closed at 1.5545 reports GCI Financial. In the US, an official report showed that the nation’s consumer confidence rose to a rea »


Commodities: Gold- Look For A Low Here Today

28/08/2013 07:14

Spot Gold beats 1414/16 but was unable to sustain a break above 1422 as we start to look overbought. As stated yesterday a close above 1423 today however should target 1440/41. Immediate support i »


Morning Forex Review: German Consumer Confidence Expected To Rise

28/08/2013 07:02

  • German Import Prices
  • M3 Money Supply
  • Carney Speech

We already had the Australia construction work figures out overnight, an important indicator for activity in the sector. The amount of construction fell -0.3% qoq in 2Q, an improvement from -2.0% (rev »


EXCLUSIVE: Top 3 FX Highlights Week 26th Aug

27/08/2013 15:31

  1. Japanese Consumer Price Index
  2. Eurozone CPI Figures
  3. Canadian GDP Figures

This week we speak to Head of Strategy at Tradenext, Ronnie Chopra. He outlines the top 3 fx highlights for this short week.   "The FX market is probably going to be more influenced on US Americ »


What Is The Federal Open Market Committee?

27/08/2013 13:43

  • What is the Federal Open Market Committee?
  • FOMC Involvement In Policy Making Decisions
  • Topics of Discussion

What is the Federal Open Market Committee? The FOMC is one of the most frequently cited sources of information when it comes to the United States economy, and from a fundamental perspective, it&rsquo »


Top Tradrs Top Traders Insight…..

27/08/2013 13:01

  • What does the typical trader do for a day job?
  •  Is there a winning technique?
  • Whats their incentive?
  •  Golden Advice:

Top Tradr, the recently launched trading app shares its winning traders secrets.  For those of you not familiar with the concept, Top Tradr provides traders the opportunity to copy trades, follow »


Video Exclusive: Market "Summer-y"

27/08/2013 11:35

Yesterday, whilst those sensible ones amongst us were enjoying the Bank Holiday sunshine, spoke exclusively to Dean Popplewell, Head of Currency Analysis & Research at about t »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Pound Edged Up Slightly Against The USD

27/08/2013 08:27

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP edged up slightly against the USD and closed at 1.5583, taking its cues from Friday’s report that showed that the UK’s GDP rose 0.7% (QoQ) during the sec »


FTSE Sep13 Has Support Down To The 100 Day Moving Average

27/08/2013 07:24

FTSE Sep13 has support down to the 100 day moving average at 6447 & if we can hold on herewe could start to push higher towards resistance at 6490/98. We should struggle here with a high for t »


Morning Forex Review: IFO Index For August Is The Main Feature Today

27/08/2013 07:08

  • 4th Consecutive Rise Expected
  • Swedish Trade Balance
  • US - House Price Index

4th Consecutive Rise Expected The market is expecting the fourth consecutive rise, to 107.0 from 106.2, for the business climate index, with a rise also anticipated for both the current assessment an »


Friday Funny: Spelling Lesson

23/08/2013 16:35

Friday Funny: "You know you've gone to the wrong stockbroker when you ask him to buy 1,000 shares in IBM and he asks you how to spell it"  From The Penguin Dictionary. We hope you all had a go »


Emerging Market Economies Suffer Huge Capital Outflows

23/08/2013 15:27

  • Currency Swaps
  • Expansion In Eurozone

Emerging market economies continue to suffer huge capital outflows on the back of anticipation of Fed tapering, with Brazil the latest country to announce intervention to begin this morning reports As »


Video: Ronnie Chopra, Tradenext Imparts His Trading Advice

23/08/2013 12:24

Ronnie Chopra, Head Of Strategy, Tradenext gives us his tips on how to trade with less risk and avoid mistakes.  »


FXSNIP: AUD/USD Aussie Bouncing But We Need To Remain Long

23/08/2013 07:27

Aussie bounced to the short term 38.2% Fib located at 9046 we have seen a pullback but are being heldup by buyers at 9007/8998 as long as this support holds we are right to be long of this market writ »


Morning Forex Review: German & UK Q2 GDP On The Menu Today

23/08/2013 07:11

  • Germany's GDP Higher Than Expected
  • EU Consumer Confidence
  • New US Home Sales

Germany's GDP Higher Than Expected The components of Germany’s GDP were all higher than expected, which seems to be a mathematical impossibility as the overall figure was not changed. Regardles »


The Bulls Are Back But Don't Bother Unpacking

23/08/2013 07:07

European equities are set to open higher as yesterday’s bullish boisterousness continues reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Overnight Asian markets extended the positive lead from Europ »


Encouraging PMI's Push European Markets Higher

22/08/2013 13:13

  • Encouraging Figs From China
  • Eurozone PMI's Improved
  • US Session

Encouraging manufacturing and services PMIs out of the eurozone and China have pushed European markets higher on Thursday writes Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK Encouraging Figs From »


Key Takeaways From FOMC Minutes

22/08/2013 10:20

The Federal Reserve’s Minutes from the Open Market Committee were released and quickly disappointed the market reports Alfonso Esparza, Oanda. The EUR/USD was on very volatile ground after the »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Pound Lower Following Fed Minutes

22/08/2013 10:02

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP declined 0.29% against the USD and closed at 1.5617, after Fed’s minutes indicated that the policy-makers might slowdown the pace of its stimulus measures late »


Commodities: Gas Oil Outlook Is Negative

22/08/2013 07:46

Gasoil September outlook is now negative as we look for a test of 932.50 support. A bb Tuesday’s low of 929.25 should then target 925/924.50 for a short term buying opportunity. Be ready with »


Indices: S&P Presents A Very Good Buying Opportunity

22/08/2013 07:42

Emini S&P Sep13 topped just a point below resistance at 1656/57 & broke 1641. We bounced just above the target of 1630/29 & a very good buying opportunity here today. This area could see an »


Morning Forex Review: It's PMI Day...Again

22/08/2013 07:29

  • China Has A Good Start
  • Eurozone PMI's For Manufacturing & Service Sector
  • Weekly Jobless Claims

China Has A Good Start China got the day’s indicators off to a good start with a much better-than-expected HSBC/Markit flash manufacturing PMI for August. It rose to 50.1 from 47.7 in July, une »


FOMC Policy, Clear As Mud!

22/08/2013 07:22

  • Start Date Up For Debate
  • US Economy Strengthening
  • Gold Less Needed

Equities are set to take another beating on the open as the big question of ‘when’ tapering will begin is still left to speculation after last nights inconclusive FOMC minutes reports Jona »


Are We Entering The Month Of Septaper?

21/08/2013 17:11

Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst at DailyFX, comments: "The British Pound has emerged as an unlikely top performer and perhaps safe haven du jour as few developed economies have seen the resilie »


Will The Indian Rupee Continue To Fall?

21/08/2013 16:58

  • Rupee In Freefall
  • Unthinkable Trading Levels
  • Huge Current Account Deficit

When there is blood on the streets, that’s the time to invest or as Warren Buffett says “Buy fear, sell greed” well perhaps it is time to take a closer look at the Indian Rupee. Rup »


Euro Hits Six Month High Against USD

21/08/2013 12:09

  • EURO Six Month High
  • CBI Industrial Trend Orders
  • FOMC- Big Game Changer

Tuesday saw Sterling have a mixed day with it continuing to perform well against the US Dollar but had a mixed session against Euro as it started to towards 1.34 on EURUSD reports Ashley Skinner, Curr »


FXSnip: AUD/USD RBA Minutes Continue To Push AUD Lower

21/08/2013 08:53

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, AUD weakened 0.63% against the USD to close at 0.9057, after the minutes from the Reserve Bank of Australia’s latest policy meeting signalled the possibility for t »


Commodities: Gold Fell To Buying Opportunity As Predicted

21/08/2013 07:33

Spot Gold fell to our buying opportunity at 1357/55 & a low for the day expected & held above 1352 to ensure stops were not activated. This trade worked perfectly as we hit the 1374/75 level&nbsp »


FOMC Minutes: Will They Or Wont They?

21/08/2013 07:24

  • All Eyes On US Today
  • Will They Or Wont They?
  • Taping Could Damage Recovery

All Eyes On US Today All eyes are going to be on the US on Wednesday, with housing data out shortly after the opening bell and more importantly, minutes from the Fed meeting in July being released th »


Morning Forex Review: Breathtaking House Prices In The US

21/08/2013 07:11

  • UK Public Sector Borrowing
  • FOMC Minutes
  • HSBC/Markit Manifacturing PMI

UK Public Sector Borrowing The UK starts off the day with the Public Sector Net Borrowing. The consensus is GBP -5.0bn for July (i.e., a repayment) vs an actual of GBP +10.2bn in June. Later, the CBI »


FXSnip:EUR/USD Is Beating Resistance At 1.3380

20/08/2013 14:50

EURUSD is beating resistance at 1.3380/3400 & the outlook remains positive so be ready with stops above 1.3425 for the pair to continue higher towards a target of 1.3500/20. We could start&nbs »


It's Getting Crowded On Uneasy Street

20/08/2013 11:44

  • Unease Ahead Of FOMC Minutes
  • Asian Indices Plummeting
  • US Futures Opening Flat

Unease Ahead Of FOMC Minutes With the September meeting of the Federal Reserve fast approaching, we’re seeing a lot more unease in the markets, with Treasury yields currently above 2.8% and mon »


Commodities: Gold Regaining Its Losses This Morning

20/08/2013 09:26

Gold prices traded lower by 0.87% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1365.71 per ounce reports GCI Financial. In the Asian session, at GMT0300, Gold is trading at 1366.78, ma »


Pressure Remains On S&P 500

20/08/2013 07:19

Target of 1640 nearly met.This is not to say I think the selling pressure is over,I do not writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. However we have to take each step one at a time and because we have »


Morning Forex Review: How To Sink A Currency, By The RBA

20/08/2013 07:10

  • AUD Fell Following Minutes Release
  • German Producer Price Index
  • Chicago National Activity Index

Today the data calendar is scarcely any busier than yesterday was, and yesterday wasn’t busy at all. AUD Fell Following Minutes Release We already had the minutes from the recent Reserve Bank »


Market Summary: Sentiment On The Calm Side

20/08/2013 06:55

  • Nervous Traders
  • Calm Day for Euro
  • Gold Gives Cold Feet

European equities are set to open lower once again as a light economic calendar gives traders nothing to do but stew over what the Fed minutes will say reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Nerv »


Exclusive: Top 3 FX Highlights Week 19th Aug

19/08/2013 15:18

Exclusive to Forexspace: Craig Erlam, Market Analyst Alpari UK gives us the low down on the Top 3 FX Highlights this week.  RBA Comments Not So Dovish Fed Reserve Minutes From July US Housin »


Go The Yen During These Summer Doldrums

19/08/2013 13:36

  • In The Dodrums
  • Impressive Performance JPY

It’s the second-last week of what tends to be the slowest month of the year, with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) meeting minutes tonight and those from the Federal Open Market Committee (FO »


Markets Await RBA Meeting Minutes

19/08/2013 10:57

  • Focus On FOMC Meeting Mins
  • EURO The Currency Of Choice
  • Eagerly Awaited RBA Minutes

Focus On FOMC Meeting Mins With a fairly quiet start to the week on the economic calendar, all the focus will be directed to the FOMC meeting minutes on Thursday and the UK GDP figure, later in the w »

Video Update: You Are Only As Good As Your Last Trade

19/08/2013 10:46

Monday's Video Update: You are only as good as your last trade.... Charlie Burton tries to keep you consistent with this weeks market commentary. »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Euros Are Lower Today

19/08/2013 07:22

Euros tried the topside but could not get past 1.3380 and are lower today with current low being 1.3320 wiites Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. We know this is quite good support. We have the short ter »


Daily Forex Indicators: Markets Have No Direction

19/08/2013 07:10

  • Markets Lack Direction 
  • FOMC Meeting Wednesday 
  • Retail Figures Out 

European indices are expected to open relatively flat on Monday, following a quiet session in Asia overnight that saw indices bouncing between small gains and losses writes Craig Erlam, Mark »


Morning Forex Review: Today's News Is Already Out

19/08/2013 06:57

  • Japan's Trade Deficit
  • House Price Index UK Down

Japan's Trade Deficit Japan’s trade deficit in July widened out to JPY 944bn (SA) from a deficit of JPY 599bn in June as exports rose a solid 12.2% yoy in value terms but imports soared 19.6%. »


Friday Funny: Have You Tried Trading In August?

16/08/2013 16:59

As we progress through this quiet holiday month we leave you with this little ditty...... "August. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks in. The others are July, Janua »


Video Update: Live Trading On AUD/USD

16/08/2013 13:58

Ezeetrader's, Charlie Burton gives us a run down on this weeks trading with a spot of live trading thrown in for good measure.  »


Impressive Retail Sales Keep Sterling Strong

16/08/2013 10:30

Sterling had a very strong trading session on Thursday as UK Retail Sales exceeded expectations printing a rise of 1.1% for sales in July versus 0.60% forecast and smashing June’s release of 0.2 »


FXSnip: EUR/USD High Expected Today

16/08/2013 07:45

EUR/USD broke lower but bounced just above next support at 1.3195/90 & rocketed to resistanceat 1.3335/40 with a high for the day expected. Stops above 1.3365 were not triggered so shorts are looki »


Market Summary:Taper Tantrums Continue

16/08/2013 07:35

  • Markets In State Of Nervousness
  • Weak Equity Markets
  • Gold Continues To Rise

European equities are set to open lower as yesterdays ‘taper tantrum’ continues reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. US markets continued to sell off after the European session to cl »


Daily Forex Indicators: More Positive Signs Point Towards Early Tapering

16/08/2013 07:19

  • Jobless Claims At 6yr Low
  • Wallmart Disappoints
  • Quiet Start To The Day 
  • US Economic Data Indicators

European futures are trading relatively flat on Friday, largely ignoring the sizable losses in the US indices over night on increasing expectations that the Fed will start tapering in September w »


Market Opening Comment

16/08/2013 00:00

Some bargain hunting attracted buyers first thing as the market tried to recover from the sharp sell -off yesterday. All eyes will be on Wall Street later in the session to see if we get a recovery in »


UK Retail Sales Burst Higher

15/08/2013 11:50

  • Surprising UK Market Data
  • Eurozone Finally Emerged From Recession
  • Focus On US PMI

The good run for the pound continued yesterday as minutes from the latest BoE meeting showed that MPC member Martin Weale did not support the forward guidance that was introduced in full, favouring a »


Market Summary: Uncertainly Keeps Traders Pondering

15/08/2013 09:10

  • How Should We Treat Good Data?
  • EuroDollar Did Little
  • Gold Rally Continues

European equities are set to drift lower on the open on as uncertainty keeps traders pondering reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads.  How Should We Treat Good Data? As dissent was revealed »

FXSnip: GBP/USD Why You Should Never Trade In August

15/08/2013 08:01

Another reason why August markets should not be traded !!! 1.5420 held the downside and buyers grabbed the reins and drove us higher for 1.5560 overnight highs writes Carol Harmer, CharmerCharts. »


Mini Dow Jones- In A 2 Week Downtrend

15/08/2013 07:53

Emini Dow Jones Sep13 topped around 15404/09 & as expected broke 15305/15290 to the downside & hit the target of 15260/55 to bottom exactly here. We are in a 2 week down trend & should stick »


Daily Forex Indicators: Focus On US Data This Afternoon

15/08/2013 07:42

  • US Sell Off
  • Lack Of Tapering Clarity
  • US CPI Data Could Spark Interest

European indices are expected to open mostly lower on Tuesday, tracking losses made in the US on Wednesday, which also weighed on Asian stocks over night writes Craig Erlam, Market Analyst,& »


Getting Fruity; Apples & BlackBerries

14/08/2013 16:26

How can Apple could be active again on the market? And can it’s share price benefit from Blackberry’s struggles. Colin Cieszynski, Senior Market Analyst, CMC Markets comments; “App »


Saxo Banks Q3 Trading Outlook

14/08/2013 13:31

Saxo Bank’s FX Q3 outlook: The quiet before the storm Saxo Bank, the multi-asset trading and investment specialist, today publishes its outlook on Foreign Exchange for the next quarter. The Ban »


Eurozone Set To Emerge From Recession

14/08/2013 10:08

Revised retail sales data from June lifted the Dollar on Tuesday afternoon after July’s figure came in at expectations of 0.2% month on Month reports Alistair Cotton, Currencies Direct. Last mon »


Morning Forex Review: It's GDP Day But No Great Surge Expected

14/08/2013 07:25

  • No Great Surge
  • BofE Mintues Released
  • US Producer Price Index

GDP day! No Great Surge This time it should be better than last time, when a slew of negative numbers simply confirmed everyone’s worst fears about the Eurozone. Economists are not expecting »


US Opening Call Round Up

13/08/2013 13:13

  • Retail Sales Provide Indicators
  • Fed Lockhart To Speak
  • Eurozone Looking Bright 
  • UK Inflation Figure In Focus 

  US futures are pointing to a higher open on Tuesday, ahead of the release of some important retail sales figures for July reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK Retail Sales »


Germany and U.K. To Dominate FX

13/08/2013 11:37

  • Buy On Rumor Sell On Fact?
  • UK to Beat Germany?

This week, FX game players have turned their attention to the Eurozone with all eyes focused intently on Europe’s primary growth engine and its largest industrial power – aka Germany. Rece »


Commodities: Gold Consumption In China Has Increased

13/08/2013 09:10

Gold prices traded higher by 0.51% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1336.23 per ounce, after reports showed that gold consumption in China has increased reports GCI Fragrances »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Second Time Lucky For A Buying Opportunity

13/08/2013 07:46

EURUSD hit our target of 1.3310/00 & continue lower to 1.3277 so we did not make it as far as good support at 1.3250/40 for a buying opportunity. If we do see this level today we can exit sh »


Morning Forex Review: That's A Lot Of Forecasts!

13/08/2013 07:33

  • UK CPI Forecast To Be Flat
  • EU Industrial Production Forecast To Be Up
  • US Retail Sales Forecast To Be Up

The RICS house price balance, released overnight, was 36%, exceeding market forecasts of 24%. German WPI and CPI were not out at the time of writing. Speaking of UK house prices, the Office for Nati »


Exclusive Video: Top 3 FX Highlights Week 12th August

12/08/2013 17:05

Prepared exclusively for, watch below to see what Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK thinks we should be keeping a look out for this week.  1) Bank of Japan Minutes; Could get »


Markets Await CPI Data

12/08/2013 13:59

  • Nervous Markets
  • Euro Gathers Strength
  • Sterling Biggest Gainer

The timing and level of tapering by the Federal Reserve continues to keep markets at bay from the currency, as the US dollar was side lined last week amidst recording sharp losses which also spread in »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Buying Opportunity At 1.3250/40

12/08/2013 10:34

EURUSD hit profit taking as predicted & has almost exactly hit our target of 1.3310/00. A low for the day was expected here & this has held so far but a break lower looks more likely today &&nbsp »


Video Update: The Week Ahead

12/08/2013 09:28

Today, Charlie Burton Ezeetrader walks us through what to expect in the markets this week.  »


China Set To Give Bulls A Nudge

12/08/2013 07:36

  • Back Door Stimulus In China
  • Dreary Week For Equities
  • Strong Moves In Energy Markets 

European equities are set to open marginally higher buoyed by gains in Asia reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Back Door Stimulus In China Although Japanese markets slipped on a weaker GDP r »


Morning Forex Review: Enjoy A Quiet Week In Forex Land

12/08/2013 07:22

  • The Highlights
  • Japan Industrial Figures
  • Busy Night Ahead

The Highlights Not so many exciting indicators out this week. The big ones would be on Tuesday, with the US retail sales, Eurozone industrial production and the ZEW indices, and Wednesday, with the 2 »


Friday Funny: The Professionals

09/08/2013 16:24

Have you heard the one about the surgeon, the architect and the economist...... The surgeon said, 'Look, we're the most important. God's a surgeon because the very first thing God did was to extract »


Video Update:GOLD Has A Short-term Bullish Structure

09/08/2013 15:02

GOLD is in recovery mode for few weeks now and it seems that current price action could move even higher in the next few days if we consider a broken trend line of latest five wave decline which sugge »


An Earthquake in Gold Markets

09/08/2013 09:42

  • A Gold Earthquake
  • Stormy Times

There’s no doubt about it, Gold has been having a tough time of it and after shedding more than 20% for the year and entering into a technical bear market, investors have begun losing faith in t »


Sterling Not So Sterling

09/08/2013 09:25

Sterling climbed to its highest level against the US Dollar in almost two months after The Bank of England’s forward guidance announcement on Wednesday continued to be digested by the market rep »


Focus on China:Global Recovery? Lets At Least Try To Be Positive

09/08/2013 07:25

  • Europe Boosted By Chinese Data
  • The Many Positives
  • Inflation Remains at 2.7%

Europe Boosted By Chinese Data European indices are expected to open higher this morning, as encouraging US and Chinese data continues to give investors hope that the global recovery will take off in »


Fixed Income: Gilts- A High For The Day Is Likely

09/08/2013 07:22

Gilts if we can hold support at 111.23 look for a test of resistance at 111.60/66 before anotherlook at 111.91/00. Again a high for the day is likely but be ready to go with a break higher for112.30/3 »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Looking Toppy & Overbought

09/08/2013 07:14

Once 1.5530 broke we traded to 1.5575. Daily and 60 min charts still at this point do not look toppy writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts It is only the 240 min one that is giving cause for concer »


Morning Forex Review: All Quiet On The Western Front

09/08/2013 06:56

  • French Industrial Production
  • UK Trade Figures
  • Canadian Indicators

A quiet end to a week when the markets didn’t pay that much attention to the (Western) economic indicators anyway. French Industrial Production During the European day we get French industrial »


US Dollar Continues To Struggle But Future Looks Promising

08/08/2013 16:13

  • Slow Start for USD
  • As of 9:20 AM in New York EUR/USD at 1.3362

The United States dollar has continued to remain bearish during today's early trading after falling against all of its major counterparts over the course of the week. However, the world's most commonl »


Aussie Rebound On China Trade Data

08/08/2013 15:30

It is no secret that the Australian Dollar has been picked on in recent months by its major FX counterparts reports Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst at DailyFX . Since April 11 (2Q’13 »


US Jobless Claims Data Update

08/08/2013 15:05

The jobs market is improving based on jobless claims data where auto-retooling adjustments are fading in importance and where most readings are at or near recovery lows. Initial claims came in at 333, »


What Do The FX Markets Hold For Rest Of 2013?

08/08/2013 12:26

OANDA’s Director of Currency Analysis and Research, Dean Popplewell has outlined five key areas that will impact the forex markets:   UK economic recovery growing Germany will continue »


Carney Gives GBP An Unexpected Boost

08/08/2013 10:45

  • Tumbling As He Talked
  • Bank of Japan Left Rates Unchanged

Yesterday’s quarterly inflation report was highly anticipated and in the run up to the report the pound was under the weather reports Phil McHugh, Currencies Direct. This was largely due to the »


Daily Forex Indicators: "Strong" Chinese Data

08/08/2013 07:29

  • Strong Chinese Data  
  • JPY Continues To Rally
  • Mixed Data From Australia
  • US Indices Retreating

Strong Chinese Data  Strong trade figures from China provided a significant boost to Asian indices over night, and look to be having a similar impact on European futures as well, with indices cu »


FXSnip:EUR/USD Rise In Euro Left Us With Double Top

08/08/2013 07:01

Euros went to 1.3345 and this has left us with a Double Top writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. Overnight this 1.3345 has been the high and sellers are hanging by a thread as 1.3350 is the stop a »


Morning Forex Review: We Paint The German Trade Picture

08/08/2013 06:49

  • German Trade Picture
  • German Imports Falling
  • US Weekly Jobless Claims

A quiet day today. The German trade balance for June is forecast at EUR 15.0bn, up from 13.1Bn in May, while the current account balance is forecast to rise to 16.0bn from 11.2bn. Growth in exports is »


Forward Guidance Cheered By GBP

07/08/2013 15:41

  • 3 Knock Out Conditions
  • FX Traders Focus on Growth
  • Maintaining Status Quo

Carney’s BoE introduced a 7% unemployment threshold, implying that monetary policy will not be tightened unless the ILO measure of unemployment nears 7% from its current level of 7.8%. 3 Knock »


Reaction to Inflation Report & Press Conference

07/08/2013 11:38

Following the Bank of England Press Conference regarding the latest Inflation Report, we bring together the market views: Glenn Uniacke, senior dealer at Moneycorp; “Britain’s service se »


Bank Of England Inflation Report

07/08/2013 10:39

If you have time on your hands today, you can look over the Full Inflation Report released this morning by the Bank Of England.  We will be bringing you reaction to the report in due course. »


Currency Update: USD Weak, Yen Strong, Sterling Solid

07/08/2013 09:54

  • USD Remained Weak
  • AUD Consolidated Its Losses
  • Sterling Best Performer This Week

USD Remained Weak The US dollar has continued to remain weak amidst the stock prices falling as markets factor in the recent surge in the DOW, with fears that there is little to keep the index surgin »


Carney Guidance Is A "Sell The Fact"

07/08/2013 09:42

  • Does Mr Carney Deliver?
  • Does The Market Believe Him?
  • Will Guidance Be Ignored

There are two questions on today's "guidance" announcement from the Bank of England. First, does Mr. Carney deliver? Second, does the market believe him? Writes George Saravelos, Strategist, Deutsche »


What Will The Markets Do? Ask An Onthologist

07/08/2013 07:41

  • Expected Dovishness From Carney Today
  • Anticipated Guidance on Forward Guidance 
  • EUR Surges Against The Dollar

European equities are set to open lower as good news becomes bad once again and the taper looks to be a step closer reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Good economic data stateside and some sur »


Commodities: Gold Overshot The Target Coming to 1273

07/08/2013 07:33

Gold came lower as expected and overshot the 1276 target coming to 1273 writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. Now we have support from the 50% med term Fib level and that comes in at 1265 so this i »


Morning Forex Review: How Revolving Debt Can Grow Credit- Dont Try This At Home Folks!

07/08/2013 07:06

  • Continuation of Low Rates
  • High Expectations For German Industrial Production
  • Bank Of Japan Policy Meeting

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for:  the unveiling of the Bank of England’s new approach to monetary policy. As the Bank said last week when it released the minutes of its »


Update: JOLTS Survey, Rate Unchanged at 2.8%

06/08/2013 15:52

JOLTS= Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey Job openings are flat based on the June JOLTS report where openings rose but only very slightly to 3.936 million vs a revised 3.907 million in May. »


Summary Ahead Of The US Opening

06/08/2013 14:38

  • RBA Cut Interest Rates
  • UK Recovery Picking Up Speed
  • Good News For Italy 

RBA Cut Interest Rates We saw a classic example of buying the rumour and selling the news over night, when the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates by 25 basis points to record lows of 2.5% & »


Weakening Aussie Dollar Offers Silver Lining Amidst Ashes Humbling

06/08/2013 11:30

As Australia faces the ignominy of failing to win an Ashes series for the third time in a row their currency is going a similar way to their cricket team as Australian Dollar (AUD) fell to a fresh thr »

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