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FX Market Daily

04/11/2013 08:07

The US dollar continued to gain ground on Friday against the Euro and Sterling. The Euro has recently fallen from 1.38 to below 1.35 against the greenback and Sterling has dropped from 1.62 to just be »


Monday's Two In Two

04/11/2013 07:34

Monday's most traded currencies in two minutes with Kym Watson, 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »


Bulls Prepping Themselves For Dovish ECB

04/11/2013 07:28

  • Traders Eagerly Await Dovish Hint
  • US Stocks Finished Positive 
  • Gold Prices Continue To Fall

European equities are set to edge higher on Monday as hopes of loose monetary policy from the ECB keeps the bulls raging reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Traders Eagerly Await Dovish Hint »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Finally Down We Came.....

04/11/2013 07:24

Finally...down we came...and overnight have fallen to 1.5903...Now we have a small trendline located at 1.5893. and we do need this to break to send us on our way to 1.5845. Med term charts remain neg »


Daily Forex Indicators: Its Data Day Including UK Construction PMI & US Factory Orders

04/11/2013 07:15

  • Chinese Services PMI
  • Australian Retail Sales Boost Sentiment
  • Keep An Eye On Data This Week

European indices are expected to open around half a percentage point higher on Monday, following the release of China’s services PMI on Sunday, which rose to a 14-month high reports Craig E »


ECB Easing On the Radar

01/11/2013 10:55

  • Deaf to Deflation
  • Draghi, a Hero or a Scapegoat?

Yesterday, Eurostat released its October inflation reading for the Euro region and FX investors were caught flat footed as a result. According to Eurostat, the consumer price index or CPI slowed to 0. »


Has the recovery in the US dollar started?

01/11/2013 10:29

On Tuesday, I wrote an article saying that the Euro was too high at 1.38 against the US dollar. Many analysts disagreed with some spouting out 1.40 is inevitable. Don’t want to blow my own trump »


FX Market Daily

01/11/2013 08:58

The Euro hish has fallen sharply against the US Dollar in the past few sessions from 1.38 against the US Dollar to 1.353 currently. This has been due to disappointing economic data from Euro, the real »

FXSnip: EUR/USD Broker 1.3700 But Collapsed at 1.3575

01/11/2013 07:40

EUR/USD broke 1.3700/3694 but collapsed further than expected to Fibonacci support at 1.3575. We are oversold short term & there is a good chance that this marks the low for the week. Here we can e »


Friday's Two In Two

01/11/2013 07:29

Friday's two most traded currencies in two minutes with Kym Watson, 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »

FXSnip: AUD/USD Aussie Came Lower Again Heading Towards our 9437 Support

31/10/2013 07:57

Aussie came lower again heading towards our 9437 support...we reached 9441 and to be fair that was good enough...You should always go into cover shorts or longs just in front of support resistance tar »

Bernanke, Put That Punch Bowl Down

31/10/2013 07:43

  • Lack Of Symmetry
  • Investors Have One Eye Open
  • Fresh Blows For Gold Bugs

European equities are set to open lower as the Fed wrong foots markets again!! A run of weak economic data and the fallout from the US shutdown had markets cemented to the view that tapering wouldn&rs »


Thursday's Two In Two

31/10/2013 07:37

Thursday's two most traded currency pairs in two minutes, presented by Kym Watson, 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »

Daily Forex Indicators: Europe Expected To Open Lower Following FOMC Statement

31/10/2013 07:29

  • Investors Spooked
  • March Tapering More Likely
  • B0J Left Rates Unchanged

European indices are expected to open lower on Thursday, following losses made in the US and Asia after the Federal Reserve appeared to hint that tapering could still begin this year  report »


Markets Await Fed Decision

30/10/2013 12:00

  • Will They/Wont They?
  • ADO Employment Change Data

The pound remains on the back foot after Friday's GDP number failed to beat expectations writes Alistair Cotton, Currencies Direct. The market was positioned for data to continue to improve significan »


Commodities: Gold PricesTrading Lower Against USD

30/10/2013 10:51

Gold prices traded lower by 0.58% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1344.23 per ounce, as a stronger dollar weighed on the demand prospect of the dollar-denominated commodity r »


FX Market Daily

30/10/2013 09:06

The US dollar gained ground yesterday against both the Euro and Sterling with the pound particularly weak. German unemployment data was released a few minutes ago which was in line with expectations a »


Wednesday's Two In Two

30/10/2013 07:31

Wednesday's two most popular currencies in two minutes, bought to you by Kym Watson, 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »


Daily Forex Indicators: Positive Sessions In US & Asia Overnight

30/10/2013 07:07

  • FOMC Meetings
  • Data Will Make For Volatile Markets
  • ADP Non Farm Employment Change

European indices are expected to open higher on Wednesday, following positive sessions in the US and Asia, that saw the S&P and Dow close at record highs reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst,&nbsp »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Cable Broker To The Downside

30/10/2013 06:51

Finally Cable broke to the downside as expected and we have reached lows of 1.6024 just in front of our 1.6019 support.. Short term a little we should see some correction early in the »


Awaiting The Fed

30/10/2013 06:40

  • USD Starts To Rise
  • Fed Meeting Will Be Risk/Reward
  • Sensitive Asian Currencies

Another positive day for US equities overnight reflected the ongoing gradual but steady improvement in risk sentiment writes Mitul Kotecha, Econometer. USD Starts To Rise The USD also managed to sh »


Has the long-awaited slide in the Euro started against the US Dollar?

29/10/2013 13:53

Last Thursday the US dollar fell to a two-year low against the Euro on growing expectations that the US Federal Reserve will not start tapering until 2014 and purchases of assets will continue at the »


Rhetoric Is Boring: Give Us Action And Move The Dollar

29/10/2013 13:07

  • Central Bank Rhetoric Gathers Strength
  • Reserve Bank Of India Highlights Their Concerns
  • Investors Wade To The Sidelines

There are no surprises - this week is getting off to a slow start, a trait that is threatening to shut the year out as both the Fed and BoJ are expected to deliver conservative messages this week repo »


Markets Remain Buoyant

29/10/2013 11:32

  • USD On Back Foot
  • Sterling Falling Severely

Risk assets retained their positive performance into the end of last week with US equities closing the week higher and the VIX "fear gauge" closing lower, while 10 year US Treasury yields continued to »


Exclusive Video: Weekly FX Highlights 28th October

29/10/2013 10:02

This week's key news events reviewed by Kym Watson, provided exclusively for Forexspace. Dont forget to watch him trade these events live throughout the week a »


Tuesday's Two In Two

29/10/2013 07:59

Today's two most popular currencies by Kym Watson, are: 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »


New Records, New Risks

29/10/2013 07:30

  • Payrolls Is a Double Edged Sword
  • The Number Investors Dread

Investors are bracing for yet another strong year in equities. The QE taper which was once feared by investors now seems to be pushed far into the distance. After a U.S. government shutdown which forc »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Held Resistance at 1.3815/33

29/10/2013 06:50

EUR/USD held resistance at 1.3815/33 as expected. We could try shorts in this area again today with a high for the day likely as we expect the outlook to turn more negative this week, but we will »


Commodities: Natural Gas- Today's Outlook Remains Negative

29/10/2013 06:43

Natural Gas opened below the 200 day & 200 week moving averages at 3.700/740, giving us our sell signal as we broke the 100 day moving average at 3.615, to hit the next downside target at 3.580/573 as »


Daily Forex Indicators: Deteriorating US Data, Weighs On Markets

29/10/2013 06:33

  • Little Risk Aversion
  • Constantly Dissapointing Data 
  • RBA Less Dovish Stance 

European indices are expected to follow those of the US and Asia, in trading relatively flat on Tuesday, as investors begin to move to the sidelines ahead of the FOMC statement tomorrow reports Craig »


Cable A Non Mover As Pending Home Sales Plunges

28/10/2013 15:37

The British pound has picked up where it left off last week and is showing little movement in Monday trading reports Kenny Fischer, Oanda. In the North American session, GBP/U »


US Opening Call Round Up

28/10/2013 11:30

  • Old Data Not Attention Grabbing
  • Third Quarter Earnings Report

So far today, we’re not seeing the usual risk aversion that we tend to get ahead of the FOMC meeting. Usually, the prospect of Fed tapering is enough to move investors to the sidelines reorts Cr »


FX Market Daily

28/10/2013 09:38

Disruption to many going to work today due to the heavy storms has dominated proceedings in the UK today. Sterling has remained around the 1.62  level against the US Dollar. Continue to short the »


Bad News Is Good News

28/10/2013 09:30

Risk assets retained their positive performance into the end of last week, with US equities closing the week higher and the VIX ‘fear gauge” closing lower while 10 year US Treasury yields »


Not Even The Fundamentals Can Stop The Bulls

28/10/2013 08:54

  • Traders Have Their Fingers Crossed
  • Last Minute Bargaining

Yet more gains in the US on Friday and a positive handover from Asia are set to fuel the bulls on the European open reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Traders Have Their Fingers Crossed Alth »


Commodities: Gold Traded Higher Than Expected Overnight

28/10/2013 08:06

Gold has traded higher as expected and overnight we have seen 1354 print reports Carol Harmer, Charmercharts..Still overbought...although these indicators are still pointing unless we see »


Today's Two In Two

28/10/2013 07:54

Today's Two most trading currencies in Two minutes with Kym Watsonm, 1) EUR/USD 2) GBP/USD »


Daily Forex Indicators: Economic Data & Corporate Earnings To Drive Sentiment

28/10/2013 07:45

  • No Press Conference After Fed Meeting
  • Full Economic Calendar
  • Corporate Earnings, Key Driver Of Sentiment

European indices are expected to open higher on Monday, ahead of a big week for the US, with economic data, earnings and a central bank meeting being the focus for investors reports Craig Erlam, Marke »


Forex Trading: What Makes an Ideal Scenario for Short Positions?

25/10/2013 14:00

One of the initial surprises that is experienced by those just getting started trading forex markets is the fact that you can actually make money by betting against a currency.  In market jargon, »


Yen, Back to Its Old Stunts

25/10/2013 10:57

  • Deflation and JGBs
  • BoJ Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Abenomics, the heretofore relatively successful economic policy advocated by the charismatic Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe, might now be on the verge of failing and that failure will bring with it »


Forex Education:Understanding the Retail Sales Report

25/10/2013 10:30

For traders looking to implement fundamental trading strategies, it is important to have an understanding of what each report means so that we can have some of idea of how markets will react once the »


Daily Forex Indicators: UK Growth Expected To Pick Up

25/10/2013 10:20

  • Data Not Mind Blowing
  • Growth In All Sectors

Economic data and corporate earnings are going to be the focus for investors again on Friday, as we wrap up a relatively quiet week, compared to what we’ve become accustomed to recently writes C »


FX Market Daily

25/10/2013 09:15

Sterling strength against the US dollar has pushed the pound above 1.6210 this morning. This strength should be used as an opportunity to sell the pound as at this level fundamentals do not justify th »


Euro PMI's Disappoint

24/10/2013 12:22

This morning we have had the release of PMI data from the Euro area and overall the data has been disappointing writes Phil McHugh, Currencies Direct. The euro pre data had managed to post 2013 h »


FX Market Daily

24/10/2013 09:14

Recent strength in the Euro against the US dollar seems unjustified. The US dollar has weakened from 1.28 in July to the current level of 1.38 whilst the European economy is still in a weak position a »


Video: Thursday's Two In Two

24/10/2013 09:12

Today's two most traded currencies in 2 minutes are:   EUR/USD GBP/USD Bought to you by Kym Watson,   »


A Hot Winter for Emerging Markets

24/10/2013 09:04

  • Global Central Banks Loosen Up
  • Liquidity’s Downside
  • A Hot Winter

A few months ago there had been expectations that the days of easy money might be coming to an end but events have conspired to erase those hopes with revised expectations of tightening now well into »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Vulnerable Market Today Following Quadruple Top

24/10/2013 07:16

We have made a quadruple top on the 60 min charts, this is quite a bearish signal writes Carol Harmer, leaving the market vulnerable today.Med term stochastics are beginnin »


Daily Forex Indicators: Bad Is Good Scenario Keeps Markets Still

24/10/2013 07:04

  • Markets Remain Calm- Surprisingly
  • Tapering Is Surely Off The Table
  • Chinese PMI Figure Made Easy Reading

European and US futures point towards a likely resumption of the positive sentiment seen throughout this week and in particular on Tuesday reports Alpari UK. Yesterday’s breather appears to be j »


Bad Month For The USD, Gold Benefitting

24/10/2013 06:56

  • Spanish Economy Booming
  • Bad Month For USD
  • Gold Continues To Support Its Gains 

Any market rally predicated on poor economic news was always going to look tenuous at best and this appears to have been the case following the disappointing US jobs report this week reports Mitul Kot »


Jobs Gloom Beckons For The US

23/10/2013 11:50

  • True Cost Of Shutdown
  • Chinese Banks Prepare for Bad Debt
  • Bank Of England Minutes

Yesterday's much delayed NFP number pushed the dollar sharply lower against the euro and Sterling, and things are looking particularly ugly for November 8th when October's NFP is due for release repor »


Today's Two In Two:

23/10/2013 10:02

Two most traded currency pairs in two minutes.......with Kym Watson, EUR/USD  & GBP/USD »


Moderately Bad News Is Still Good News

23/10/2013 07:25

  • Tapering Unlikely Before Spring
  • Bad News Is Good News

European equities are set to succumb to a modest pull back on the open as trader’s book some profits after yesterday’s gains reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Tapering Unlikely B »


Asian Currencies Benefit From Weak US Data

23/10/2013 07:11

  • 10 Yr US Treasury Yields Dropped
  • Fundamentals Take Grip On Market
  • Asian Currencies Benefitting

Weaker than forecast US September jobs data, delayed in the wake of the government shutdown, spurred risk appetite overnight pushing equities higher helped further by encouraging US Q3 earnings writes »


Did You Trade Though NFP?

22/10/2013 15:40

Charlie Burton, traded through the Non Farm Payroll release earlier today and ended $400 up! Take a look at how he did it.... »


Reaction to Non Farm Payrolls

22/10/2013 15:27

We’ve been made to wait for it, but the September US jobs report didn’t disappoint, with the headline non-farm payrolls figure falling well short of expectations at 148,000 reports Craig E »


Belated Data Has Implications For Tapering

22/10/2013 11:27

  • One Hundred and Eighty
  • Potential Swings for Cable

Ahead of the delayed publication of the US September jobs report, markets are set to remain range-bound with most assets amalgamating recent moves writes Phillip Ryan, Currencies Direct. For example, »


Video: WTI Crude Oil

22/10/2013 09:59

Jason Sen takes a look at WTI Crude Oil today..... Jason Sen traded on the floor of LIFFE from 1987 and in 2001 successfully made the transition to day trading on computer screens using t »


FX Market Daily

22/10/2013 08:50

Important economic data from the US at 130 pm will set the tone for the FX markets with the release of Non-Farm Payroll Figures. Continue to short Sterling against the US Dollar above 1.6130. »


FXSnip: GBP/USD A Low Day Is Likely Here

22/10/2013 07:12

GBP/USD retested the two and a half year trend line at 1.6225 & broke 1.6146/40 as we look for a test of the next support at 1.6100/90. A low for the day is likely here as we start to look oversold »


Daily Forex Indicators: All Eyes On ( Last Month's) NFP

22/10/2013 06:54

  • All Eyes on NFP
  • October Figures As Important
  • Keep An Eye On Corporate Earnings

European indices are expected to open relatively flat on Tuesday, as investors continue to act with caution ahead of the release of September’s jobs report, which is scheduled to be released thi »


Exclusive Video: FX Highlights 21st October

21/10/2013 11:15

This week's key news events with Kym Watson, provided exclusively for Forexspace. Dont forget to watch him trade these events live throughout the week at his online trading »


FxSnip: AUD/USD Aussie Trading Lower Amid Lack Of Data

21/10/2013 10:07

On Friday, the AUD strengthened 0.55% against the USD to close at 0.9670 reoorts GCI Financial. LME Copper prices advanced 1.0% or $69.5/MT to $7241.5/MT. Aluminium prices rose 0.7% or $12.5/MT to »


FX Market Daily

21/10/2013 09:38

Continue to short the Euro above 1.3660 against the US dollar, on fundamentals and purchasing power the Euro is over valued and this level does no favours for exports. Short the Euro against the US D »


Bulls Take A Punt On The Data

21/10/2013 08:17

  • Prices Reflect Moderate Recovery
  • Euro Continues Strong Climb
  • Gold Is Hit

European equities are set to open mixed as traders jostle for position ahead of a packed economic calendar reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. After a couple of weeks were the main catalyst for »


FXSnip: EUR/USD -Euros Remain In A Corrective Phase

21/10/2013 07:07

Euros remain looking for a corrective phase,I think this because on Friday although we sauntered a little higher we failed to break 1.3711 and therefore correction is defiantly on the table as we ente »


Daily Forex Indicators: The Future Looks Bright (er) For Now

21/10/2013 07:05

  • Danger Averted
  • Operation Default Bubble
  • Japanese Exports Smiling

With the S&P 500 and DAX 30 closing at all time highs on Friday, and the Australian S&P/ASX 200 hitting new five year highs over night, I think it’s pretty safe to say that investors are feeling »


USD Languishing At Multi Month Lows

21/10/2013 07:00

  • Full Impact of Government Shutdown Unknown
  • Encouraging European Data
  • Asian Currencies Are On The Up

Following the resolution to the uncertainty and stress surrounding the political conflict on raising the US debt ceiling and thereby avoiding a US debt default markets will likely take a more upbeat t »


One on Won

18/10/2013 13:05

  • Growth and the Won
  • Time for Change

While the world has been preoccupied with the U.S. default risk and speculation of what will happen in the event of a last minute solution, on the other side of the world in East Asia, FX players have »


Dollar Under Heavy Selling Pressure

18/10/2013 12:01

  • USD Under Heavy Selling Pressure
  • UK Retail Sales Rise

American lawmakers finally passed both the budget and the debt ceiling extension in Congress allowing the government to re-open for business in the US reports Davide Ugolini, Currencies Direct. »


Commodities: Gold A Little Lower Following Yesterdays Surge

18/10/2013 09:41

Gold prices traded higher by 2.92% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1318.08 per ounce, as a weaker US Dollar bolstered the demand outlook of the dollar-denominated commodity, »


FX Market Daily

18/10/2013 08:52

The US dollar lost ground yesterday after the agreement on the debt ceiling. Sterling was a major beneficiary of the weakness in the US dollar. Use the strength in Sterling to short the currency agai »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Cable Ramped Higher to 1.6171

18/10/2013 07:22

Cable ramped higher and came to rest at 1.6171....Now if you look at the above chart...we could be forming a H&S top writes Carol Harmer, However the rest of the technical indicat »


Bulls Take The Reigns

18/10/2013 07:08

  • China's GDP Show Steady Growth
  • The Morning After

European equities are set to start with gains as traders dust off the US’s storm clouds and get back to the economic fundamentals reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. China's GDP Show St »


Video: Why Hasn't The Dollar Been Sold Off?

17/10/2013 12:23

Finally...we have a short term settlement of the debt ceiling and a framework for further budget talks in the US but the dollar hasn't see large sell offs. Here we look at why and where to next for »


US Back In Business, Well Until Mid Jan That Is

17/10/2013 11:51

Yesterday the US Congress passed a bill to reopen the federal government and approve new sovereign borrowings, ending three weeks of high drama that pushed the US to the edge of a debt default reports »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Jobless Claims Continue To Fall In UK

17/10/2013 10:18

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP fell 0.24% against the USD and closed at 1.5946 reports GCI Financial. The US Dollar gained ground after the US Senate agreed to raise the nation’s $16.7 trill »


Daily Forex Indicators: Catastrophe Averted

17/10/2013 07:26

  • Little Reaction To US Deal
  • When Is a Resolution Not A Resolution
  • Yields On 1 Month Bonds Increased

A catastrophic US default has been averted, a short-term budget has been agreed which will send furloughed workers back to work and yet, European indices are trading marginally lower on Thursday write »


Commodities: Gold Trading Sideways

17/10/2013 07:13

No change, Gold is trading sideways in a bit of a pause for breath situation writes Carol Harmer, Now we have seen a recovery but to get any further upside moves we need to break 12 »


Debt Deal Done.Now Back To Taper Panic

17/10/2013 07:07

  • The Truce Is Temporary
  • Little Change For Oil
  • Investors Losing Faith In Gold

European equities are set to sag on the open as the US manages to shove a deal through their legislature reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. It sounds counterintuitive to have such a deflated r »


Word of The: Volatility

16/10/2013 11:43

  • Whiplash Action Against Dollar
  • Data Out Today

Hope was high yesterday evening for a deal to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling before Thursday's deadline. However, we open the European session with no deal in place and Fitch ( »


Forex Markets: The Impact of Wars

16/10/2013 10:06

  • Uncertainty Equals Bearishness

When people use the word “war” in the context of the currency markets, many people assume that you are talking about a currency war, which is seen when two countries compete for forei »


The Waiting Game

16/10/2013 09:26

  • The Waiting Game
  • USD Gained Momentum
  • Gold Continued To Fall

Zero hour is fast approaching and in Europe  and we see the DAX set to catch a bit of a bid given the amount of uncertainty in the air reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. A possible explan »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Another Opportunity To Go Long

16/10/2013 07:46

JPY gave us another opportunity to go long yesterday at the trendline..We hold longs looking for a break of the recent range writes Carol Harmer, 9906 is looking to be our first t »


Faithful Investors Expect Deal

16/10/2013 07:36

  • Vote Cancelled
  • US Could Lose Its AAA Rating
  • European Data Releases

The financial markets continue to buy into claims on Capitol Hill that a deal on the debt ceiling will be done before tomorrow’s deadline, despite both sides appearing to be no closer to an agre »


FX Market Daily

16/10/2013 07:32

There were hopes that a deal would have been agreed yesterday to lift the debt ceiling but talks were stalled. However, late last night senators said they were still hopeful there would be an agreemen »


Start Spending Or Risk The Recovery

15/10/2013 17:02

FTSE companies' refusal to spend cash and invest in their own companies could jeopardise the recovery writes Melissa Walker. Hermes UK equity Manager David Stormont recently said “I haven&rsqu »

A Deal Is Looking Likely.....

15/10/2013 12:02

  • Senate Likely To Hammer Out A Deal
  • Eurozone Finance Ministers Discuss 

American political figures are proving more stubborn than optimists accounted for as a deal to end the debt ceiling is yet to be made. The dollar's minor bounce and the main two-day S&P 500 rally »


Forex Markets: The Impact of Natural Disasters

15/10/2013 11:45

Trading in the forex markets involves some of the broadest environmental factors into play when dealing with the question of market valuations.  Political events (suchs as wars of major elections »


What A Difference A Day Makes...

15/10/2013 11:08

  • Dow Jones Rallied Amongst Hopes Of Resolution
  • US Crude Ended Higher

European equities are set to open with decent gains as the frenzied belief that a deal will be done in the States gathers momentum reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. The last couple of weeks »


FX Market Daily

15/10/2013 08:27

Senate leaders were late on Monday closing in on a deal to reopen the federal government and avert a potentially catastrophic default on US borrowings. There is hope in the market that a deal may be f »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Pound Trading Higher Ahead Of Consumer Figures

15/10/2013 08:23

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, GBP rose marginally against the USD and closed at 1.5971 reports GCI Financial. In the Asian session, at GMT0300, the pair is trading at 1.5997, with the GBP trading »


FxSnip:USD/JPY Yen Gains Failed To Be Maintained

15/10/2013 07:15

JPY broke 9859 for 9872 but gains failed to be maintained and back we have come once more writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. Currently there is still no reason why we should not buy dips as we are st »


Daily Forex Indicators: Higher Trading For Aussie & European Index

15/10/2013 07:05

  • Europe Index Trading Higher
  • A Case Of Cautious Optimism
  • Aussie Trading Higher
  • Eurozone Economic Sentiment To Rise

European indices are expected to open higher on Tuesday, on increased optimism that a deal will be struck on Capitol Hill to increase the debt ceiling and reopen government writes Craig Erlam, Ma »


Forex Markets: The Importance of Elections

14/10/2013 16:13

  • The Impact of Polical Events
  • Looking for Long Term Positions

The forex market is the only marketplace that is truly connected on a global level.  This shows a marked difference from stock markets that are used in more traditional investments.  Because »


Risk Appetite Picks Up Pace

14/10/2013 13:27

  • Fed Member Dudley To Speak
  • Sterling Remains Subdued

Negotiations on the US debt ceiling continue to be underway with no progress being made over the weekend, as the government tries to reach a solution before the 17th October deadline reports Amir Khan »


Exclusive Video: FX Highlights 14th Oct

14/10/2013 11:30

Take a look at this week's key news events with Kym Watson, provided exclusively for Forexspace. Watch him trade these events live throughout the week at his online trading r »


FX Market Daily

14/10/2013 09:20

The Euro Zone banking system is still very weak but the Euro is remarkably strong against the US dollar. With the Euro sabove 1.3550 against the US dollar, use this opportunity to short the Euro. »


Japan's Economic Outlook, Brightest Since Turn Of The Century

14/10/2013 08:14

On Friday, the USD strengthened 0.25% against the JPY and closed at 98.48 reports the team at GCI Financial. The Bank of Japan (BoJ) Governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, in his speech on Saturday, expressed »


Daily Forex Indicators: Debt Ceiling & Earnings

14/10/2013 06:53

  • Markets Remain Measured
  • Corporate Earnings Season
  • Mixed Data From China

The US is now three days from hitting its debt ceiling and entering its third week of the government shutdown, forcing investors to the consider the possibility that a deal will not be struck by the 1 »


European Stocks Lower As US Deadline Nears

14/10/2013 06:50

European equities are expected to open lower on Monday after talks in Washington over the weekend failed to produce a deal to lift the U.S. debt ceiling before this week's deadline reports CNBC. The& »


10 Factors Affecting FX, Equities & Bonds

11/10/2013 12:45

Dean Popplewell, Oanda highlights the 10 most important factors affecting the FX, Equities & Bond markets.  1. Prior to the BoE rate decision, Sterling extended its losses, however, since the ex »


Weak UK Data Puts The Pressure On Sterling

11/10/2013 12:13

  • Weak UK Data
  • UK Retail Sales Not As Hoped

Sterling has had a tremendous run since the first week of July against the US dollar as the currency has appreciated from 1.48 USD to over 1.62 USD last week. Sterling has come off a little in the las »


Webinar Part 2: Turn $10k into $100k

11/10/2013 11:59

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader presents the second in a two part trading webinar on how to increase your trading profit. Click here to download the webinar.  If you missed the first one, »


Video Review: Significant Trends For Coming Week

11/10/2013 09:59

Jason Sen reviews the significant trade trends for the coming week covering ;USD/JPY ,GBP/USD, EURO, GOLD, Stock Markets & Bund. »


FX Market Daily

11/10/2013 09:53

Growing signs that there will be an agreement in the US regarding the debt ceiling should provide support for the US dollar against the Euro. With the Euro still relatively strong and trading around 1 »


Yen Crosses Jump On Debt Ceiling Deal

11/10/2013 07:39

A six week debt ceiling extension was all it took to send US stocks to the best day in 9 months writes Adam Button for Yen crosses also made gains but FX was more cautious than the st »


Daily Forex Indicators: Global Sigh Of Relief As Negotiations Get Serious

11/10/2013 07:27

  • Global Sigh Of Relief
  • Corporate Earnings Kick Off
  • US Consumer Sentiment Figure

Risk appetite is finally returning to the financial markets, with investors more optimistic over a deal on the debt ceiling now that both sides are finally showing a willingness to seriously negotiate »


This Weeks Expert Trading Tips From A Top Trader

10/10/2013 14:03

For everyone out there trying to make it in trading it is a very hard road. But it is not an impossible one. This week’s winner Hanktuphy shares with us his tips and tricks and how he is steppin »


Thoughts Of Debt Ceiling Increase Push Up US Futures

10/10/2013 11:27

  • Defaulting On Debt Is Bad News
  • BofE Decision On Interest Rates
  • US Jobless Claims & Fed Speeches

US futures are higher on Thursday, following reports that the House Republicans may be open to a short-term increase in the debt ceiling that would allow the US to avoid default reports Craig Erlam, M »


FX Market Daily

10/10/2013 09:16

Yesterday's sharp fall in Sterling due to the much larger than expected trade deficit should continue, Sterling has had a remarkable rally from 1.48 usd in July to 1.62 usd last week. It is now hoveri »


Gold, No Longer a Safe Haven

10/10/2013 09:14

  • Yellen Announcement Gets Ho-Hum Reception
  • Gold’s Key Pivots
  • Outcome Hinges on Political Will

As a principle of economics, Gold typically performs as a safe haven commodity during times of uncertainty. Indeed, in recent weeks investors have looked to gold as the ultimate safe haven, especially »


Commodities: Gold Trading Lower Against USD

10/10/2013 08:08

Gold prices traded lower by 1.08% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1305.58 per ounce, as the greenback gained ground against major peers after minutes from the FOMC minutes sh »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Finally The Markets Came Good....

10/10/2013 07:34

Finally the markets came good and down we came 1.5950/30 was first target and we hit this with very little trouble writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. We have made a small Double Bottom on the char »


Currency Review: USD Edges Higher, AUD Supported, GBP Losing Ground

10/10/2013 07:24

  • FOMC Minutes Bring No Clarity
  • USD Edged Higher
  • GBP Lost Ground Despite Improved UK Data

US equities and risk assets in general edged higher overnight as US politicians edged towards a budget deal writes Mitul Kotecha, Econometer. The nomination of Janet Yellen as next Fed Chairman was me »


Discussions Over Temporary Measures To Resolve Stand Off

09/10/2013 12:02

  • FOMC Minutes
  • Sterling Continued To Be Steady 

US stock markets have continued to slide and remain in limbo over the US debt ceiling negotiations, with very little progress being made over a decision reports Amir Khan, Currencies Direct. Temporar »


Commodities: Stronger USD Weighed On Gold Demand

09/10/2013 10:15

Gold prices traded lower by 0.20% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1319.80 per ounce, as a stronger US dollar weighed on the demand outlook of the dollar-denominated commodity »


FXSnip: AUD/USD Aussie Hit The Upside at 9486

09/10/2013 07:15

Aussie hit upside yesterday at 9486, we could have taken profits there reports Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. Now we are trading lower again but once more we feel that any weakness offers good re-entry »


Daily Forex Indicators: Yellen To Replace Bernanke

09/10/2013 07:02

  • No Progress With Negotiations
  • Yellen Nominated To Replace Bernanke
  • UK Manufacturing & Industrial Production Figures

European indices are expected to open lower again on Wednesday, as investors become increasingly risk averse as the 17 October deadline for the debt ceiling approaches reports Craig Erlam, Market »


Exclusive Video: Q4 Trading Outlook

08/10/2013 11:57

Produced exclusively for, Kathleen Brooks at has created this Q4 Trading Highlights video to give you an insight into what to look out for over the next 3 months.    »


Exclusive Video: USD Index Five Waves Down, Puts Rally Into Play

08/10/2013 10:39

On Friday we mentioned to our members that downside on USD Index is limited which has proved correct as prices are already recovering from latest low. In fact, recovery is not a surprise after five wa »


Video Update: EUR/USD, GBP, AUD

08/10/2013 09:55

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader takes a look at EUR/USD, GBP,AUD & JPY whilst we await any updates or movements stateside.  »


Tensions Weight On Sentiment

08/10/2013 09:40

  • 9 Days and Counting
  • USD Index Dropped by 5% In Last 3 Months

Given that the government shutdown has reduced the number of market moving US data releases on tap, tensions surrounding the US budget and likely debt ceiling impasse continue to weigh on sentiment re »


Daily Forex Indicators: European Indices To Open Lower Today

08/10/2013 07:05

  • US Losses Have So Far Been Small 
  • Fed To Speak Today
  • Chinese PMI Remains In Growth Territory

European indices are expected to open lower again this morning, as concerns over the US debt ceiling continue to weigh on risk appetite writes Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK. US Losses Have S »


FXSnip: EUR/JPY Hit The 38.2 Med Term Fib Overnight

08/10/2013 06:59

EUR/JPY has hit the 38.2 med term Fib overnight at 131.15 extending lower to 131.12 reports Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. Short term charts turned bullish on this move lower and already we are back »


Exclusive: FX Highlight's 7th October

07/10/2013 11:38

Take a look at this weeks FX Highlights by Kym Watson, provided exclusively for Forexspace. Watch him trade these events live throughout the week at his online trading room. »


No Sign Of Resolution

07/10/2013 11:25

There has been no sign of a resolution among US Democrats and Republicans over agreeing the budget impasse that has caused a partial government shutdown writes Phil Ryan, Currencies Direct. If anythin »


Daily Forex Indicators: Global Review Bracing For Unpredictable Week

07/10/2013 09:45

  • US
  • UK
  • Eurozone
  • Asia & Oceania

US Last week marked the primary opportunity for markets to gauge how likely we are to see a October taper from the Fed, given the release of crucial jobs data reports Joshua Mahony, Alpari UK. Howeve »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Euros Have Gone Downside Of Target

07/10/2013 08:06

Euros couldn't make the 1.3680 area and have pulled back to 1.3539. Now we did expect a pullback and Euros have gone to downside target reports Carol Harmer, CharmerCharts. Now the trouble today is t »


US Budget Impasse Deepens

07/10/2013 07:36

  • Markets Scrambling For Clues
  • Gold Failed To Benefit
  • Currency Safe Havens

There has been no sign of agreement between the US administration/Democrats and Republicans over resolving the budget impasse that has caused a partial government shutdown as well as havoc with the ti »


FX Market Daily

07/10/2013 06:00

Continue to short Sterling against the US dollar. Towards the tail end of last week, there was some heavy selling of Sterling against the US dollar as the rally since the beginning of July was met wit »


Slow Day On The Trading Desks

04/10/2013 16:40

GBP been the mover and shaker today...with no payroll release and minimal data out, this morning had the feel of “risk off” somewhat... Yen and USD enjoyed a fruitful session ...eur$ »


FXSnip@ AUD/USD Aussie Strengthened Against The Dollar

04/10/2013 11:24

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, AUD strengthened 0.16% against the USD to close at 0.9399 reports GCI Financial. The US Dollar continued to face pressure from a US government shutdown, which extended f »


Daily Forex Indicators: Its Oh So Quiet On The Hill

04/10/2013 07:56

  • Little To Drive The Markets
  • Willingness to Co-operate?
  • Preparing For A Default

It looks like being an unusually quiet end to the first week of the month today, after it was confirmed on Thursday that the US jobs report will not be released due to the government shutdown rep »


FX Market Daily

04/10/2013 07:39

Euro strength once again - the market seems to be ignoring the fundamentals in Europe. Surely, for growth to improve exports need to rise and the continous rise ion the Euro is not helping. Short the »


Default Tremors Start To Weigh

04/10/2013 07:26

  • Politician Stubborness
  • Stocks Fall
  • Profit In Energy

European equities are set to grind lower on the open as forward looking traders begin to price in the possibility of a US default reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Politician Stubbornes »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Held 1.3590 & Finally Hit 1.3630 Target

04/10/2013 06:55

EUR/USD held 1.3590/70 & finally hit the 1.3630 target & ran up to 1.3646. It’s a slow crawl higher as we battle an overbought stochastic but there is no reason to challenge the bull trend. A »


Nikkei: The Weakest Link?

03/10/2013 12:08

  • First Trigger: The U.S. Government Shutdown
  • Second Trigger: Japan’s Sales Tax
  • Prospects for the Nikkei 225

Pressure in the Japanese equity market is mounting. After a phenomenal 61% return on Japan’s Nikkei 225, short sellers are starting to become increasingly emboldened over their assessments of an »


Italy In Chaos

03/10/2013 11:34

  • Mind Your Back Greenback
  • Trembling In The Italian Government

Looking across the market, EUR/USD closed at 8-month highs, GBPUSD overtook a multi-year trend line resistance, USDJPY threatened a breakout from congestion with a slip below 97.50 and the greenback f »


Expert Trading Tips From a Top Trader

03/10/2013 10:00

Each week Top Tradr , a new mobile trading app,  will be sharing their winner's success stories with Get inside the minds of the winning traders and benefit from their a »


Eyes To The Skies

03/10/2013 08:23

  • Obama Warns Financial Markets
  • ECB Rate Unchanged
  • Gold Climbs During Uncertainty

Flat starts are expected in Europe as the political impasse in the US continues to make new heights in stubbornness reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. The majority of traders are remaining fir »


FX Market Daily

03/10/2013 07:23

The strong rally in the Euro continued and was given a further boost by the positive outcome for the government in Italy. However, the Euro is extremely overbought and look to take short positions. S »


Commodities: Gold Has Crashed Lower And Hit The Med Term 61.8%

03/10/2013 07:19

Gold has crashed lower and hit the med term 61.8% fib at 1277.This move lower was expected as this is what I have been saying for quite a few days reports Carol Harmer. Now we are back above 1304 a »


Daily Forex Indicators: Keep Calm And Carry On Regardless

03/10/2013 07:09

  • On The Third Day....
  • China's Services PMI
  • UK Services PMI

European indices are expected to open slightly higher on Thursday, despite growing concerns that a deal to avoid hitting the debt ceiling in the US is far from guaranteed reports Craig Erlam »


Yen Boosted by US Politics Issues

02/10/2013 16:07

Christopher Vecchio, Currency Analyst at DailyFX, comments: “Frustrated by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's fiscal stimulus plans, investors have ditched risk assets and turned back to the Japanese »


Q4 Market Outlook: Greenback To Struggle As Fiscal Issues Take Hold

02/10/2013 13:42 analysts predict another potentially volatile quarter for financial markets following the Fed’s decision to continue its QE programme, with Bernanke leaving his successor to take the p »


Day 2 US Shutdown: Markets In Limbo

02/10/2013 11:34

  • Traders Have Become Reflective
  • Euro: Break From The Norm
  • ECB Meeting Eagerly Awaited
  • Is Anyone Even Thinking About Italy?

Equities have started the day on a negative tack after US politicians continue to fail to agree on a budget and large areas of the government close down......This has had a detrimental effect on »


Mind Your Head On The Ceiling

02/10/2013 11:08

  • Unchartered Territory After 2 Weeks
  • Strong UK Construction PMI's Expected

The US government remains on shutdown after congress again failed to reach an agreement over funding for the coming year. October 17th is the deadline for an agreement before the US hits its debt ceil »

Commodities: Gold Trading Below Crucial $1300 Per Ounce

02/10/2013 10:00

Gold prices traded lower by 2.93% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1289.77 per ounce, as lack of buying support and the limited profit potential were enough to convince trader »


FX Market Daily

02/10/2013 07:36

Continue to short Sterling against the US Dollar, yesterday afternoon there was a sharp reversal and expect Sterling weakness to continue against the US Dollar.  Short Sterling above 1.6180 agai »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Dollar Hit Target & Resistance at 98.68 For Selling Opportunity

02/10/2013 07:18

USD/JPY hit the target & resistance at 98.68/70 for a selling opportunity. This trade worked perfectly as we topped exactly here at 98.72 & tumbled back towards 97.56/46. This is very good support »


Daily Forex Indicators: Worst Case Scenario? 0.3% drop in US GDP

02/10/2013 07:10

  • Loss Of Confidence In Government
  • Playing The Long Game
  • Europe Today

With large parts of the government now shut down, more than 800,000 workers taking unpaid leave and Democrats and Republicans still no closer to agreeing a deal, I can’t help but think that ther »


Day 1 US Shutdown: European Markets Show Great Character

01/10/2013 14:55

  • First Government Shutdown In 17 Years
  • Markets Trying To Second Guess Implications
  • Investors Are Not Fretting...Yet

History tends to repeat itself, particularly when it comes to US lawmakers who are always at loggerheads on fiscal issues. Back in 2011, they failed to reach an agreement on the debt ceiling which pro »


Obama: "A Wrench In The Gears Of The Economy"

01/10/2013 14:32

The turn of events in the US has many commentators in a state of disbelief that the situation even exists, now thoughts turn to how this will affect things closer to home.  Neal Kimberley, FX Ana »


Trading The U.S. Shutdown

01/10/2013 10:18

  • Economic Implications
  • What Traders Think

It’s official; the protracted debate between Republicans and Democrats over the extension of the U.S. deficit ceiling has ended in a stalemate and an eventual shutdown (as of midnight tonight) o »


FXSnip: USD/JPY Dollar Strengthened Against The Yen Closed at 98.39

01/10/2013 09:57

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the USD strengthened 0.58% against the JPY and closed at 98.39 reports GCI Financial. In economic news, an official report showed that the housing starts in Japan sto »


FX Market Daily

01/10/2013 07:31

The shutdown of the US Government acted as the catalyst in driving the US dollar even lower and is currently trading at 1.6235 against Sterling. The strength in Sterling is certainly surprising especi »


Commodities: Gold Failed At Trend Line Resistance at 1351

01/10/2013 06:57

Spot Gold failed at trend line resistance at 1351 & held support at 1322 as we bottomed exactly here. Any longs here need stops below 1317. Be ready to go with a break lower & look for 1313, then a »


Daily Forex Indicators: Political Point Scoring Continues In The US

01/10/2013 06:48

  • No Surprises In The Market
  • What Happens Next?
  • Abe Expected To Confirm Sales Tax Hike 

It would appear that the markets either aren’t overly bothered by Congresses inability to avoid a government shutdown, or aren’t particularly surprised, based on the reaction in futures ma »


US Shutdown But Markets Haven't Imploded?

01/10/2013 06:36

The deadline has passed and with no agreement reached the US Government has partially shutdown. But financial markets seem to be taking it in their stride, with Asian markets trading in positive terri »


Political Standoff Drives Down The Markets

30/09/2013 13:03

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water, a political standoff in Washington and a political fiasco in Europe’s third largest economy have new “event risk” drivin »


Going For A Constitutional....

30/09/2013 11:33

Neal Kimberly, Thomson Reuters, ponders the motives behind the US gameplay. Even setting aside the argument that the Federal Reserve’s apparent attention to the US budget impasse, apparent »


Bringing Down The House...

30/09/2013 09:50

FX NEWS DIARY: WEEK COMMENCING 30th Sept This weeks run down provided exclusively by Kym Watson, Watch him trade these events live throughout the week at his online trading »


US & Italian Goverment's In Crisis

30/09/2013 07:16

Major developments hit markets on the weekend with the US poised for a government shutdown and Italy's government on the brink of collapse reports Ashraf Laidi. The yen shot higher at the open and the »


FX Market Daily

30/09/2013 07:14

With the Euro hovering around 1.35 against the US dollar and the European political situation in disarray with the resignation of 5 ministers as Berlusconi pulled his ministers out of the cabinet on S »


FXSnip: GBP/USD Reached Highs & Is Closing In On Long Term Trend Resistance

30/09/2013 07:07

GBP/USD reached 1.6147/6163 on Friday & is higher again this morning to 1.6182. We are hitting short term trend line resistance here as we become overbought. We are also closing in on long term 2 y »


Daily Forex Indicators: A Negative Start To The Week

30/09/2013 06:55

  • Congress Fail to Agree
  • Political Point Scoring Continues 
  • Eurozone Stability Could Be About To Change

It's looking like a very negative start to the week for financial markets, with the US government facing a shutdown, Italy facing new elections and China’s manufacturing sector growing at a slow »


UK GDP Fails To Show Upward Revision

27/09/2013 14:47

  • Carney No Case For Quantitative Easing
  • German CPI Numbers

Cable slipped to the downside yesterday after UK GDP data failed to show an upward revision. Q2 GDP came in at 0.7 per cent as expected, but Q1 readings were reduced by 7.3bn and the current account d »


DAX Vulnerable Ahead of Data

27/09/2013 12:24

  • Merkel Victory Too Good?
  • Eyes on Data

For many, many years, Germany has undoubtedly been the growth engine behind E.U. investor sentiment. As the largest economy in Europe, every gear change in the German economy has steered investor sent »


FXSnip: GOLD Expected To Find Support at 1315.86

27/09/2013 10:33

Gold prices traded lower by 0.82% against the USD in the 24 hour period ending 23:00GMT, at 1322.07 per ounce, as the US Dollar advanced following an unexpected drop in the US weekly jobless claim, wh »


Today's Economic Calendar Highlights

27/09/2013 07:52

  • Japanese CPI Figure
  • Consumer & Business Confidence Surveys
  • More Fed Speeches

Overnight, US indices broke a five day losing streak to record small gains, after new jobless claims were once again well below market expectations reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst at&nbs »


FX Market Daily

27/09/2013 07:27

Recent strength in the Yen seems overdone. The Yen is below 100 Yen against the US dollar and is currently trading around 98.6. Use the recent strength in the Yen to short the currency at 98.6. »


FXSnip: EUR/USD Bullish Flag Kept Market In Check

27/09/2013 07:13

The little bullish flag that formed yesterday kept the market in check with it holding the upper boundary and trading lower writes Carol Harmer, As yet we have not made a move to th »


Daily Forex Indicators: On The Road To Nowhere

27/09/2013 07:05

  • Nothing But Decisions Will Move Markets
  • Quiet Day For EUR/USD
  • Gold Under Pressure

European equities are set to edge up on the open as four days of modest losses now sees the mean reversion trade come into play reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Nothing But Decisions Will M »


Rally in Sterling over?

26/09/2013 14:30

Fortunately, this morning's call to short Sterling above 1.6080 (See FX Market Daily) is coming into fruition as UK GDP data acted as the catalyst in driving Sterling lower. Sterling lost ground soon »


UK Final GDP Holds at 0.7%

26/09/2013 11:20

  • Pound Still The Best Performer
  • Polarisation In US Gov Camp

The final revision of UK GDP for the second quarter confirmed growth at 0.7% as expected reports Phil McHugh, Currencies Direct. Pound Still The Best Performer The pound was buoyant ahead of the GDP »


FXSnip:USD/JPY Yen Investors Focus On Inflation Data

26/09/2013 09:37

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, the USD weakened 0.30% against the JPY and closed at 98.43 reports GCI Financial. In the Asian session, at GMT0300, the pair is trading at 98.90, with the USD trading »


Game Of (Un) Knowns

26/09/2013 07:30

  • Do Nothing Strategy
  • EUR/USD Rally
  • Safe Places To Park Assets

Another day of gentle declines is expected on the European open as the big market unknowns of tapering and the debt ceiling keep traders relegated to the side-lines reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital S »


Commodities: Brent Crude- A Possible High Today

26/09/2013 07:21

Brent Crude November reached the 109.45/55 target & pushed higher to within 11 points of our next target of 110.20/25. We then sold off sharply but bear in mind last week’s low of 107.43/41 & »


FX Market Daily

26/09/2013 07:16

The rally in Sterling to 1.6080 against the US dollar seems overdone, there may be more volatility with UK GDP figures announced at 930 a.m. Sterling has had a strong rally against the US dollar from »


Daily Forex Indicators: Focus On Both UK & US Economic Data

26/09/2013 07:11

  • S&P Fifth Day Of Losses
  • Focus On UK Economic Data 
  • US Economic Data

European index futures are trading relatively flat across the board on Thursday, after both US and Asian indices posted small losses again over night reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst at&n »


All Eyes On The US

25/09/2013 14:05

  • Sterling & Bond Yields Have Scaled
  • Aussie Met Downward Pressure

A slow start to the European trading hours will naturally move attention to the US economic data once again reports Phil Ryan, Currencies Direct. Augusts' durable goods orders and new home sales figur »


US Fiscal D-Day Has A Yen Longing

25/09/2013 12:46

  • Fiscal Cliff Concerns Arise
  • Pricing Has Begun
  • Lethargic Market Needs Help

Capital markets should be about to change gears writes Dean Popplewell, Oanda. Last week’s disappointing ‘no’ taper certainly has the Fed losing some of its street ‘cred.&rsquo »


Oanda Announces Acquisition of FX Copy Trading Network

25/09/2013 10:49

LONDON – September 24, 2013 – OANDA, a pioneering global provider of innovative foreign exchange trading services and parent company of OANDA Europe Limited, today announced that it has ac »


FXSnip:AUD/USD Aussie Remains In A Strong Position

25/09/2013 10:04

For the 24 hours to 23:00 GMT, AUD weakened 0.39% against the USD to close at 0.9384 reports GCI Financial.  LME Copper prices declined 0.6% or $40.5/MT to $7140.5/MT. Aluminium prices eased 0 »


FX Market Daily

25/09/2013 07:19

The US dollar continued to gain ground against Sterling and is now consolidating its position below 1.60 USD. The Euro is still looking overbought even after the recent fall but is still above 1.3475 »


FXSnip: No Change, Euro Still Under Pressure

25/09/2013 07:12

No change.Euros still look under pressure at the moment especially since we are below 1.3500 reports Carol Harmer, The daily charts as you can see are converging to show a move l »


Daily Forex Indicators: Fears Of Government Partial Shutdown

25/09/2013 07:02

  • Deadline Fast Approaching 
  • German Gfk Consumer Confidence Survey
  • US Durable Goods

A lack of progress in Congress on the budget for the next fiscal year is continuing to weigh on global equity markets, with futures pointing to a slightly lower open in Europe following slow sessions »


Fed Speeches Support The Euro

24/09/2013 15:30

  • 11 Fed Speakers Sitting on the Wall
  • German Figures Surprisingly Weak
  • US Fundamentals Seeming To Dominate Euros

The weaker market leads from Europe and Wall Street continue to be pushed through the capital markets daily life cycle reports Dean Popplewell, Oanda. 11 Fed Speakers Sitting on the Wall Currently, »


Daily Forex Indicators: Slow Progress In Congress

24/09/2013 07:53

  • Slow Progress In Congress
  • Fed Speakers
  • German IFo Figure

European indices are expected to open slightly higher on Tuesday, although a lack of progress in debt ceiling negotiations and confusion over Fed monetary policy is continuing to weigh on the markets& »


FX Market Daily

24/09/2013 07:40

Short Sterling against the USD above 1.6040. Sterling is toppy at current levels, last week's UK retail sales were very disappointing and demonstrtaed that the economy is not as strong as previously t »


Commodities: Natural Gas- Keep Stocks Tight

24/09/2013 06:35

Natural Gas has broken Fibonacci & trend line support at 3.670/650 & should now test the next Fibonacci support at 3.556. This could hold the downside as we are so oversold short term. However yest »


Fed Members Take Opportunity To Confuse The Markets

24/09/2013 06:29

  • Dovish Speakers
  • Euro Starts On The Back Foot
  • Gold On The Up

European equity markets are set to sag as tapering uncertainty continues to keep traders risk appetite in check reports Jonathan Sudaria, Capital Spreads. Dovish Speakers Yesterday’s dovish sp »


Exclusive FX Highlights: Week 23rd Sept

23/09/2013 20:15

This Weeks Top 3 FX Highlights is bought to you by Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK. 1) Focus on FOMC Members 2) Debt Ceiling - Could cause caution in the markets.  3) GDP Figures on Thu »


Exclusive Video: FX News Diary: 23rd Sept

23/09/2013 14:24

Welcome to our new & exclusive FX News Diary feature!   Each week Kym Watson, will talk you through the upcoming news stories day by day. You can even watch him trade these e »


Education: Swapsies Anyone?

23/09/2013 12:37

Swaps and Their Importance in Trade Swap as it is well known among traders is the position transfer to the next day. Two parties while making a deal to sell or buy pay on the day called Value Date. & »


Merkel Cleans Up & Sets Euro On High

23/09/2013 10:25

  • Thoughts Of Tapering Turn To Debt Ceiling
  • Merkel Sweeps The Board
  • UK GDP Focus This Week

The markets were surprised by the Federal Reserve last week, as they decided not to start the much awaited tapering programme reports Amir Khan, Corporate FX Dealer, Currencies Direct. Thoughts Of Ta »


Commodities: Crude Oil Prices Declined In Light Of Unrest

23/09/2013 09:43

On Friday, Crude Oil prices declined 1.59% against the USD for the period ending 21:00GMT reports GCI Financial. Closing at 104.59, bought concerns over crude oil supply from the Middle East region »


Can Gold Glitter Once More?

23/09/2013 08:21

  • Weak Demand
  • The Case for Gold 

There have been several global trading sessions since the Fed’s surprise decision not to taper QE and markets are still deep in dismay. The initial reaction to the news that QE would continue at »


FXSnip: Cable Has Corrected With Scope To Trade Higher

23/09/2013 07:02

Cable has corrected back to the short term 61.8% Fib level...and also the first med term 23.6 Fib level and we have to keep our eyes on that writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts. If we hold above her »

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