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GBP/NZD provides very good bearish opportunity!

19/11/2015 14:51

The resistance at 123.50 has not been able to stop the USD/JPY bullish run. On a daily basis, the pair shows strong price action and technical signs that the rally will continue. From a technical poin »


EUR/GBP - Daily Outlook!

27/10/2015 15:36

From a technical point of view, the EUR/GBP pair provides an opportunity for the bulls. We can see that the prices have been traded sideways after the pair hit the 0.7400 resistance. After the last be »


Central Banks In Focus Today

08/10/2015 08:53

There’ll be a lot of attention on central banks on Thursday as the Bank of England announces its latest monetary policy decision and we get minutes from the latest meetings of the BoE, European »


NZD/USD - BULLS on the horizon!

29/09/2015 13:30

From a long-term perspective, the NZD/USD pair is looking very attractive for the long-term investor. The pair has depreciated with more than 25% for a little bit more than a year by depreciating from »


Will the Fed’s favoured inflation data point to a rate hike?

28/09/2015 08:31

Market Overview Anything China orientated is getting extra attention by the market to be taken as a lead indicator on sentiment. The latest data shows Chinese Industrial Profits falling by 2.2% (whic »


EURCAD Could Go South

25/09/2015 09:46

On the EURCAD 4h chart, correction seems to be over, because of a sharp fall from recent high - 1.5115 level. That said if price continues to go lower, beneath the support at 1.4724 level, trend will »


GBP/JPY confirms a downtrend in motion!

15/09/2015 13:20

On a daily basis, the GBP/JPY pair is traded in a well-structured bearish setup. There are several technical indicators that are providing signals for a downtrend in motion. The last cross of the 50-S »


EURO50 - bulls took control over the trend!

09/09/2015 14:34

The EURO50 stock index has rebounded from the last week’s bottom confirming for a third time the major ascending trend line as well as the level at 2940 as a main support zone. The candlestick p »


GBP/JPY - further declines on the horizon!

08/09/2015 14:02

The GBP/JPY currency pair is under a heavy bearish pressure. The bulls were unable to push the resistance at 195.90 and after the prices rebounded from it a new downtrend has been formed. On a daily b »


EUR/USD - technically bearish!

02/09/2015 19:43

On a daily basis, the EUR/USD pair is looking bearish. The prices declined rapidly after hitting the resistance at 1.1700. Amid the upcoming ECB Press Conference and the ECB main rate decision, the si »


USD/CAD under bearish pressure!

01/09/2015 14:35

The U.S. dollar is losing its strength in front of the upcoming jobs report at the end of this week. The green money depreciated against all most all other major traded counterparts from the G10 baske »


EUR/AUD stays bullish in front of RBA press conference!

31/08/2015 15:43

Let’s take a look on the EUR/AUD currency pair in front of the RBA main rate decision and press conference. Last week, has been extremely volatile and the pair moved with more than 1500 pips in »


Dollar Index is reversing the trend!

17/08/2015 08:39

Let’s take a look at the 4-hour chart of the Dollar Index graph. The price action patterns suggest a trend reversal situation. We can clearly observe that the Index has broken the ascending tren »


AUD/USD reaction after the second yuan devaluation!

12/08/2015 13:57

The Asian session has been full of trading opportunities and tough emotions after the decision of China officials to devalue Yuan for a second time putting the reference rate at 6.3306. The decision h »


EUR/NZD - breaks range trading with a huge bullish move!

11/08/2015 13:44

Since the beginning of the Asian session, the biggest movers were the crosses with EUR/NZD,AUD or GBP/NZD,AUD. The reason behind the huge depreciation of the Australian and the NZD dollar against the »


NZD/USD - a Great Long-Term Buy!

03/08/2015 06:48

The NZD/USD currency pair is looking very attractive for long-term investors. The prices are currently traded close to the lowest levels since 2010 and based on the weekly and daily chart patterns we »


Markets looking pensive in front of the FOMC

29/07/2015 08:22

Market Overview As we move into FOMC day, the markets have become characteristically settled. This will often be seen due to the potential volatility surrounding the aftermath of the decision tonight »


European Equities Set To Start With Gains

28/07/2015 09:06

European equities are set to start with gains tracking overnight moves in Asia reports Capital Spreads. After yesterday’s China meltdown induced bloodbath, traders will be looking east for cues »


Morning Review: BoE Miles Suggests Rate Increases Will Start in 2015

22/07/2015 08:06

Morning Review: BoE Miles Suggests Rate Increases Will Start in 2015 »


Federal Reserve Set to Propel Dollar

16/07/2015 16:17

News stories in the forex media have centered on the potential for a Greek exit from the European monetary union for most of this year.  There is good reason for this, as currency pairs like the »


Morning Review: The IMF Muddies The Water

15/07/2015 12:04

Morning Review: The IMF Muddies The Water »


This Is The End Either Way

10/07/2015 07:36

European equities are set to surge on the open as Greece submits a last minute set of reforms reports Capital Spreads. The submission of the reforms isn’t of itself that remarkable, but there&rs »


Morning Review: Forex Markets Consolidate

07/07/2015 08:13

Morning Review: Forex Markets Consolidate »

Yen Vulnerable to Carry Traders

28/06/2015 13:21

Yen Vulnerable to Carry Traders Forex can be described as the financial market that is most vulnerable to the underlying trend.  This ultimately means that rising prices tend to continue rising, »


Morning Review: Greece Solution May Be a Step Closer

23/06/2015 08:12

Morning Review: Greece Solution May Be a Step Closer »


Is Greece About To Blink?

22/06/2015 07:43

European equities are set to get a pop higher on the open as traders cautiously welcome developments in Greece reports Capital Spreads. News that the ECB has increased the ceiling on the emergency liq »


Morning Review- Rumours on Greek Situation Are Rife

19/06/2015 07:36

Morning Review- Rumours on Greek Situation Are Rife »


GBP/USD is looking bullish!

11/06/2015 14:54

On a daily basis, the GBP/USD currency pair has confirmed that bulls are currently in control of the trend and provides a trading opportunity. The cross has been traded in an overall uptrend that ha »


Morning Review: US Jobs News Raises Possibility of September Rate Hike

08/06/2015 07:53

Morning Review: US Jobs News Raises Possibility of September Rate Hike »


Morning Review- Euro Pushes Ahead Following ECB Meet

04/06/2015 11:30

Morning Review- Euro Pushes Ahead Following ECB Meeting »


Another Busy Day Lies Ahead

03/06/2015 08:46

Another very busy day lies ahead for the markets as Greece continues negotiations with its creditors, the ECB announces its latest monetary policy decision and a wide range of data is released, includ »


Markets Set To Open Higher, Recovering From Yesterday's Session

27/05/2015 07:15

European markets are set to open slightly higher today recovering from some of the damage done in yesterday’s session reports Capital Spreads. Stocks got off to a jittery start to the week, the »

US dollar looks to consolidate the gains on a quiet end to the week

10/04/2015 08:16

Market Overview Since the FOMC minutes were released on Wednesday, what had been a consolidation is turning back into a trend of dollar strength once more. There have been some key breaks on major fo »


Morning Review: The Dollar Slips Slightly As We Wait For Weds FOMC

17/03/2015 10:47

Morning Review: The Dollar Slips Slightly As We Wait For Weds FOMC »


Morning Review: Dead Cat Bounce Or Line In The Sand

12/03/2015 08:13

Morning Review: Dead Cat Bounce Or Line In The Sand? »


Update on the global currency markets

25/02/2015 13:46

The USD is drifting lower against its trading partners on Wednesday, with this being in response to the complete contrast in opinion as to whether the beginning of Janet Yellen’s two-day testimo »


EURUSD welcomes 1.12 as Draghi unleashes ECB QE

23/01/2015 09:47

The Euro recorded milestone lows against both the USD and GBP overnight, following the European Central Bank (ECB) finally presenting the long-awaited QE card from its stimulus package. In the afterma »


With Greek elections on Sunday volatility on European markets is set to remain

23/01/2015 08:20

Market Overview Mario Draghi has fired his bazooka and the markets have taken the news well. The euro is lower, sovereign bond yields are lower and equities are higher. A €60bn per month program »


Sentiment remains upbeat as dollar pairs are back on the brink

19/12/2014 08:26

Market Overview With signs of some stabilisation in the price of oil and the continued reassurance of the Federal Reserve, sentiment on the markets has changed significantly in the past few days. Jan »


Volatility remains high as the market looks towards the Fed

17/12/2014 08:22

Market Overview Market volatility remains elevated as Wall Street sold off into the close having been initially strongly higher, the S&P 500 closed sharply lower again for a 6th down day out of the p »


Dollar showing signs of strength as disappointing Chinese manufacturing data puts the pressure on global growth again

01/12/2014 08:21

Market Overview With the US back from Thanksgiving holiday this week, volumes should begin to return to normal. However news out over the weekend has not been especially favourable and investors have »

Signs of a dollar correction against both the yen and sterling

23/09/2014 08:11

Signs of the yen potentially joining sterling in a rally against the dollar


  • Equity markets under pressure again
  • US dollar rally beginning to creak with yen consolidating and sterling also finding support
  • WATCH FOR: Eurozone flash PMIs, US flash PMIs

  Market Overview A difficult start to the week has curbed the bulls on Wall Street, after indications from China are that monetary policy stimulus would not be knee jerk to disappointing data. »


Forex pair remain poised ahead of the FOMC

17/09/2014 08:13

Market Overview If yesterday’s price action is anything to go by, traders certainly appear nervous about what this latest Fed meeting could contain. Comments by a respected journalist at the Wa »


Order Flow Trading – Anticipating Where the Big Moves Will Be

16/09/2014 07:05

A lot has been written about order flow trading but still a lot of confusion hovers over it. It appears that experts have conflicting views on what it really is. Apparently, they are at odds on how to »


How To Play The Rebound In The Yen and Gold

15/09/2014 08:18

15/09/2014: Signs of safer havens starting to creep back into favour


  • Equities weaken, with the Yen and Gold starting to find support
  • Watch for: US Industrial Production

Market Overview The bears appear to be starting the new week in control. This comes as several key fundamental events, such as the latest Fed meeting and the Scottish vote on independence approach in »


How Can I Profit Using Advanced Trading Tools?

10/09/2014 17:51

Are you in a boring, dead-end job? Do you have intelligence, but feel restricted by a jealous boss? Do you want another way to make money? Have you heard about foreign exchange (forex) currency tradin »


Trade By The Rules -Well Most Of The Time

29/08/2014 09:47

Want to know how the experts do it? Take a read of these top 20 Rules that Charlie & Kym at Ezeetrader follow daily... 1. Trading can be straightforward, but at the same time, it still requires dis »


NZD/CHF positioned for a rally!

04/08/2014 17:06

For our today’s article we have chosen to present you the NZD/CHF currency cross. What we could see on a daily basis is very well formed bullish channel structure and currently the quotes are re »


AUD/NZD facing solid resistance!

31/07/2014 20:12

AUD/NZD currency cross is presenting very good bearish opportunity on the daily chart. The quotes are confirming a serious horizontal resistance represented by the level 1.1033. Furthermore on a daily »


Forex Trading Mistakes - Are The Brokers To Blame?

31/07/2014 13:26

Forex trading carries a lot of risk. Leveraged products are considered to have a high degree of risk and traders may incur losses which may lead to account depletion. That’s how brokers’ d »


NZD/JPY rebounds from major support!

30/07/2014 17:27

Today we have chosen to present to you the NZD/JPY currency cross daily chart. From our point of view the pair presents very strong opportunity for bullish rally. Fundamentally the RBNZ hiked its main »


EUR/RUB close to major resistance!

29/07/2014 15:08

For our today analysis we have decided to present the exotic EUR/RUB currency cross. This is very conflict pair and traders tend to stay away from it due to the political situation in Ukraine and the »


AUD/USD climbing up!

28/07/2014 15:04

AUD/USD currency pair is rebounding once again from the major diagonal support on a daily basis and the price action suggest for further continuation of the bullish push. We can clearly see quotes str »


AUD/JPY Going to Rally!

21/07/2014 15:22

AUD/JPY currency pair is rebounding from major diagonal support on a daily basis. We can clearly see the quotes rebounding from 94.40 and this combined with the strong bullish candle is a signal for f »


GBP/AUD forming a 'Flag'!

18/07/2014 16:56

It seems like the GBP/AUD currency cross is finishing a flag formation and today’s daily price action suggests fr continuation of the bearish trend. We can clearly see the range/bullish channel »


USD/CHF Rallying Up!

16/07/2014 16:57

USD/CHF currency pair is trading in a bullish channel formation and the quotes have confirmed the horizontal support located around 0.8920. From technical point of view the quotes have confirmed a fla »


AUD/USD Going Down

11/07/2014 16:18

For our today analysis we have chosen to present you the AUD/USD currency cross. We can clearly see that the price has been forming a bearish channel formation and based on the price action there is h »


EUR/USD Daily Overview

09/07/2014 17:08

For our today analysis we have chosen to present the EUR/USD currency pair. What we can see is that on a daily basis the price is trying to build a bearish channel formation and as long as the quotes »


Interest Rate News In The UK Should Remind All Traders To Remember The Fundamentals

07/07/2014 09:04

  • The Pound Strongest In 20 Months
  • A Simple Lesson For All Traders
  • Take A Bird's Eye View Of Every Situation

Seasoned forex traders know how to spot the little signs and intricate details in the market that allow them to make smart long and short term investments and trades. Every successful trader also know »


Could US CPI Drive Gold Higher?

05/07/2014 19:52

Could US CPI Drive Gold Higher? Since 2008, we have seen evidence of a consistent economic recovery both in the US and around the world.  These positive trends have some drastic implications for »


Risk Mitigation In Forex: All You Need To Know

02/07/2014 08:08

Risk management is one of the crucial components of a winning strategy in the foreign exchange market. However, in spite of its importance, it has remained an ignored prerequisite of success in forex. »


Basics of Online Options Trading

06/06/2014 10:39

Basics of Online Options Trading In recent years, positive trends in consumer credit activities have helped create major shifts in the tendency to place retail investment trades online, rather than o »


Volatility in FX majors

25/04/2014 10:00

Is FX volatility set for a recovery? Volatility in the foreign exchange markets has been declining for the past few years. One of the major causes has been the consistent ultra-loose monetary polic »


Markets Morning Report

24/04/2014 10:00

24/04/2014: Dollar recovery seems to have run out of steam as the yen strengthens


  • Wall Street drags, but Apple and Facebook both beat expectations after hours to boost equities.
  • Dollar rally has lost momentum and is now threatening a correction again
  • Watch for German Ifo and weekly jobless claims 

Market Overview After an uninspiring session yesterday, last night’s slightly negative handover from the Wall Street on the back of weaker than expected housing data suggests more of the same t »


Carry Trades: The Next Big Currency Trend?

23/04/2014 12:19

Carry Trades:  The Next Big Currency Trend? Most of the market trends that have been seen during the last few quarters have been relatively obvious and have focused on just a few asset types. &n »


Developing A Trading Strategy For Binary Options

22/04/2014 11:30

As with all forms of trading , you will get much farther is you take the time to develop a solid trading strategy. Taking a 'hit and miss 'approach to trading with Binary Options will only get you so »


4 New Mean Reversion Methods For Forex Traders

14/04/2014 15:00

Forex trading is all about finding the right patterns at the right time and there is no one strategy that works all the time, nor can there ever be one. Trend following techniques are very popular am »


Three Signs of Market Chaos

11/04/2014 14:00

  • Yield curve
  • TED spread
  • Unexpected announcements

Professional forex traders are well aware of the risks involved in trading currencies and the events of the last few years have only heightened that awareness. We all remember the carnage of 2008 and »


Four Steps For New Forex Traders

10/04/2014 14:00

Most forex traders do not make a conscious decision to trade the markets. More likely, the decision was a natural process of learning and discovery, and most will have been interested in the markets f »


Trading outlook ahead of the US session

10/04/2014 12:31

  • Dollar remains under pressure
  • Euro/Dollar and Cable are now buys into weakness
  • Indices are fluctuating today but should still be medium term buys.

It has been a mixed morning for the US dollar as traders look to re-assess following the Fed meeting minutes yesterday evening. Whilst it remains weak against the euro, the yen, Swiss franc and Aussie »


Some Tips ForUsing MetaTrader 4

03/04/2014 14:00

MetaTrader 4, a trading platform offered by FXTM, is fast becoming the trading platform of choice for tech minded traders looking for an all in one software program that includes charts, indicators, b »


News Reports For Forex Traders

02/04/2014 16:00

To trade effectively, traders need access to quick connections and the latest market news since economic events and news releases have the power to move markets in a matter of seconds. It’s ther »


Sell the Swiss Franc: Recent Strength is a Buying Opportunity

31/03/2014 21:31

  • What is Happening at the SNB?
  • Trade Opportunities

When we look at the broad activity in the forex markets so far this year, some relatively surprising trends have emerged.  Perhaps most surprising has been the downtrend in the US Dollar.  T »


Binary Options are Hot! New Derivatives Ready for Explosive Growth in 2014

27/03/2014 10:31

The next big trend in American financial markets since Internet Trading, Online Forex for amateurs and Exchange Traded Funds is surging in popularity as more binary options brokers and platforms start »


Trading Forex When War Looms

25/03/2014 15:00

Currency trading is not immune to the perils of war and can be just as badly affected by military action as local stock markets, bonds or commodities. In fact, there is good historical reason for thi »


Video: Momentum & Trends

25/03/2014 09:50

Thiru runs through a short training video on momentum and trends with live market examples. »


Forex Trading Strategy - Part 2

20/03/2014 15:00

Diagnostic testing Now you have your data set frozen, begin your analysis by running some very crude tests over the data and keep a notepad by your side so you can make some notes on what you find. Y »


Forex Trading Systems - Part 1

18/03/2014 15:00

If you have difficulty dealing with emotions while trading forex then you are not alone. Every day, millions of people attempt to trade the markets and every day, millions of individuals succumb to th »


Trading Tips From A Forex Winner

13/03/2014 15:00

Investors such as Carl Icahn, Warren Buffett and George Soros, get a lot of praise, and rightly so, but their 20% returns are nothing when compared to some of the small FX traders, plying their trade »


Picking Currencies: Commodity Pairs

12/03/2014 14:27

Currency pairs are divided into a number of categories, or groupings, of which all Forex traders should be aware. Here we take a look at Commodity Pairs. These are called Commodity Pairs for the simp »


When To Take Your Demo Trading LIVE

12/03/2014 10:44

Demo trading is certainly a smart way to get your forex portfolio off the ground and starting off on the right foot. However, there still is a major difference between ‘demo trading’ and p »


Exclusive Interview: Why Trade Charts With Carol Harmer

10/03/2014 09:59

Forexspace met up with Carol Harmer at the London Investor Show, Forex 21/02/14 and found out why charts are so important....   »


Education:Making Forex Simple

05/03/2014 14:00

To be fair, its not just forex trading that has become over-complicated in recent years. These days we all have to deal with a constant overload of information, something that can cause more headaches »


Understanding The Forex Market

05/03/2014 10:25

The foreign exchange (forex) market is the biggest capital market in the world and it continues to grow as investors realise the potential it offers. It’s fairly simple to get to grips with the »


The Characteristics of Central Banks

03/03/2014 09:26

  • The Federal Reserve
  • European Central Bank
  • Bank of England

Not all central banks have the same power and each one, as we shall find, has its own distinct personality. Knowing the different characteristics of each bank is essential in order to predict what the »


Best Apps For Forex Traders

27/02/2014 13:51

Best Android Apps for Forex Traders As of February 6 2014, there were 1,118,594 android apps available to download including thousands of finance and forex apps. New apps appear every day and some wi »


Making A Living With 1 Pip A Trade

27/02/2014 11:50

Skilled forex traders have the ability to make vast fortunes by trading the markets writes ForexTime. However, one of the dichotomies of forex trading is that it is much easier to make vast fortunes i »


3 More Crucial Tips For Forex Traders

24/02/2014 11:17

Forex trading is on everybody’s lips. The game is rising in popularity because it is becoming ever easier for people to get online and trade. It’s also becoming incredibly cheap, the costs »


An Economic Ratings Model For Forex Part 2

21/02/2014 14:00

Inflation and interest rates are important components of an economic ratings model that can be used to compare forex markets. Here are the other indicators to use. Economic output When considering w »


3 Ways To Score Big In The Forex Markets

21/02/2014 13:00

  • Build a System
  • Tune Into Macro Economic Trends
  • The New Way

The opportunities to profit in the forex markets are there every day traders but it must be understood that the amount of capital available does have a big effect in determining future gains reports F »


The 3 Features Any Good Trading platform Should Have

21/02/2014 07:32

If you’re new to trading on the foreign exchange markets, there’s a lot to take in.  From new strategies and techniques, how you decide on and implement a particular strategy, to keep »


Six Ways To Measure Volatility In The Forex Markets

13/02/2014 07:57

Forex traders need volatility in able to profit from price moves in their chosen market. If there is no volatility then there are no price moves and there is no way to make money – Particularly »


Education: How Central Banks Control The FX Market

07/02/2014 13:00

One of the key lessons a trader must learn before attempting to trade is that central banks such as the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank have a huge impact not only o »


How To Trade Forex With The MACD

07/02/2014 09:10

The MACD is another popular technical indicator that many people use to successfully trade the forex markets. The term itself is an acronym for Moving Average Convergence Divergence and was designed i »


Training Whilst You Trade

05/02/2014 10:53

Making those first moves into Forex trading is often an exciting yet daunting proposition. This is a complex market, and learning to navigate it holds the possibility of many thrills and plenty of pit »


What Are Binary Options?

04/02/2014 11:06

Binary options popularity is growing daily and have made this type of trading a worldwide phenomenon. Well in order to understand why this rather new financial tool is growing so fast we first need t »


Common Trading Mistakes: Using Indicators in Isolation

03/02/2014 13:46

Common Trading Mistakes:  Using Indicators in Isolation Typically when traders are just starting out, there is a tendency to get over-excited and begin to immediately start placing trades once t »


Bank of England to Determine Next Direction in Pound

03/02/2014 08:23

Bank of England to Determine Next Direction in Pound For most of 2013, the British Pound (GBP) was the best performer in the majors, driven in large part by the apparent reluctance at the US Federal »


Errors In Novice Trading And Measures To Avoid Them

18/12/2013 14:18

Trading is quite a common and popular activity. There are lots of people that are into trading either out of passion or for a source of income. If you are highly interested in trading, but are compara »


How To Treat Forex Demo Trading As If It Were Real

11/12/2013 14:00

  • Penalise Yourself
  • Give Yourself A Grade
  • Join Forex Trading Contests

One of the biggest arguments against using a demo account from your forex broker to learn how to trade currencies is that it does not replicate the tense conditions under which traders would normally »


Swing Trading Practices in the Forex Market

05/12/2013 13:45

Swing trading differs from trend following in some critically important ways, and the two trading styles should not be confused with one another.  In essence, swing traders look to step in once a »


How To Quickly Understand Trading Results

03/12/2013 13:00

Back Tests and Forward Tests It’s not easy to sell a MT4 Forex Trading Robot these days. Previously, developers could simply display only the back test results, which allows much back-fitting a »


Trade Your Pension

26/11/2013 14:44

When the state old age pension was introduced in 1909 the average life expectancy was 50 years and the pensionable age was 70 years! Things got better for several decades and then began to deteriorate »


Interest Rates in Fundamental Trades

26/11/2013 12:04

Interest Rates in Fundamental Trades Technical analysis strategies have become more and more popular in the modern market environment, as retail traders have started to enter the forex space in drove »


Elongated Flats

19/11/2013 19:43

- early signs of triangular consolidation - Under the corrective waves, flats are one of the most common types of correction. There are many types of flats (common, irregular, with the c wave failure »


Setting Stop Losses in Break-out Trades

18/11/2013 11:12

Break-out trades are one of the most interesting (and potentially profitable) market phenomena in today’s trading environment.  In these situations, we can see some amazing strings of incre »


A Look at Common Trading Strategies: Moving Averages

08/11/2013 14:00

Once we have an understanding of the personal criteria (position sizes, time intervals, etc) that will need to be examined before you can settle on your preferred trading methods, we can start to look »


Outlining Your Trading Style and Strategy

08/11/2013 11:00

When traders are beginning in the forex markets, one of the first questions that is commonly asked is how to construct and choose a trading strategy that creates successful gains over the long te »


Forex Trading: What Makes an Ideal Scenario for Short Positions?

25/10/2013 14:00

One of the initial surprises that is experienced by those just getting started trading forex markets is the fact that you can actually make money by betting against a currency.  In market jargon, »


Forex Education:Understanding the Retail Sales Report

25/10/2013 10:30

For traders looking to implement fundamental trading strategies, it is important to have an understanding of what each report means so that we can have some of idea of how markets will react once the »


Webinar Part 2: Turn $10k into $100k

11/10/2013 11:59

Charlie Burton, Ezeetrader presents the second in a two part trading webinar on how to increase your trading profit. Click here to download the webinar.  If you missed the first one, »


This Weeks Expert Trading Tips From A Top Trader

10/10/2013 14:03

For everyone out there trying to make it in trading it is a very hard road. But it is not an impossible one. This week’s winner Hanktuphy shares with us his tips and tricks and how he is steppin »


Education: Swapsies Anyone?

23/09/2013 12:37

Swaps and Their Importance in Trade Swap as it is well known among traders is the position transfer to the next day. Two parties while making a deal to sell or buy pay on the day called Value Date. & »


Just What Is This Beige Book?

04/09/2013 11:32

Later on today we have the release of the Beige Book over in the US, but what does that even mean? For those of you too afraid to ask, read on..... The Beige Book is a report on economic conditions i »


Video: Ronnie Chopra, Tradenext Imparts His Trading Advice

23/08/2013 12:24

Ronnie Chopra, Head Of Strategy, Tradenext gives us his tips on how to trade with less risk and avoid mistakes.  »


Why are FOMC Minutes Important?

30/07/2013 15:20

There is much talk about the FOCM Minutes that are scheduled to be released tomorrow at 8pm BST. But why are these minutes so important? Why are they so anticipated?  Keep reading... The Fed det »


Is It Possible To Trade Forex On A Mac?

30/07/2013 14:22

With the battle between Mac and PC rumbling on, Sarah Cox tackles the problem facing Mac-loving forex traders head on. The majority of forex broker platforms and trading programmes are designed for W »


MetaTrader Trading Signals- The Advantages

30/07/2013 12:05

Becoming a successful forex trader takes years of practice and dedication. However, with MetaTrader Trading Signals, market speculators can increase their chances of profitability within a reasonably »


How To Turn A $10k Account Into A $100k Account In 2 Yrs

12/07/2013 15:22

  Yes you read that right.....Charlie Burton from Ezeetrader conducted the most popular webinar in Ezeetrader's history on Thursday 11th July...and with a title like "How to Turn $10k into $100k »


Word of the Day: Forward Guidance

05/07/2013 11:01

The buzzword of the week is Forward Guidance, read on for Marshall Gittlers comprehensive explaination of what it actually means! "Central banks usually control the economy by raising and lowering in »


Picking The Best Forex Trading System For You

28/06/2013 14:45

Trading forex is not easy. Whether you are a total newbie or an experienced professional, making consistent profits and staying ahead of the game is a constant challenge. But there are hundreds of for »


Video Update: Divergences For Short Term Trading

20/06/2013 13:30

This week, Kym from Ezeetrader explains the concept of a trading divergencies off the 2 minute and 5 minute time frames and clarifies if you need to also have divergences on the 15 mins (+) time frame »


What Is Swing Trading In The Forex Markets?

19/06/2013 12:31

There are many ways that traders can make money from the forex markets. Swing trading is another technique used by market players in an attempt to make substantial gains in a relatively small space of »


Quickfire Questions: The Experts Share Their Knowledge..A Must See!

18/06/2013 19:21

We rounded up the experts who all spoke at the UK Forex Trading Conference last week and asked them to share their knowledge.... Questions: 1) What should the FX Trader be looking for in the short t »


Video 1: UK Forex Conference:The Basics of Forex Trading

17/06/2013 10:10

Here is the first of our videos taken at the UK Forex Trading Conference in London. June 13th 2013.  Rishi Patel, Financial Markets Trader gives us an outline of FX Trading basics.  Watch »


Draghi Failed To Feed The EUR Bear-Is Everything Yen Flavoured?

10/06/2013 13:10

  • Asia Determined To Keep Volatility In Markets
  • Chinese Slowdown In Growth
  • USD/JPY Threatenng To Spoil The Speculators Day

In months gone by there would be a respite after NFP – the market gave investors time to lick their wounds and devise a trading strategy during the first session following the employment headlin »


Initial Reaction To ECB Announcement

06/06/2013 16:31

Caxton FX Analyst, Richard Driver, on the latest news from the ECB – "Draghi has played with a pretty straight bat here; the upturn in German industry clearly gives the ECB something to hold on »


Gold- Ready For Liftoff?!

31/05/2013 13:32

  • Down But Not Out
  • Ready For Launch
  • Be careful

Gold has been one of the most widely covered asset classes lately and a good argument can be made for either side; there is a 50/50 chance that we’ll either see a collapse or the sky will be the »


Video Analysis: Triangle Pattern Could Send The EUR/USD To 1.2700

29/05/2013 11:56

EUR/USD has turned lower yesterday back to 1.2840 area, but price is still trapped in a range, so we think that corrective wave 4 is still underway. We are tracking a triangle pattern placed in wave 4 »


Fridays Video Update:Key Reversal Day

24/05/2013 09:18

Forexspace is pleased to bring you the latest market update from EzeeTrader.  Today the video focussed on the S&P and the trend of a Key Reversal Day.  Definition: Key Reversal Day- A Day »


USD/JPY Takes The Biggest Fall In Three Years

23/05/2013 16:20

  • USD/JPY Staged A Massive Reversal
  • The Stock Bubble Hasnt Yet Popped 
  • The Economy Is Improving Say The Fed

USD/JPY has plunged from four year highs to its lowest level in the last years during today’s European trading hours, signifying the start of Yen weakening, while US Dollar remains resilient and »


Is This What End of Q3 Will Look Like?

23/05/2013 12:13

  • Whats Driving The Violent Moves
  • Japanese Bond Yields Surge
  • The Economic Data Test
  • G10 Gets Weighed Down By Weak Asian Equities

There have been some violent moves across asset classes this morning after a perfect storm of central bank chatter, weak Chinese economic data and some large declines in Asian equities knock risk sent »


Finally!! The S&P Tumbled Lower

23/05/2013 08:29

Finally!!! The S&P tumbled lower...enforced by the dangerously overbought conditions on the charts writes Carol Harmer, Charmercharts.com We have posted a Key Reversal day which is negative, and »


PART 2: Bernanke U Turn

22/05/2013 16:54

Ben Bernanke performed an incredible U-turn when questioned following his prepared statement this afternoon reports Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK Financial markets were all over the place fo »


Bernanke Did Not Disappoint

22/05/2013 15:42

  • Unreliable Fed Comments
  • QE Is Here To Stay
  • High Volatility Following Speech

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke did not disappoint this afternoon, coming out once again in support of the Fed’s loose monetary policy writes Craig Erlam, Market Analyst, Alpari UK. Unreliable Fed Co »


IMF- Do More To Stimulate UK Growth

22/05/2013 14:17

The IMF are absolutely right; more definitely needs to be done to stimulate UK growth. The economy has been crying out for infrastructure spending for some time now reports Richard Driver, Caxton FX. »


Technical Analysis: CHF/JPY Continues To Rise

22/05/2013 12:12

  • CHF/JPY set to break out of daily Pennant
  • Buy target 112.00 (intervening resistance at 108.00)
  • Sell target 100.00 (intervening strong support at 104.00)

CHF/JPY continues to rise inside the clearly formed Pennant chart pattern on the daily charts. This daily Pennant formed when the pair recently finished the 2nd intermediate corrective down wave of th »


Catching A Falling Knife

21/05/2013 07:52

  • Consolidation In The Near Term
  • Keep An Eye On US Treasury Yields
  • Is It Time To Buy AUD?

USD/JPY’s pull back is proving short lived as Japanese Economy Minister Amari attempted to backtrack from his earlier comments that warned about the negative impact of a weaker JPY on “peo »


Greenback To Be Driven By Fed Member Talk

16/05/2013 13:16

  • Bullish USD This Morning
  • Euro Playing Catch Up
  • Choppy USD/JPY

Despite general US data thus far this week coming in a little softer, the Dollar retains a bid tone, as US risk markets keep on posting new highs despite much speculation on whether US$ may have ralli »


Automated Trading: MQL5 Program

29/04/2013 13:40

Automated Forex Trading Robots - MQL5 Market The MQL5 Market is basically a service whereby MetaTrader 5 clients can purchase a wide range of ready-made applications that can be applied to the financ »



26/04/2013 12:13

AUD/USD turned higher in the last few days after a break out of a falling trend-line. Thats an important evidence for a temporary low in place and deeper rally underway. With that said, we suspect th »


Five Of The Best: Forex Trading Books

25/04/2013 11:15

When it comes to a marketplace as diverse and complex as foreign exchange, nobody should expect to become an expert overnight. As a trader, giving yourself a thorough forex education is a vital part o »


VIDEO: How To Choose An FX Trading Platform

18/04/2013 13:54

Bertie Stemp, FX and CFD Sales Executive at FXCM, highlights the key factors to consider when choosing an FX trading platform. For more interviews and with some of the industry's leading experts, c »



16/04/2013 14:16

From worst habits to top tips, James Stanley, Trading Instructor at Daily FX, faces our quickfire questions! For more interviews and with some of the industry's leading experts, check out the full »


How Snap Decisions Can Lead To Consistency In Trading

09/04/2013 11:31

Traders Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub will be hosting a trading boot-camp on behalf of ActivTrades on April 18th at the Westbury Hotel, London. Here they give a description of what attendees can expect »


4XP Bags Best Educational Services Award

08/04/2013 15:59

Global FX broker, 4XP, has been presented with a top industry award in recognition of its educational offering. The broker was given the Best Educational Services Award from World Finance Magazine in »


Think You Can Trade? Become A Trading Signals Provider!

08/04/2013 10:47

Signals are an increasingly popular technology in social trading and trade mirroring. Over 600 banks worldwide use MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and every trader can use the service to become a subscr »


How Do MQL5 Trading Signals Work?

08/04/2013 10:09

MQL5.com provides a list of both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 signals, which is continuously and automatically updated. In order for a trader to subscribe to a particular signal they must »


Will New Regulations Enhance The Image of Binary Options Trading?

05/04/2013 14:55

The simplistic nature of binary options has helped this form of trading to enjoy increasing levels of popularity in recent years. However, this new industry is still plagued by a lack of proper regula »


Forex Education: What Is A Merchandise Trade Balance?

05/04/2013 12:39

Due out for Canada today at 14:30pm, today’s Merchandise Trade Balance release for Canada is likely to be vastly overshadowed by the NFP figures from the US. But it’s always good to know a »


VIDEO: Trading News Breakouts - Just In Time For The NFP!

05/04/2013 10:26

Learn how to control emotion and anticipate market moves ahead of big news events with Trading Instructor James Stanley. Perfect training for this afternoon's NFP release! For more interviews and »


VIDEO: OANDA Puts Mobile Trading Tech At The Top Of The Agenda

04/04/2013 13:17

Following the update of mobile trading app fxTrade by OANDA, the FXS team decided to find out more about what is on offer. The impressive new mobile fx trading platform allows traders to add rea »


VIDEO: What Should Traders Consider When Choosing A Trading Strategy?

04/04/2013 12:18

Alejandro Zambrano, Market Strategist for FXCM, runs through key points to consider when picking a live trading strategy. For more expert advice from Alejandro Zambrano, stay tuned to our Video Ana »


What Is Money Supply And Why Should I Care About It?

28/03/2013 15:09

This evening (20:30 GMT) will see the release of Money Supply data from the US. But what is Money Supply and why should forex traders know a little something about it? The monetary aggregates are alt »


Barclay’s Stockbrokers Shares Ten Top Tips For Tax Efficient Investing

18/03/2013 10:37

Whether you are a pure FX trader or have a diverse portfolio of investments, keeping abreast of the best way to look after your money makes sense. As the end of this tax year fast approaches, Barclays »


Top Ten iPhone Apps For Forex Traders

14/03/2013 13:50

Welcome to 2013, where the ‘Age of the App’ is truly upon us. Traders have well and truly bid farewell to the days when making a change to a portfolio meant dialling up a broker to speak t »


Forex Trading – How To Handle A Losing Streak

14/03/2013 09:30

They say that wealth brings with it many unforeseen problems, yet most of would still prefer to have the opportunity to face the challenges that come from too much success. Unfortunately, every trader »


The First Question You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Trade Forex

12/03/2013 14:23

Today I want to tackle an issue I get asked about quite a lot. It’s about the psychology of trading and finding a style that suits you. So what do we mean by trading psychology? Well, I’m »


Three Top Tips For Reducing Emotion When Trading Forex

12/03/2013 12:51

There is a commonly held assumption that trading forex is difficult. That only mathematicians and economists can successfully navigate the financial markets. Real traders know that this is not the cas »


Trading Psychology: Far From Your 20MA

11/03/2013 15:04

"The game has its ups and downs ..." - Michael Jordan I have always related trading the market to life. There are lots of similarities. For example, the ups and downs of life can be related to t »


VIDEO INTERVIEW: 'No Dealing Desk' Brokers - What's In It For You?

07/03/2013 12:10

Making a decision about how to choose the best forex broker for you can be a difficult process for those who are new to the FX markets. Should you jump at the offer of rock bottom spreads? Is it easy »


What Is The 'Beige Book' Report?

06/03/2013 09:15

This afternoon (14:00 GMT) sees the release of the US Federal Reserve’s ‘Beige Book’ report. But what use is it to forex traders? This report on economic conditions is published eig »


What Are Binary Options?

05/03/2013 09:15

Binary options are a unique type of trading that center not on ownership as other types of trading do, but rather on the prediction of which way an asset’s price will move. But what are your cho »

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Craig Erlam - Trading The Financial Crisis

28/02/2013 11:02

(Feb 28) Craig Erlam, market analyst at Alpari UK, advises traders on how to survive the financial crisis. Interview by markets reporter, Anthony Strzalek. For more video interviews with top FX tra »

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Carol Harmer - Taking Control Of Your Trading

28/02/2013 10:50

(Feb 28) Carol Harmer, founder of Charmer Charts, has over 30 years experience in the trading business. She shares her industry insights and top tips for becoming a profitable trader with Sarah Cox, m »

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sandy Jadeja - Stick To Your Strategy For FX Success

28/02/2013 10:46

(Feb 28) Sandy Jadeja, Chief Technical Analyst at City Index discusses his top tips for sticking to a profitable trading strategy. Interview by markets reporter, Anthony Strzalek. For more video in »


Five Mistakes To Avoid When 'Getting Into Gold'

28/02/2013 10:13

This last week has seen gold drop below $1,600 and bounce back up again. Discussions of currency wars, negative interest rates and increasing uncertainties in Europe mean many are looking for a safe-h »


A Master's in Trading Psychology

26/02/2013 11:00

"The game is 90 percent mental.... The other half is physical" - Yogi Berra Last week, I sat down on the beach in St. Bart's to soak in the paradise-like atmosphere and scenery. Over a Cuban cig »


Italian Exit Polls Suggest Lead For Centre Left - Or Do They!

25/02/2013 16:04

  • EUR Trades Up On Italy News
  • Traders Like The Look Of Bersani
  • Monti Could Still Hold The Balance - But Could Berlusconi Still Win?

Whilst we await the official outcome of the Italian elections, where the turnout is reported to have been lackluster at best, outlying results are already filtering though from the initial exit polls, »


Trading Psychology: Fall Back, Spring Forward

25/02/2013 09:38

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." – Ovid Trading the markets can bring any trader's stress level up a notch or two. As traders, there are times when the market can ge »


Get In The Zone: Trading The Buy/Sell Zone

12/02/2013 15:09

One of the fundamental elements of finding success in the market is following the footprints. Footprints in the market tell a story and it is our job as traders to interpret that story. In this issue »


The Pros and Cons of Dealing with an ECN Broker

05/02/2013 14:16

The emergence of ECN (electronic communications network) brokers in the forex market brought the promise of providing a level playing field to retail forex traders. It brought fresh hope for those who »


Trading Psychology: The Consummate Base Hit Player

30/01/2013 09:12

“Hitting is the most important part of the game. It is where the big money is and where much of the status is, and the fan interest” - Ted Williams Growing up in the greater New York »


What Is The US Redbook?

29/01/2013 12:04

During the next few days a veritable slew of American data will be hitting the markets, rounded off with a non-farm payrolls grand finale on Friday. But not every indicator is quite as well-known or c »


Profit-Taking On Cable In The Wake Of No Surprises From Bank of England

10/01/2013 13:42

  • GDP/USD Hits 1.6071 Before The MPC News
  • Sterling Drops Back To 1.6050 Region After The Event
  • EUR/GBP Ticking Higher On The Screens

The British pound ticked up a tad versus the US dollar in the lead up during early trading to the rate decision announcement from both the bank of England and European Central Bank. Sterling rise brou »


The Latest Way To Trade Forex Is With Binary Options, A Different Approach

18/12/2012 11:06

Trading foreign currencies on the forex market has appealed to avid investors across the globe, due in great part to its inherent flexibility and the many different ways that one can approach the mark »


Dollar Treads Softly While Carrying A Big Stick As It Extends Gains Against The JPY

13/12/2012 11:58

  • Post-FOMC Normal Service Resumed
  • USD/JPY Not Far Off The 84.187 Of March
  • All Eyes On The BoJ Next Week

In an epic piece of the markets ‘pricing in’ a central bank action, the Fed’s announcement of further stimulus in 2013 as “Operation Twist” comes to an end gave rise to a »


EUR/USD: European Central Bank Likely to Cut Economic Forecasts

06/12/2012 09:44

The euro is foreseen to sustain yesterday’s decline opposite the US dollar today as the markets anticipate remarks by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi after discussing monetary polic »


Forex.com Announces New Trading Platform

23/10/2012 11:10

  • Trading Platform: "Low Risk Way To Get Started"
  • Can Be Accessed On A Variety of Medium
  • Leverage Of 400:1

FOREX.com today announced the launch of their new CFD (contract for difference) trading platform, conveniently named TRADE. TRADE is designed to offer hundreds of foreign exchange, commodity and inde »


Movers and Shakers: Trading The Social Way

18/10/2012 09:14

Social networking used to be thought of pretty much solely in terms of the pastime for students and computer nerds.  Not anymore. Retail traders and brokers alike have steadily caught o »


Top Five iPhone Apps For Forex Traders

09/10/2012 16:45

Whether you have just taken your first timid steps into the sleek world of Apple technology or are a seasoned iManiac, our guide to the best iPhone apps for forex traders is essential reading for anyo »


The Impact Of Quantitative Easing On Gold Prices

19/09/2012 11:08

The dwindling confidence in the US dollar, will be amplified by a new round of quantitative easing which should trigger a new increase in gold prices. John Greener, editor of TradeBinaryOptions.org, s »


Currency Confusion!

18/09/2012 12:39

  • Beware DCC
  • Education Is Key
  • Take Care Of The Pennies!

Whether spending with cash or plastic, it seems Britons are doing themselves an injustice when holidaying abroad. A lack of confidence with exchange rates seems to be at the forefront of this deb »


Trading With Confidence, At Your Leisure!

10/09/2012 12:49

  • A Layman’s Guide to Financial Trading
  • Online Financial Trading Made Easy
  • The Financial Trading Guide

Online trading is the new frontier in the global financial markets. Newbies and seasoned veterans alike can trade forex, commodities, indices, and stocks at the click of a button from the comforts of »


High Frequency Traders Targeted By Electronic Broker ICAP’s New Regulations

06/09/2012 14:01

ICAP gives high frequency traders the heads up about its intention to remove the 5th decimal place on currency quotes alongside broad changes in the EBS platform, writes John Greener, Editor of&n »


Say Hello To EBS’ New-Look Platform

06/09/2012 10:07

It’s tough going out there, we all know that. So when news reached us that, after months of consultation with customers, market leader ICAP had unveiled a series of improvements to its EBS tradi »


London Increases Dominance In Global FX Trading

03/09/2012 11:23

The UK accounted for 38 percent of global foreign exchange trading in April 2012 according to the authoritative TheCityUK’s Foreign Exchange 2012 report. Its share of global turnover was up 1 pe »


New Forex Regulations Shift Between Capping And Controlling Leverage For Retail Clients

28/08/2012 15:41

Leverage is the most powerful weapon that Forex traders have in their arsenal but left unregulated this formidable weapon can backfire with devastating results... No game can be played in the absence »


Euro-Land Of Make Believe: The Global Implications Of The Euro Crisis And A Case Of History Repeating Itself.

28/08/2012 11:56

World leaders must be spending more time fretting about the euro zone crisis than practically any other issue these days. Such is the unintended consequences of globalization! That said, wised up fore »


Editor’s Forex Morning Review: Go Figure…

16/08/2012 09:38

  • UK Employment: So That’s All Good Then!
  • Rose-Tinted Speculators
  • Sterling On A Roll

Forex traders far and wide know that sterling has been one of the best performing majors so far this week. And yesterday proved yet again that the markets are eager to rally on the slightest whiff of »


Trading Stronger U.S. Data

14/08/2012 16:06

  • A Curate’s Egg For Risk
  • Heads And Tails
  • USDJPY Rallying

Forex traders with an eye on stock benchmarks have seen indices adding to recent gains in early U.S. trading. Investors have taken kindly to a slew of relatively healthy data, easing concerns about th »


Gear Up for Forex Futures

01/08/2012 16:37

The online forex futures market is a hive of activity. It’s relatively small in comparison to the bustling $1 trillion per day FX market, but there is massive growth potential. Here, eToro - the »



24/07/2012 16:35

Make use of time, let not advantage slip. (William Shakespeare)   Despite being famous as the place where Money Never Sleeps, New York’s Wall Street, inhabited by those so-called masters »


Editor’s Morning Forex Review: From Dirge to Surge in 12 Hours

29/06/2012 10:15

  • Germany 1, Italy 2!
  • Oh what a beautiful ‘risk-on’ morning!
  • A dawn chorus of pips squeaking

After another day yesterday when forex traders watched the EU Summit paralysis extend towards the month/quarter/half year end, today has dawned with a complete turnaround. In response to an apparent l »


New Balls, Please

28/06/2012 18:04

  • UK Q1 Growth Revised Down
  • QE Already Priced In?
  • EU Summit Sentiment Takes Further Bashing

British tennis fans will be hoping for a more forceful display of strength from British hope Andy Murray this afternoon, than from sterling’s lacklustre performance on live forex charts. Despite »


Top Forex Brokers Keep Nervous Eye On Spanish/Italian Auctions

26/06/2012 10:45

  • Markets Eye Spain
  • Contagion Attacks Italy
  • Investors Downbeat For Euro Meeting

Markets this morning are poised for the results of Spanish bond and bill auctions which, it is exepcted, will see the beleaguered nation paying its highest short-term borrowing rates in over six month »


Reverse Trading – Worth The Bother?

15/06/2012 13:45

ForexSpace.com - If it feels as though the markets are against you and every carefully placed position you open yields nothing but woe, you may feel compelled to join a number of traders who are engag »


Grains of Comfort for the Greenback

13/06/2012 13:40

Wheat prices regained momentum Wednesday during European morning trade, with concerns over declining output in Australia - the world’s second biggest wheat exporter - fuelling investor interest »


Twitter abuzz with discontent

08/06/2012 17:07

As the pressure continues to build on Europe’s top political and economic minds to resolve Spain’s banking crisis and lift the nation out of the euro zone’s relegation zone, the »


Bernanke Tells It How It Is

07/06/2012 16:32

ForexSpace.com - As market watchers witnessed the 1-month EUR/USD volume at 13-day low in the lead up to Bernanke’s testimony to lawmakers on the Hill, investors pushed upwards in early trading »

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